black mamba

Wearing an entire black outfit is not one of my habits. Maybe I can blame the holidays. The most wonderful time of the year equals a glitter color explosition. So back to basics for a few days isn't such a bad idea after all. 

I cannot decide whether I look like a black mamba lost in fashion land or like a very friendly Darth Vader! Anyway, when I create a complete black outfit I always try to put more effort into the accessories. There is no reason to hold back, hey we all want to experience some 'Material Girl' moments every once in a while. It is as if black is giving you a hard time. It looks easy, but there is always a catch. You have to change the vibe of black. Don't let dullness win, give it all you got, be creative. And you'll see, black will amaze and surprise you. 

coat Juicy Couture Madison Ave/ blouse Mugler vintage/ pants Marc By Marc Jacobs/ tights Wolford/ shoes The Outnet/ bag Dior Brussels/ accessories Christophe Coppens Brussels

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