urban flash

Once again I went trough my mother's closet. Hope she will be proud

getting ready for NYC

For the love of NYC. So much things to do, so many things to pack.

Initials of my husband and I

Hannelore Knuts

Belgium should be proud of this woman. I love her androgyn look and her endless legs; she is not only a model but also a photographer. This girl knows the fashion world but she always is so sincere and honest.

vintage fur vintage

As I said before, I try not to buy fur or any other exotic material. But for the vintage ones, I simply cannot resist. The coat and the clutch mean so much to me. I ‘stole’ them from my mother’s closet. The coat is almost 40 years old and she has worn the clutch on her wedding day. Love my mom’s fashion taste.

train wrecks

I’m not a big fur fan; but I couldn’t resist this vintage boa.

Boa & blouse vintage/pants Gucci/boots Balmain/cuff Delvaux/clutch Paule Ka

Bohemian Harvard

This sequined skirt is pretty old but I love it so much, especially when the sun shines. The bracelet is handmade and was a part of my wedding bouquet.

roses on sale

I know Valentine’s Day is over (and I actually am not a big fan). So these roses were on sale. Check out the vintage vase.

shoes & gnomes

Okay it sounds nuts: I have a passion for Gnomes (and shoes, but who hasn’t). So here is a compilation of both.  

dress up for the New York Knicks!

Okay we see celebs on the red carpet, on their way to the grocery store, picking up their kids from school, on the beach, etc. We are anxious to see what they are wearing on different occasions (especially when they are in their own habitat and looking not so glamorous). But which outfit will they be dressed in when going to my favorite team in the whole world? You don’t have to be courtside to see it. Just look at this story. 
Source: nypost.com/people.com

underground & grandma's closet

jacket vintage/sweater Marc By Marc Jacobs/ jeans Hollywood trading company/ belt Paul Smith/ shoes Dries Van Noten/ socks Anna Sui/ sunglasses DVF/ bag Dior/ bag charm Sonia Rykiel

Neon Judgement

This dress always reminds me of the film Tron, the origninal motion picture (1982). The ‘Electronic Arena’ was made out of Red and Blue neon lights.

The bouclé jacket, there is only one original?

I ABSOLUTELY am a big fan of the Bouclé Jacket. Every time I walk into a Chanel store I think they are designed for 60 year old women living on the Upper East Side. A Bouclé Jacket is NOT made to dangle on a hanger, it just doesn’t look right. Sometimes they even look like a potato sack.  So I love to see how Karl Lagerfeld makes them look fresh, bright and exuberating. This is what fashion is all about: a garment isn’t designed to hang in your closet, it is designed to be worn. It brings the clothing to life. To  me Coco Chanel is the original design/designer, but I love all the ones who are inspired by this beautiful classic look 

testing camera

I bought myself a Nikon DSLR. For fun my best friend and I tried it out and took some random pictures. I'm quite happy about the results as I'm a complete novice. but I've got to be honest, my friend isn't. PS my friend is also an ABSOLUTELY amazing nailartist.

sweater Sonia Rykiel

Black and red

Louis Vuitton, Sergio Rossi and Paule Ka

Advertising Campaigns by Louis Vuitton, Sergio Rossi and Paule Ka. Here are the silhouettes and pictures that stood out the most to me

Blow it up

This is how simple art can be: plastic, tape, garbage bags and an innovating artist. Take a look at these wonderful creatures produced by Joshua Allen Harris. He uses the hot air from the subways to bring his animals alive.