Forever 21

When Forever 21 sets foot in Belgium, all the fashionable ladies and gentlemen are in a code red state of mind! I had no idea what was going on because of one simple reason: I did not know the brand. Yes I am a modern girl who has access to the world wide web. And No I do not live under a rock. After some research one thing was clear to me: I did not want to miss the grand opening. Big hugs to Oona.

addicted to my new F21 denim shirt 

Somehow the sceptic in me did not think that Forever 21 was my kind of store. I don't like massive stores with a certain amount of square meters. And yes Forever 21 Antwerp has definitely a certain amount of square meters, we are talking about 5000m₂. This is the kind of place where you need binoculars to get an overview of the three floor flagship.

So when I entered I was a little bit perplexed, literally! I just stood there for a few minutes before I started my voyage. Can somebody please give me a treasure map? Immediately I found the ideal way to discover and scan the entire store: the escalators. Go up and down a few times and you will get the best view in the house.

Now let’s talk about the interior. The bright design is created to evoke the magpie in you. You will be bedazzled by the white, sparkling bling bling elements. And yes, the sceptic in me is always a little bit apprehensive about this glittery and shiny interior. You always have to be very alert that gleaming does not become tacky.

But hold on, don't judge a book by its cover too fast!! Let's be honest, we are talking fashion baby and F21 is pure fashion. Their clothing lines are completely inspired by all the major fashion trends. The F21 creative minds know exactly what hipsters want. Believe me, you will find whatever style you are looking for. Whether you are a navajo, glam rock chique, preppy, color-blocking or a rock and rolla with a grunge twist lover, you name it, they have it.

The best part? The accessory section. Oh my you can literally go bananas in this section! You are surrounded by so much shiny and sparkling metal. And if you listen very carefully, you can hear the wind going through the sweet little pendants! You want to touch, you want to grab, you want to go ooh and ah and you want to have a full trolley at the end of your journey.

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The most exhilarating part of a new fashion season is the discovery of new trends. All of a sudden you see a specific look popping up everywhere: magazines, street style, runways, stores, … . You cannot deny it any longer and you have to give in! The scientific unravelling of this psychological phenomenon is almost as interesting as the detection of a new trend.

So this fall season I could not live without masculine tuxedo trousers. They are an absolute key item in your wardrobe because they are extremely versatile. Combine the trousers with diverse trends like androgenic, sequins, oversized sweaters, 70’s prints, sophisticated heels, ‘Material Girl’ jewelry, ... . You will see that those trousers have endless possibilities

sources DvF BrusselsFrancis Ferent/ Dior Brussels/ Miu Miu NYCOcchi 

blouse Diane von Furstenberg/ trousers, belt and shoes Miu Miu/ bag Dior/ sunglasses Tim Van Steenbergen

random trends

Sometimes I wonder why I put a certain look together. I realized that random trends pop up in my head. Dark bright masculine colors were the foundation for this look. The synergy of these shades creates a specific atmosphere and ensemble. 

sources DvF BrusselsFrancis Ferent Brussels/ Dior Brussels 

blouse Diane Von Furstenberg/ trousers and belt Miu Miu/ bag Dior/ jewelry vintage  

welcome to (the) fall

It is official: welcome to the fall and let the hunting begin! 

faux bison 

summer nostalgia

On the last day of summer I am going to let the nostalgic sentiment take over. 

Best part: meeting some amazing uber stylish and talented belgian bloggers! 

Cheers to summer and see you in the fall!

tee Theyskens' Theory/ pants Gucci/ socks Anna Sui/ shoes Alexander Wang/ bag Marc Jacobs/ umbrella Versace 

vanilla stick

A Vanilla spectrum of colors is an ideal way to end summer! The neutral and bright aspects of vanilla make your look light and fresh. But the tone is not too white and clean which gives your outfit a less 'perfect hot summer radiant' feeling. It is as if you create a nostalgic sentiment: you are not ready to give up summer, but you know that the most sparkling and luminous days are over. It is time to create a more latent sphere. The combination of the heavy knit and the floating silk skirt enhances the dual effect! 

By choosing the accessories I realized that I am in a complete 'in-between modus'. The heavy Alexander Wang bag is hanging in my closet since the beginning of August. You cannot wear the significant bag with sheer and light fabrics. Not wearing the bag equalized obeying Patience, one of the 7 Virtues. 

The blue and orange made me realize that I still needed a vivid splash of color. It is like the last straw: you do not want to let it go but it is slipping trough your fingers. Welcome to the pre-fall season. 

sweater MBMJ/ tee Theyskens' Theory/ skirt vintage Iceberg/ boots and bag Alexander Wang/ earrings Turina/ sunnies Tim Van Steenbergen 

awimbawe part II

Summer is almost over but I cannot say farewell to the season yet! Combining summer and fall fabrics is a perfect way to make a smooth transition from one season into another. But be careful, it is not that easy. 

