vanilla stick

A Vanilla spectrum of colors is an ideal way to end summer! The neutral and bright aspects of vanilla make your look light and fresh. But the tone is not too white and clean which gives your outfit a less 'perfect hot summer radiant' feeling. It is as if you create a nostalgic sentiment: you are not ready to give up summer, but you know that the most sparkling and luminous days are over. It is time to create a more latent sphere. The combination of the heavy knit and the floating silk skirt enhances the dual effect! 

By choosing the accessories I realized that I am in a complete 'in-between modus'. The heavy Alexander Wang bag is hanging in my closet since the beginning of August. You cannot wear the significant bag with sheer and light fabrics. Not wearing the bag equalized obeying Patience, one of the 7 Virtues. 

The blue and orange made me realize that I still needed a vivid splash of color. It is like the last straw: you do not want to let it go but it is slipping trough your fingers. Welcome to the pre-fall season. 

sweater MBMJ/ tee Theyskens' Theory/ skirt vintage Iceberg/ boots and bag Alexander Wang/ earrings Turina/ sunnies Tim Van Steenbergen 

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