It is the end of November and I am already looking forward to the end of December. In exactly 29 days, 15 hours, 10 minutes and 3 seconds I will be flying across the big pond to the most magical city in the world: New York City! Oh celebrating the most wonderful time of the year in NYC makes me a little bit sentimental..

scarf~sweaters Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ bag Marc Jacobs Mercer St/ gloves Dior Brussels/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ glasses Paul Frank Occhi

event | Dior

Are you ready for the holidays! Oh you know what I am talking about, you get completely fuzzy inside when you see the glit and the glam popping up everywhere. And doesn't the idea of a complete new sparkling new year's eve outfit raise the adrenaline level in your veins? Yes lady, I can see you nodding.

Now let's take it to the next level. You have pictured yourself in the most stunning outfit for the holiday party of the year, but what about your make-up? Believe me I am a complete novice when it comes to make-up but the magpie in me cannot resist those glamourous sparkling make-up trends. And the festivities are a perfect excuse to try something new. It is like they give you  permission to go all the way! no restrictions on sparkles!

So take those soft brushes and colorful eye shades and start practicing! No inspiration? Don't worry, Dior to the rescue. Try these beautiful make-up trends and I am sure that you will be the belle of the ball.

glasses Paul Frank/ sequined top Vintage Isabelle Bajart/ bracelets Delvaux/ bag~shoes~top Dior Brussels 

crush | Marc Jacobs

If you follow me on twitter, you know I tweet a lot about my Marc Jacobs addiction (Yes, I am already on the Betty Ford Center waiting list). I absolutely love everything Marc Jacobs does. One of the reasons is the fact that I never ever want to change the vibe of Marc Jacobs. The brand is the perfect elongation of my eclectic style. 

Now there is one particular fashion piece that I cannot live without: my oversized 80's eclectic urban African Jeans!. Thanks to Melanie I found this picture of myself on The Fashionalists wearing my everlasting Marc By Marc Jacobs jeans. 

changing the vibe | red and blue

Sometimes the details are more interesting than the complete look. Especially when the foundation of your silhouette consists of two distinctive but difficult fashion colors. You have to admit, how wrong can red and blue be? So you have to be sure that you are wearing the right shades. When done well, you can completely change the vibe of the colors

What I love the most about these deep colors is the fact that they don't give you an immediate color blocking effect. Red and blue are in some way more humble and modest, but still intrusive. 

tights Falke/ skirt Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ shoes Versace Brussels/ coat Paule Ka Brussels

event | secondhand secondlife

A fashion show with famous belgian designers and an auction, that is my cup of tea. But wait, there is more! The designs are created with material from second hand stores: now that is completely my cup of tea. Why? Well, this is all about altering perspectives! Nothing is what it seems: the designs are breathtaking, but they are made of useless unwanted garbage (at least to some people). And all of a sudden it becomes very very wanted. That is what I call changing the vibe

This made me wonder: what defines eclecticism more than the combination of big names and dumped objects? Don't worry, I am not going to write an elaborate 'self-conscious statement' article about over-consumption because that would not fit my buying behavior (no I am not the most green lady ever). But I do love to remind you that second hand objects enhance your creativity and originality. And believe me, it will not hurt you to eat or drink out of a second hand cup! And it will definitely not hurt you to place your tush on a second hand sofa! So let's say that 'clean before use' wisdom won't hurt you either! To reinforce my statement you can see a small part of my second hand found/given/thrifted collection (8). 

1 possibilities are endless/2 bedazzling disco/3~4~6 fashion show/5 masterpiece/7 Mrs. K/ 8 my own secondhand collection

Mrs. K | cards

I don't like the term business cards, but here they are. The design of the cards has to represent my blogger's identity: eclectic and always changing the vibe! That is who I am. 

photo by Mrs. K/ image Step by Step

Saga | Alexander Wang

So you want to see how the Alexander Wang peplum saga continues (no this is not a reference to 4 slightly successful books)? first of all this peplum is an outstanding and almost out of this world ingenious piece. But because of all these reasons it is incredibly hard to define. And you ask yourself: What in the world am I wearing. When a fashion piece is mysterious and difficult to understand, it is even more difficult to style. 

But hey don't let this minor set-back turn you into a fashion victim (but please do not create a fashion crime either). Don't stick your head in the sand, look that peplum right in the face and go ggggrrrrr. The battle has begun: Alexander Wang peplum versus Mrs. K. Yes mister Wang, I am changing the vibe of this gorgeous creature.

peplum Alexander Wang Icon Brussels/ dress Paule Ka Brussels/ tights Falke/ shoes Chrsitian Louboutin Madison Ave/ gloves vintage/ bag Dior Brussels

changing the vibe | Alexander Wang

Changing the original vibe of a 'rock and rolla pure shape' Alexander Wang piece is a true challenge. The peplum is hanging in my closet since the beginning of October and every day I wondered: How could I style this phenomenal tricky oversized fashion wonder? As much as I adore the pure, clean, masculine and sometimes cold designs, it is just not me. But I cannot resist AW's divine creations/ creatures, so I have to find a way to adapt them to my eclectic fashion identity. 

