pure gold opulence

I realized that I had a lot of gold objects. So here is a compilation of all kinds of bits and pieces covered with that gorgeous shiny color.   

{Blue and Orange} Go New York Go

I’m not going to talk about Amare or Carmelo. Maybe I should talk about Lala? Just ABSOLUTELY inspired by the New York Knicks!
Blue and Orange, these colors work out so well this season.

Me and My Chihuahua

Coco and the Cadillac

Nicole 'Coco' Austin (Ice-T's wife) has got her own custom designed Cadillac.

Joy Division

On January 25 1978 Joy Divison gave their first live concert in Manchester. Enjoy this magnificent song Atmosphere


The tragic life of Ian Curtis from Joy division. I call it ‘irresistible attraction’.

Feature Wall

 To answer some questions about what to do with a big blank wall. Here are some ideas.

Feeling like a tomboy

Sometimes you just want to feel tough
pants DVF, sweater D&G, scarf Gucci, boots Marc Jacobs, Attila & Saint-Esprit by Philippe Starck

Tutti Frutti Fashion

Inspiration by my best friend's cupcakes
sources: people.com; mytheresa.com; netaporter.com;style.com

Sugar overdose with delicious cake

My best friend is a kitchen-genius. She made these sweet adorable cupcakes for het little princess

NYC by Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's marvelous and elaborate city guide. Absolutely a must have for all NYC lovers. It will lead you to the most exciting and stylish places in the city. Nothing was left out except for one thing: the location of the second Louboutin Store in the West Village.

Hercule Poirot meets Coco Chanel at the Chatwal NYC

The Chatwal has it all: great service, fabulous rooms, an outstanding spa and an excellent restaurant. We were welcomed like royalty, from the doormen, the concierge, housekeeping and the manager, they were all amazing. It’s like Hercule Poirot moved in and gave his blessing.

Now let me take you through our visit. It all started at check-in: We booked a Theatre Room but we were upgraded to a Junior Suite. The room looked absolutely perfect. 3 TV’s, a fluffy bed and a very relaxing chair. What can I say about the bathroom!!! Unbelievable. The walls are covered with mirrors, which is very handy. The Asprey products are some of the best I ever tried, so so soft. And the toilet, well try it yourself. The most beautiful feature of the room is  the truly deluxe closet. When you open it, it feels like you are opening a huge trunk in the Orient Express. The enormous doors will keep your little secrets safe. Your garments are dangling down from a coat hanger covered with green satin.

Every time we stepped out of the room, a softening aroma welcomed us. It’s the hotel scent. This is what makes the hotel so special. They put a lot of effort in every detail, it’s all about the little details.

The sweet little Spa will take all your worries away. You will drift off to a place far far away. I felt as if my skin was glowing afterwards. So take your time if you are using the spa to enjoy the pool and your private steam shower.  
Don't forget the Lambs Club. Oh I loved watching the Chanel suited women and the well dressed men with big sunglasses. The food and service were very very good and the cocktails are excellent. But I’m missing the finishing touch. I cannot put my finger on it, but I’m missing something. F.e. The waiters are wearing white cotton jackets. It doesn’t look chique.

People are asking: Why a hotel in the Times Square Area? Answer: It’s just as close to the fabulous Alice+Olivia and DB Bistro Modern. Oh and let me tell you a secret about NYC. They have a curious way of transportation. You go deep down where no sunlight has ever been. And those underground corridors will take you anywhere in the city, fast and cheap.
Don’t ever judge a hotel by its location, judge it by its closet!!!

Miu Miu with ruffles

Miu Miu F/W 2010

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS series1 episode1 [part one]

Absolutely Fabulous. These ladies were some the first true fashionistas! I love there sense of style

Dinner at Spotted Pig