the most original post ever

You have to admit it, this is probably the most original blog post ever. And I am sure that you won't see another pimped pumpkin on any other blog! Oh a little bit of irony never hurts. Nevertheless, Helly Halloween from Mrs. K! 


I have no idea what the initial inspiration was for this look but I thought: give pink some credit! I am not particularly fond of pink but these shades of pink are ideal to combine. And I have to say, thank god I don't have pink shoes or I would look like a complete cotton candy fool!

No seriously, what I want to say is: have fun, don't take fashion too seriously and embrace what you love in fashion. This is what I do! You do not have to create monotone colored looks at all, I am just showing you that it is possible. Sometimes one piece with a distinctive shade is more than enough. But don't be afraid to experiment. Just one piece of advice: incorporate a neutral color, like the black top! This is so crucial because you always have to respect the balance of your look!

dress and coat Paule Ka Brussels/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ hat Christophe Coppens Brussels/ shoes Dries Van Noten/ gloves vintage 

preview | pink credit

Have you ever wondered where your inspiration for a certain look comes from? I do! Take this look for instance, I am definitely not a fan of pink because I am just not a girly girl! 

But all of a sudden I just wanted to generate this pink silhouette. Maybe an instant corny emotion overwhelmed me or maybe it was a breathtaking pink fall sky that inspired me! Nevertheless, the diverse shades of pink can be the best stimulus ever! 

hat Christophe Coppens Brussels/ dress and coat Paule Ka Brussels/ necklace Anna Sui Soho/ gloves vintage 

hat over heels

You all probably know by now that I love to wear something on my head. Give me a crazy hat or give me an everyday hat, it will make me smile. 
And you all know that I am a massive fan of Christophe Coppens, a belgian designer with international flair. 

So I present you the newest member of the family: my pink cowgirl mafia hat! The pastel color and the wool texture will look perfect in an orange winter setting sun, a pink blue cold sky and a snowy white landscape! 

chair Herman Miller/ cushion Zara Home 


Always remember this: fashion is about having fun and staying true to your fashion identity! Never ever forget that! So this look is a pure representation of my fashion personality: Eclecticism.I love generating eclectic outfits. Combining diverse trends, colors and crazes, that is fashion to me.  

And above all I love to transform the evident glow of a piece of fashion. Take this Natan Couture jacket for instance. Natan is a pure classic high fashion line characterized by elegance and sophistication. But if you combine this Natan  jacket with a €25 pair of wool pants, the fashion identity of the brand changes completely

event | Molami

“Dear Mrs. K you are invited to the launch of Molami headphones

Oh dear, the first thing that popped up into my mind were those preppy premier league soccer players. You know them, they walk around with their noses up in the air sealed off from the outside world by their uber trendy headphones. So believe me, I was not waiting for the launch of another trendy headphone collection. But boy was I wrong. 

sweets for my sweets

Being a nail art test dummy can be pretty risky but I took a calculated risk. As long as my best friend is in control, I have nothing to worry about. 

I-Gel By Odyssey Nail Systems 

dress Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ rings Wouters and Hendrix Antwerp, Marc By Marc Jacobs NYC 

Vero Moda | Kirilove

Do you know Vero Moda? I have to admit, I only knew the label by name, period! When it comes to High Street brands, well, I am a dancer in the dark.

But wait a minute: when Vero Moda starts a collaboration with one of my fashion icons Tiany Kiriloff, then I am interested! Lady Kiriloff is the most eclectic high fashion girl I have ever seen. She knows fashion, she breaths fashion, she lives for fashion but above all she has fun with fashion. She is such a pure mix and that is what style is all about .
Oh my Oh my: my curiosity level started to rise, my fashion mind was still a little bit sceptical but my fashion heart was jumping for joy!

