followed by the donkey

This is not a farm outfit! Maybe it is perfect for a hike in the jungle but I am not a Rambona so I probably wouldn't survive. Let's say that this outfit is ideal for a stroll in a concrete jungle (except for the clogs). 

Anyway I am pretty sick today, but blogging is my addiction and it keeps me alive. I took these photos a while ago in our own little farm with my two donkeys (how fashionable is that). Enjoy! 

dancing on Dansaert

You all know I have to go to a wedding! Getting ready for this fabulous event is the dream of every fashionista. It is the best excuse to buy some new accessories. 

I've shown you the Versace heels before. But I needed the cherry on the cake, literally, a hat. My mum and I went to our favorite belgian hat designer Christophe Coppens. The idea was to buy one hat. The result: two hats, gloves and a scarf. 

Across the street we found another gem: Icon. Oh my, Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno, Alexander Wang, Acne, Phillip Lim, ... Do I have to go on? 

But oh what did I find at Icon: a Magik Fritkot(fries joint). I saw the dresses for the first time on my favorite style blog 70 percent pure. Instant wow effect, the prints are phenomenal. It is a limited edition pure belgian dress and I am so proud to walk with a fritkot on my body. Let the grease come to me! 

forest gnome

My beau told me I looked like a forest gnome, so the woods were the perfect setting. I'm always in for a fashion paradox: gnome+forest+Prada= perfect to me. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, fashion is fun so don't take yourself too serious. 

Little secret/ The Mugler blouse is my mom's and it is pure vintage (ca. 15 years). my mom used to wear a lot of Mugler. The sad thing is that she gave everything away. Call it a fashion crime (and I am sadly the victim). 

Birkin versus style

One fine day I saw this neon pink Birkin bag. It is like the most wanted bag on earth in the trendiest color of the moment. Was I bedazzled? NO! It is like psychology: when you love something so much, at one point it will turn into aversion! This neon bag proves that the biggest it-bag in the world does not look phenomenal in any form!

The question is: for whom are these bags designed? My guess the princesses of Bahrain or Suzanne Rogers. Believe me when you buy a neon Birkin, you have other Birkin’s too! Or at least I hope they do, because you would be a complete fashion fool to spend thousands of dollars on a color that won’t last long. But hey money makes the world go round!

And this is exactly my point! I am not the princess of Bahrein. So I invest in classic designs that will stand the test of time! Yes and I call it an investment. I know you will have to stuff your piggy bank for a very long time, but let me tell you it is worth it. But please, oh please, be careful. Don’t let the magpie in you win! If you spoil yourself with a killer piece, make sure it is the right one. Don’t buy extreme colors or designs! I think Sabrina will agree!

Now, let me tell you the story about my wedding dress to emphasize my statement. I wanted to get married in the most luxurious, breathtaking, heart pumping dress. Why? Because I am not a typical bride, period. One hot day in the summer of 2006 my mother and I went on a treasure hunt to find the perfect dress! We came across Dior. The fa├žade was glistering in the hot sun and my heart, oh my heart, was beating like a rhino. When we entered the Walhalla of pure fashion magic I saw the most precious, elegant, pieces of art. Everything looked so fragile; I could not resist myself and wanted to touch everything. Oh my, I was in heaven, and heaven was called Dior. All of a sudden I saw a delicate gold and brown little dress. That was the dress I wanted to get married in! I was totally locked out from the outside world! Come down to earth Mrs. K, come down to earth. My body started to tinkle and the excitement took over…. When I came to my senses I took a look at the price tag and so did my mother. Wow!! To buy or not to buy, that was the question. We had to think about it, so we went out for lunch so we could literally debate about the dress. In the end the dress won because it made me speechless.

The question is: would I ever wear this dress again? Yes I will, ironically to one of our best friend’s wedding! I will wear my own vintage Dior dress with some new accessories

So don’t forget this crucial rule: if you go for a credit card overload, think about what you are going to buy. Do some research, be patient, go for a neutral color and do not let your emotions be your only guide. Take a step back and think about it! And one day your designer piece will make your grandchildren very happy. 

flower overdose

I am not into flowers, I am not a romantic type, I don't like sweet pink candy. I must admit, I always wanted to go to Woodstock: but it would have been for a totally different reason! So you can call me flower girl with an edge & twist. 

But when I saw the Summer Blossom girl on I couldn't resist... So I bought this flirty little colorful summer blouse. 

To brighten up this rainy sunday: I bring to you flower overdose 

hobo humpin slobo babe

This outfit reminds me of the song hobo humpin slobo babe. I have no idea why but it brings back some nostalgic teenage feelings. This girl is seeking candy and maybe the scarf reminds me of candy.

Little Secret/ the Omega watch is a retirement gift to my grandfather from the year 1972. The watch is made out of gold, back in the days General Motors was very generous. The watch is still ticking but it doesn't show the right time because I don't know how to adjust it to the correct time. 

leader of the fanny pack

The sun is shining, so what better time to wear my sunny tee! Bought some new MAC lipstick: "let's put some sun on my lips". 

Little Secret/ The fanny pack is pretty old. I love it because it's easy to wear and it makes me feel like a tourist! Oh and you have to pack light. 

In the last photo I am imitating a gorilla. My Beau is like an alpha male, so I have to be the alpha female. And I always was fascinated by Sumo! 

fake plastic

I told you before I have to go to a wedding and I will be wearing my own wedding dress! The only thing I need are some new accessories. New killer heels check! 

My dress is so delicate that the right bra is absolutely crucial! And today, I have found the right Marlies Dekkers. I do not only wear them because Fergie has discovered these precious items, I wear them because they give me everything I need (and yes I do mean support). 

I also found a Swarovski ring! I am absolutely not a fan of the brand, so I never thought that I would buy Swarovski jewelry. I love to walk around with my finger up in the sky so I can see the ring glitter in the sun. 

rambling antwerp

I don't go to Antwerp often because it is a little bit too far from where i live (actually that is so much bullshit when you live in a small country like Belgium). Anyway, Antwerp is absolutely the most fashionable city of our country!!! And one day is too short to explore this city. 

After shopping (what a surprise shopping!!!) we had dinner at the most fabulous restaurant I have ever been to in Antwerp enfanterrible 1979 . I had some shrimp croquet with Speculaas, amazing. We found this restaurant thanks to the fabulous Stephanie of 70percentpure blog. She has one of the most stylish blogs out there!! pure perfection.