absolutely NYC

goodbye fabulous NYC. 

You have already seen a lot of our fashion adventures. This is a compilation of our trip. 

flight/ Swiss Air
Hotel/ The Chatwal NYC
music/ Kings of Leon- Use Somebody 

Castle on a cloud

This look is all about the jacket. It is a part of my mothers wedding 'dress'. She did not get married in a long white dress, but in a Azure colored suit. So this jacket is almost 40 years old. 

The bag is designed by a belgian luxury brand Delvaux. The members of the belgian Royal family are true fans of the company. Lately the company lost it's sparkle and they aren't as refreshing and inspiring as they used to be. 

the biggest back-yard

One of our last days in NYC. I am not a huge fan of central park because I love the hustle and bustle. It is also too big for me. 

But when we are in the area we always pay a visit. I cannot believe that such a busy city has a park that is so tranquil. It is like you are entering a different world. 

PS I know you have seen the bag before, But I cannot live without it anymore. 

NYC at night

So here is another outfit from NYC. It was a little bit cold but I was stubborn and I didn't want to wear a jacket. 

Strolling trough the West Village (again) and Dinner at the Spotted Pig. It wasn't as good as last time, pretty rude bartender. But hey we saw Glenn Close and she looked fabulous. 

I know that the pictures on 99 Jane Street look pretty awkward, but Amare Stoudemire lives in the Penthouse. 

for the love of Marc

I realized that I am passionate about Marc Jacobs. Most of the things I buy are his design. I have an endless love for his clothes and everything he does. He never disappoints me.
Vanity Fair, The portraits: A Century of Iconic Image

To the Bowery and back

How fabulous can a day be in NYC. Just strolling around in the city and discovering new places. From Times Square to Downtown Manhattan and back.

We were having lunch in Daniel Boulud's  DBGB (the famous Michelin star chef) new eatery. Fabulous Oysters and delicious brisket. The food is not ‘light’ but very tasty.  

The restaurant is just across Patricia Field's store, so fun for accessories.


cardigan & scarf Marc By Marc Jacobs/leggings pop/boots& bag Marc Jacobs/dress Stella McCartney/ accessories Louis Vuitton & Anna Sui/gloves Vintage/sunglasses DVF/faux boa Christophe Coppens

taking over the West Village

Second day in NYC was all about shopping in the West Village and Soho. pretty cold, but hey the sun was shining

Arriving in NYC

just a quick update, first hours in NYC 

Minetta Tavern

New hair

I always wanna go to the hairsalon when I am going on a trip. So a little bit shorter, just perfect for NYC.
The next week will be all about NYC, so stay tuned.