paradox basics

Create your own fashion paradox and incorporate the background into your look, that was the challenge! I always love to experiment with fashion. Have fun, push yourself to the limit and introduce a little bit of humour. 

So this outfit is all about basics. Denim is one of the most rudimentary fabrics. But sometimes people underestimate how hard it is to work with denim: It has to fit you perfectly and it can look very dull! Wearing a complete jeans look is even more challenging. 

Enjoy the details and start experimenting! 

The Chatwal hotel New York City

When I fell in love with the city, my quest for the most complete hotel began! NYC means nothing to me without a flawless haven, so I am looking for that indissoluble synergy. It took me 5 years to find a hotel that blew me away. And yes, I am a very demanding traveller, so every little detail of the hotel has got to be perfect. But when you wake up with a glow on your face, that moment, you know that you have found a true treasure. So I present to you, The Chatwal hotel NY

From the moment you enter The Chatwal it is like taking a step back into time. You are welcomed with a true smile and genuine openness. After a few moments you notice the unique aroma of the hotel. Yes, they have their own special custom-made scent. You feel safe, you feel at home and you cannot wait to explore this heaven of tranquillity.

After check-in a gentleman guides you to your room. When you step in the elevator and you walk down the corridors, you notice the unbelievably warm colours and fabrics. And all of a sudden, after 12 hours of traveling, you are smiling. Now, that is what I call magic. 

The rooms are decorated with great precision. It feels as if they were an inspiration to Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express. Immediately you can relive the grandeur of The magnificent 30’s. Pure opulence and impeccable detailing are the best ways to describe the hotel rooms. Let me start with the closet because it is a real eye catcher. The heavy doors and the wooden interior make you want to unpack immediately. Behind the heavy immaculate doors you can find a true luxurious trunk. The one Serge Gainsbourg would love to paint on. And then the striking Noguchi coffee table took my breath away. On top I found a book that was created by some of the gods of fashion, Vanity Fair: The Portraits. Design and fashion, well nothing can bedazzle me more.

You can judge a hotel by its bathrooms and that is what I did. When I entered the bathroom I fell in love for the 3rd time that day. This is beyond perfection, they are covered in marble and the pure architectural lavatories emphasize the sumptuous feeling. And what can I tell you about the Toto toilets? They are featuring all the high tech you need. You just have to try them yourself. 

The flawless nature of this hotel has an extension, the Lambs Club. After a warm welcome I always love to take place in the middle of the restaurant. When you are sipping from your astonishing sour cocktail you have to take a look around. Gorgeously dressed Upper East Side ladies are debating over the latest Chanel Collection. Distinctive gentlemen are talking million-dollar business.  Or at least, I like to imagine they are. Now, let me talk about the Tuna salad. Tuna and salad sounds pretty boring and most of the time it is. But oh my the tuna salad at the Lambs Club does not look like an ordinary tuna salad at all. Accompanied by a little surprise dish from the chef, I was in awe! The taste was refreshing and phenomenal, beyond perfection. 

The photo's will give a glimpse of the Chatwal Hotel and the extraordinary detailing. 

the weather gods are saving the economy!

I am pretty sure that the weather gods have a plan with all this rain: they are saving the economy! You just need an alternative for the sunshine, so as I said before, spending money it is. Pre fall 2011 already hits the stores and this fabulous fall july weather is playing with our fashion minds. So interesting to see how the weather can affect your shopping behavior. 

But I am a girl who dresses according to the season. Sometimes you have to adapt a little bit: wear a jacket, take your umbrella with you and keep on wearing those semi-fall MBMJ shoes. Oh yes Marc never lets me down, his genius fashion designs always bail me out!

catch the clues!

Trick Question: Is this the preview of a summer look? I will give you a hint: it is all in the details. Look closely and you will see that the features are very very bright: nail polish, ring, blouse. Yep, I do follow THE trend of the season!  

The little pastel bag is also a clue! Above all, I would never ever wear satin white trousers in the middle of winter. 

Here is the catch: the last couple of weeks my vintage umbrella has become an indispensable accessory! But to be honest, I don't mind swinging Goldy Locks around!  

So Yes this is the preview of a summer look! 

creep me out creepers

If the weather sucks, you need an alternative to make you happy. So spending money it is! I followed my fashion icon Tiany Kiriloff's advice: go to Antwerp, the fashion capital of Belgium. I did and what a fulfilling trip it was! 

Finally, I can say: the Creepers are mine. The moment I saw Bryan Boy and Style Bubble wearing those divine creations, I was hooked. Dear Prada, please sponsor those fabulous bloggers, they are worth it. It became a quest to find them. The moment I walked into one of my favorite belgian shoe stores, Coccodrillo, I started wondering: would they have the shoes of the decade? So I can tell you, I will protect them with my life. 

