bordeaux is not only a wine

Besides our dog Sweet William, we have another cutie pie: Diezel Bordeaux Dog. What he does best? Snoring and sleeping. 

Now let's talk about something else: the most underestimated accessory ' the bra' (can there be a more hateful name). It can definitely make or brake your outfit and you don't want to look like the 'Fallen Madonna with the big boobies'. And let's face it, I don't have killer boobs like the Vogue ladies because Newton's Theory has been proven. Oh I hate the quest for a perfect bra, it can be exhausting and I hate fitting them. 

The solution Marlies Dekkers. She knows the importance and the secret of a good bra. Above all that it looks exuberant and fun. So check her out. I am not the only fan, look at Fashionata. This stylish girl knows what I am talking about. 

Delfts Blauw

If you follow me on twitter, I have promised you a new outfit post today. But it is too hot and because of that I am too lazy. so instead I post some pictures of my new shoes. I was looking for the perfect shoes to wear with my wedding dress. I need to go to a wedding, so I wanted to wear my own wedding dress with killer heels (how strange that sounds). Wait and see and one day I will show you my wedding dress.... 
It is extremely hot for the time of the year: 29°C (84°F). I can proof it to you because I made a mark into the asphalt... and it will be there forever.  

shoes Versace& Gucci/ plate Delfts Blauw flea market 

sweet william

I am introducing you to one of our family dogs: Sweet William. He was created by William Sweetlove and I absolutely adore our little chihuahua because of his adorable sneakers. It was a very wonderful spring day, so I took him into the garden where he could play around. 

Little secret/ the cuffs are pretty old. I think they are more than 10 years old. If you look closely, you can recognize the letter D... Delvaux. It is the brands signature! 

the fairy tale of the windmill

No it is not a fairy tale, just me standing under a windmill... 

So let me tell you something about the dress. You all know that bright colors are a big trend this season, well this dress is from the fall 2008 Marc By Marc Jacobs collection. Conclusion??? He is a genius. To me it is a magnificent dress and I love to wear it. 

Little secret/ the bracelet is a part of my wedding bouquet. I wanted something that stands the tests of time. I am revealing my whole wedding outfit, piece by piece!! 

a twist of orange

I have absolutely no inspiration to write a text about this outfit. So just check it out... 

little secret/ I bought the belt in a new concept store in Leuven YARD. This fabulous little store sells clothing and accessories of young artists. It is an exciting and fresh new fashion store. 

under the bridge downtown...

It was raining so we needed some shelter from the rain. When I saw these photo's I realized that the grafitti was the most perfect background... get it!!!

Little secret/ the Dior bag is my wedding bag. So you can imagine that I was not wearing a long white wedding dress. 

april in bloom

did you notice the little leafs?? they have the most amazing and fresh color of green, won't take long now.... 

little secret/ I always wear two pair of tights to avoid 'see trough'. I have a tights fobia, so I am very critical about the right pair of tights.