Creating a synergy between Christian Louboutin and Alexander Wang, that is what I call fashion! So from now on my louboutin babies are sleeping right next to my AW peplum. Oh you can almost feel the love and it is true what they say: opposites are fatally attracted to each other. 

peplum Alexander Wang Icon Brussels/ dress Paule Ka Brussels/ tights Falke/ shoes Chrsitian Louboutin Madison Ave/ gloves vintage 

press day preview | Oona

Do you wonder what press days are all about? well, look at this photo and you will get the picture. Yep we have fun, we socialize, we look at the newest trends and above all: we go completely banana's. Thank you Oona for such a crazy night. 

Oh and don't you love Nathalie's style and that smashing mohawk? I am a complete addict of her blog The Merry Makers, so check it out NOW!

Versace | Tacky II?

Are you ready for some more Versace? I know, I know, less is more. But hey we are talking about Versace here, Donatella's dogma is absolutely the opposite of less is more. So some more tackiness is coming your way. 

But let's be serious! Versace is all about how you wear it and never ever holding back (on the contrary, I would say). As much as I love Versace, I always have an irresistible urge to transform the original vibe and atmosphere of the brand. I accomplish my mission when people are saying: Is that Versace you are wearing?

little secret: the original price of the cardigan was around €1000, I bought it for €90 in a Versace outlet store!  

dress and shoes Versace Brussels/ cardigan Versace Maasmechelen Village/ leggings Gucci Brussels/ hat Christophe Coppens Brussels/ bag Alexander Wang Icon Brussels/ socks Hema

Versace | Tacky?

To support the world wide Versace Hype I have to give Versace credit. Many of you would say it is the tackiest brand in the world (okay, maybe it is a neck-and-neck race with Roberto Cavalli) and you may be right. But boy do I love tackiness. It challenges you to step out of your comfort zone.  And if you are wearing Versace go all the way because as said before: "Versace only works in an excessive way" (Weyel, 2008). 

sources dress and shoes Versace Brussels/ cardigan Versace Maasmechelen Village/ pants Gucci Brussels/ socks Hema 

Mrs. K's closet | Anna'a choice

Beautiful Judith from Anna's Choice came to my home to shoot my closet. I am not going to write an elaborate post about it, just check it out. the photos are insanely breathtaking. So check it out here

River Island | thank you man

Oh my, I have been to River Island for the first time in my life. Most of the time I avoid the highstreet: it is like people running around clueless and trying to decide which neon lighted store would attract them the most.

But I had no option, thanks to Oona! They invited me to come and see the River Island Xmas collection (Yes I said X-mas, jolly jolly the countdown has started). I wasn't completely blown away by the collection but the brand started to intrigue me. In other words my curiosity was evoked

Here I was on a friday morning, exploring the River Island flagship store in Antwerp. The store was still a little bit deserted so it was the perfect way to investigate and screen the collection. Again, I wasn't blown away. River Island definitely keeps up with distinctive trends and they stay true to the 'something for everybody' policy. Whether you love 'Rock and rolla gone MTV with way too skinny jeans', 'Oversized navajo trend', 'Color blocking on ruffles' or a 'Russian Hervé Léger'. You name it, they have it! Unfortunately those trends were not that appealing to me. Oh oh oh.  

All of a sudden I was attracted by a neon sign: Men! Hallelujah there was a men's division. I immediately started looking for a particular pair of jeans and we all know that finding the it-jeans can be a quest! But within 5 minutes I was jumping for joy because I had found the perfect pair of dark jeans and a very very merry Christmas joyful sweater. River Island, thank you man

jeans and sweater River Island Antwerp/ cape Dior/ Beanie Paule Ka Brussels/ boots Balmain The Outnet/ bag Chanel Brussels/ gloves vintage 

when Elvis meets Amy

When Elvis meets Amy ... a beautiful day emerges! Today I took a step back into time and I relived my teenage years. Time traveling can be so easy, just visit the store you used to go to 15 years ago. 

Fish & Chips Antwerp is (still) a hipster easy riding low profile store.  You know what I am talking about: It looks like a dirty basement and they play uber cool way too loud music. And you wonder: did loud music damage my ears or am I growing old? But you can't help it and when you are walking around the nostalgic sentiment takes over, damn I was a cool kid! You realize that the store didn't change but you did. 

sources jeans Criminal Damage Fish & Chips/ coat Louis Vuitton Brussels/ bag Gucci Brussels/ shoes Prada Coccodrillo 

cape | scarf | jacket

Is it a cape or a large scarf with arm holes? Well I had absolutely no idea what it was when I first saw this Thakoon wrap jacket. The Man Repeller calls it pretty man repelling because of the awkward shape. Most of the time I don't agree with what she is talking about, but maybe this time she is right! 

You all probably know by now that I don't care a lot about how a fashion piece looks on me, but this jacket is just great with almost everything. And above all, it is the most ideal fall jacket: warm, not too heavy, perfect wool fabric and breathtaking fall shades. So could I resist, no of course not! 

sources Icon Brussels