The result of  the Vero Moda- Kiriloff alliance was a vivid hybrid fashion line: Kirilove. Ethnical prints and dazzling shades are the key ingredients of the collection. 

article | loving the ugliness

Have you ever seen some piece of fashion for the first time and completely hated it? But after seeing it several times you completely want it? And you must admit, you are loving the ugliness!

Louis Vuitton 
This mechanism in our brain fascinates me. My psychology professor had an uncomplicated elucidation for this phenomenon: the dynamics of affect (cf. Solomon). The power of repetition is the key to ‘loving the ugliness’: the more you see a certain piece of fashion, the more your initial emotional condition will transform.

To clarify this fashion theory, I present you two categories of loving the ugliness.
Ugliness 1: ‘It will look hideous but I don't care’- ugliness!
Ugliness 2: ‘Repellent but wanted’- ugliness!

space mountain

Do you know those moments when you put your eyes on a statement piece? Do you know the feeling when physical and emotional reactions are invading your body? That is exactly how I felt when I saw the Alexander Wang sweater/dress. When I touched it, I had an irregular heartbeat, the ooh's and the aaahh's were flying through my mind and my pupils started to dilate.  

But I knew that this piece was a tricky one. The knit is very heavy and the shape is wide and long. Would this exceptional master piece fit my 5ft tall little body or would I look like space mountain? 
For now, enjoy this futuristic master piece. 

Oh and fashion DNA runs in the family! Look at my dad's new dandy Christophe Coppens hat. 

sources Icon BrusselsChristophe Coppens Brussels

September light part II

Do you see how the sunlight transforms the colors? The power of the light has a major effect on your look. It is so wonderful to create a complete outfit inspired by the sun. And it just forces you to wear intense and vivid tones.

So I fashioned this look around my dark purple oversized trousers. The short leather jacket helps you to create a waist and it elongates your legs. I love my flair pants but the wide shape can be pretty complicated.

One of my best hidden treasures is this vintage Iceberg blouse. It is one of those pieces that is hanging in your closet on a very latent way. Barely present in your brain it is waiting to strike again. And then BAM, you have rediscovered your vintage blouse.

sources shoes Sergio Rossi/ jacket Francis Ferent Brussels/ trousers DvF Brussels / bag Paule Ka Brussels / blouse Iceberg/ scarf Louis Vuitton Brussels

September light

I never did get the color blocking trend completely because it didn’t feel natural to me. It is as if you are forced to wear as many different bright colors as you can. The result: it can look pretty peculiar. Maybe we need to figure it out how to do it, it looks easy but it is not.

but September changed my perspective. I realized that the September sun could create the most breathtaking light I had ever seen! It transformed everything, literally, and it was the inspiration for a very colorful look. For the first time this season I surrendered to the color blocking trend. I simply wanted to see how the sunlight would affect splashing and vibrant colors.  

Just look at the light! 

preview of September light

shoes Sergio Rossi/ trousers Diane von Furstenberg/ bag Paule Ka 

vintage Delvaux

I stole the vintage Delvaux bucket bag from my mom. Her beige bag was completely worn out and foul but luckily Delvaux has an outstanding after sale service. The service gives you the opportunity to restore vintage bags in their original liveliness.  

The colors of the bag are ideal to combine with an in-between summer/fall look. Not too bright and not too dark, just perfect. I love the slightly vintage bohemian shape of the bag which made it just the thing to wear with my boho 70’s flair jeans. Finish it off with an oversized blouse and you have a fantastic casual in-between outfit.

blouse Diane von Furstenberg/ jeans Prada/ shoes Sergio Rossi/ bag and jewelry Delvaux/ necklace Marc By MarcJacobs 


There is one fashion rule I live by: never wear knee boots before October 1. Why? because september is like an "in-between summer/fall" fashion month. Those gorgeous fall collections are calling me and they are hanging in my closet since august. But an unexpected indian summer is an absolute party crasher. The result: confusion sets in. 

preview of an in-between look! 

booties Sergio Rossi/ jeans Prada/ bag vintage Delvaux