Preview of a pre-fall look! 

skirt vintage Iceberg/ sweater Marc By Marc Jacobs/ bag Alexander Wang 


You can shop in so many different ways but why don't you try 'theme shopping'? Lately I was inspired by numerous extraordinary graphics, so this was my theme on my latest shopping trip. 

Theme shopping forces you to think in a reverse way. Instead of looking for certain items like sweaters or shoes, you concentrate on your theme. It sort of narrows down the search in a good way and it will help you to see the wood for the trees. This innovative way of thinking/shopping will make you feel liberated and free! The most fun part: you have no idea what the end of the day will bring. 

Choosing graphics as a subject can give you an 'Austin Powers back into time' feeling. The Versace heels remind me of the electric 80's. They make me feel like a ten year old girl walking around in her mother's designer shoes! 

The Diane von Furstenberg blouse on the other hand transports you right into the 70's. Boho chic with some flair. I never thought that a clash of the decades could be so fascinating. 

sources: Versace BrusselsDvF Brussels 
shoes Versace/ blouse and socks DvF/ Elephant Richard Hutten/ lamp Dark 


Fashion can make you do strange things, sometimes you surprise yourself by making unusual choices. That is the moment you realize that your style is in motion. Why do I all of a sudden love certain trends/pieces? Well, I am sure that psychologists have the answer because it is THE topic of fashion science.

I am not a Navajo trend girl but the pants were too hard to resist. The cut is absolutely brilliant, it is just as if you are wearing your ultra deluxe pyjamas! Love the way the fabric feels like a second skin. But the best part is the print, the colors are so easy to combine and perfect for fall.

Mix a print up with more print and you get a pretty unique and distinctive look. A head piece always boosts your outfit. The little hat makes you feel different, it gives you a little bit of flair and grace.

tee Thakoon/ pants Elizabeth and James/ clutch Paule Ka/ hat Christophe Coppens/ booties Dries Van Noten 

Flanders Fashion Institute

The whole world knows that Belgium is an absolute fashion country. Besides our famous fashion academies we have some renowned and prominent creators. Designers like Christophe Coppens, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries Van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and Oliver Theyskens conquer the world with their expertise and phenomenal visions.

Our belgian fashion well has not run dry because ladies and gentlemen the newbies are here. But we all know that networking is the key when it comes to fashion. This is where Flanders Fashion Institute (FFI) comes in. FFI acknowledges the power and the talent of belgian designers and artists. By establishing showroom events they give these young men and women a unique scaffolding to present their talent to the realm of fashion. So do not miss this showroom event on Thursday September 29 during Paris fashion week.

Today I was at the showroom event and here is my opinion about some of the uber-endowed newbies: Talitali By Zhao LiMonsieur BulElisabeth ClaesWolf. By Sofie ClaesBlack Balloon 

Nicolas Woit

Just when you think that you know the area and that it has no hidden secrets, you discover something new. Nicolas Woit is an absolute modern grandeur gem! A very chic haven in the middle of the trendy Dansaert area. Do you know the feeling when you enter a store and you simply want to touch everything, you want to feel the fabrics floating trough your fingers? That is the exact sensation you will experience when you enter Nicolas Woit. 

The store encompasses a unique concept. On one hand you can discover the Nicolas Woit collection and on the other hand they sell designer pieces. It is not a second hand store, it is not a vintage store, it is an exceptional designer store. The owners travel around the world to find extraordinary clothing and accessories. If you are looking for an exclusive Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs, Marni, Miu Miu, Lanvin, YSL piece? Well, this little treasure has it all!

The Marc Jacobs 2008 dress immediately caught my eye and took my breath away. 

sources Nicolas Woit, Rue Léon Lepage 7, 1000 Bruxelles/ Marc Jacobs SohoChristian Louboutin Madison Avenue 

dress Marc Jacobs €325/ bag Marc Jacobs/ shoes Christian Louboutin 


I first discovered Yard a.k.a Young Artists and Designers on Belmodo. The name of the store reveals their simple yet intriguing concept: combining young, interesting, fun, quirky, whimsical fashion brands.

When you enter the store you can feel their passion for originality. The owners want to show the world some undiscovered but fascinating designers. In other words you can always discover something new and you will never walk outside empty handed. Above all you don't have to smash your piggy bank, because YARD makes sure that the unique clothes and accessories are absolutely affordable.

For all of you who don't live in Belgium, don't panic, they have an online store.

The store is an inspiration for a lot of my accessories 

belt Dora Abodi €89/ earrings Sandra Turina €19