marc part I

So I told you before that I was bedazzled by my new boots for so many reasons: the ultra soft leather, the most perfect grey color, the incredible detailing and the phenomenal design. 

I had to wear them with Marc, the best synergy in the world to me! 

Enjoy the details! 

beyond phenomenal

I ordered the boots online, so I never saw them in real life. I don't have anything that says Alexander Wang in my closet. The brand was too pure and "rock and rolla" for me. But I took the risk! 

When I opened the box my heart was pumping like a rhino, would I love my new boots? When I saw them and touched this extremely delicate and soft leather I was in awe. Every detail was beyond phenomenal. They fit me like a glove and I cannot wait to walk around in my new "Alexander pure rock and rolla boots". 

The best part is, I bought them on sale! Thank God I have found Antonioli. The boots were so carefully packed and I even got a massive shopping bag by Antonioli! I know, I am a magpie, you can bedazzle me with little gifts! 

strike and cheat

My strike wasn't a completely honest one! I used a little color, but I couldn't resist Sonia Rykiel's stripes. 

Besides that I used one of Belgium's most fabulous fashion ladies as an inspiration. Tiany kiriloff knows fashion and she has an impeccable style. I love my Dior's but I found them too flat and classic, so I wear them with little metallic socks. It changes your look complete! Even socks do matter. 


I am on strike, a strike against color! Don't worry it will probably last about 24 hours and then the strike will be over. 

This look is all about architectural shapes and basic colors, well, no colors at all actually. I just wanted to see what kind of look you can create with pure shapes! 

Preview of the basics of fashion!  

Atilla and the garden

So I have showed you some details of my 80's look. The dress is like really long, almost as long as I am. With a belt you can create a mini dress. I love the Metallic texture of the dress. The movement is phenomenal. 

As I said before, I am a fan of Kartell. The designs are always with a twist and they give your interior a fun and colorful boost. Most of their designs are made out of Plastic: plastic fantastic.

dress Vintage/ shoes Versace/ bracelets vintage & Delvaux/ glasses Ray Ban/ necklace Les Pr├ęcieuses/ Atilla Kartell 

Attila the Hun

Sunny weather equals: put everything in the garden! I am a huge Camp lover, gnomes are definitely a part of my camp fascination. Attila is the perfect gnome, he is so versatile and he looks absolutely delicious. Can you think of a more perfect camp setting? I think not. 

Diezel hates photos and camera's, so he was not happy! for one moment, just one, he was begging me to stop! Cannot resist his puppy eyes. 

Enjoy this 80's camp preview 

calling for Mars

Here I am standing in the middle of corn fields wearing a UFO on my head. This is not your typical hiking outfit. The colors are probably perfect to attract wild animals and little bugs. But I didn't care, the sun was shining, the views were endless. The vibrant green setting was perfect to emphasize this colorful outfit. 

find the little bird

It must have been the most ridiculous and illogical scene ever! A full bright colored lady standing in the middle of corn fields! The things we do for fashion! But the setting was breathtaking! 

Oh can you find the little bird? 

trousers Paule Ka/ blouse DVF/ bag Chanel/ ring Patricia Field 

potato sack | piece of chic

I always call a dress like this 'a potato sack', because that is what it is. No shape at all, the funny part is: no shape creates an amazing shape. This dress is so phenomenal to wear! The colors of the dress are so easy to combine and it just screamed 'wear me with a hat'. And that is what i did. 

The hat and the gloves are designed by my favorite belgian accessory designer Christophe Coppens . I am not the only fan, Roisin Murphy, Rihanna, Beth Ditto, Ana Matronic. I always knew these girls 'hat' style!!! 

dress Magic Fritkot/ hat & gloves Christophe Coppens/ shoes Christian Louboutin/ bag Dior 

greasy dress

This is a preview of my wedding outfit part one. The day started so perfectly and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was so sweaty hot but the dress functioned like a kind of ventilation chimney. 

dress Magik Fritkot by Piece of Chic/ bag Dior/ gloves Christophe Coppens 

little fish big fish

The photos were taken by the water, was tempted to go for a swim because it is hot enough. But the water was too dirty. Sometimes I wish I was a fish, you know those pretty colorful ones that live so deep in the sea. 

The fish made me think of colors and voila! color overdose. Everything was bought in a sale except for the blouse . I love the way the blouse is playing with the wind, the soft breeze is perfect on a hot day.