I discovered something new today. A fabulous shop where they "sell high fashion labels at small prices", ROsier 41. Wow, look no further, this is the place to be dear fashion lovers. A precious Dries Van Noten trousers are in my possession for the lovely price of 120€. 

from Belgium with love part II

Posing with cows. Again, how crazy can fashion be! This is a typical belgian day: stormy weather in the middle of summer. I am not a sunshine girl, so I always carry my hat and my sunnies with me. No matter how fragile the sunshine is, I will immediately start wearing a hat! 

And for some reason the hat reminds me of the fact that it is still summer! 

from Belgium with love part I

Oversized sweaters, I cannot get enough of them. Not only because of the architectural effect, but also because we need them in Belgium. No matter where, no matter when, at one point, you will always need a sweater during belgian summer! 

I have to show you the details of this fabulous  Diane Von Furstenberg crochet sweater! 

neon ghost

Last sunday something amazing happened! I took a trip to the sea, I don't like the sea or the playa. Too many people, too many wrong dogs and too many men wearing the wrong colored jeans. But I had a fabulous time.  

I bought this neon lace scarf and you can wear the scarf in so many different ways. One way is to wear it as a ghost. Just put it over your head and you are perfectly protected from the sun! Stéphanie from Stylelab suggested the title and voila, neon ghost. 

sneak neon

As you all know I am a massive fan of Christophe Coppens. His home base is Brussels but a summer surprise shop in Belgium's most mundane city, Knokke, has arisen. 

You can call the summer store the centre of camp combined with the most desirable brands in the world: Christian Louboutin, Manolo BlahnikRupert SandersonBobbi Brown, ... . Result: a very whimsical synergy! And all of a sudden you have a Pavlov effect, just by hearing those names my heart starts pumping like a rhino! 

mint Bonanza

This is what the jungle looks like in a very small rural city in Belgium. Very hard to get lost! You have to imagine a girl wearing an Alexander Wang sweater, Tim Van Steenbergen sunnies and Prada shoes in a very small jungle! Hey, everybody should enjoy the woods, no matter what you are wearing. 

The mint sweater is not that easy to combine. First I was wearing a black skirt but it was too harsh! The grey crochet skirt is just perfect! But is was too long so I worn it as a strapless dress.

sunnies Tim Van Steenbergen, sweater Alexander Wang, skirt Essentiel, socks Uterqüe, shoes Prada, bra Marlies Dekkers, bracelet Delvaux 

rimboe Bonanza

Ladies and gentlemen, it is summer, so do a summer look. Little quirky socks and summer shoes are always a fabulous idea to give your look something extra. I fell in love with the little pink shiny socks. My feet are always filled with joy when I wear socks and I do not want to disappoint them. 

I have to tell you something about the sunnies. Everything is perfect about them: the color, the shape, the details. The sunnies are the result from the collaboration between Theo & the belgian top designer Tim Van Steenbergen

Stay tuned for more Rimboe Bonanza 

socks Uterqüe/ shoes Prada/ sunnies Tim Van Steenbergen 

hunting season is open

Belgium, 1st of July, beginning of summer sales. Blow your hunting horn and let the treasure hunting begin. My mom and I have planned this trip very carefully. We always know exactly which stores we want to visit and what we want. 

In the morning we go to Diane von Furstenberg and Dior. DVF Brussels is one of the most exquisite stores in the world. It is like shopping in heaven, they make you happy. And making a customer smile, will benefit Diane's bank account. But never the less, DVF spreads a fabulous sincere fashion vibe. 

The Afternoon= alternative shopping at Dansaert! It is absolutely a quartier in bloom. It extends my fashion walhalla experience. I have already told you about Christophe Coppens & Icon here. Icon is a true gem, not only because of the most amazing collection ever! But also because of the incredible service, this store breathes fashion. 

At the end of the day, this is the plunder in chronological order!

Pick a ticket to get in at Gucci! I think it is for fire safety! 

marc part II

This is what the complete synergy between Marc Jacobs & Alexander Wang looks like. Sometimes I feel an idiosyncratic urge to wear Marc Jacobs. It is like my Es is forcing me to wear it. 

To be honest, I think the dress is actually a top, but I wear it as a dress. I love this "rock and rolla goes soft dress". Did you notice the zippers? They are hilarious: you can adjust the shape of the sleeves. 

The setting was simple. I was so jealous of Brunette Blogging's field! So I wanted a field of my own and voila I have found one!