time to fly

We are ready for NYC! See you on the other side of the ocean... 

animal jeans

Getting reading for New Year's Eve is like a spring clean: everything has to be perfect tip toe top notch. It is the ideal time to get yourself a little treat. yes ladies, those hair and beauty salons are waiting for you.  You will be turned into a diva and it can happen overnight. I start with some help from my best friend, the nail art guru. All it takes is some acrylic, Dior Blue Label, twinkle twinkle little stars and a whole lot of talent! 

Now, if you will excuse me, I have some more packing to do. Only 48h before our NYC invasion

cardigan Marc By Marc Jacobs NYC/ scarf Christophe Coppens

black mamba

Wearing an entire black outfit is not one of my habits. Maybe I can blame the holidays. The most wonderful time of the year equals a glitter color explosition. So back to basics for a few days isn't such a bad idea after all. 

I cannot decide whether I look like a black mamba lost in fashion land or like a very friendly Darth Vader! Anyway, when I create a complete black outfit I always try to put more effort into the accessories. There is no reason to hold back, hey we all want to experience some 'Material Girl' moments every once in a while. It is as if black is giving you a hard time. It looks easy, but there is always a catch. You have to change the vibe of black. Don't let dullness win, give it all you got, be creative. And you'll see, black will amaze and surprise you. 

coat Juicy Couture Madison Ave/ blouse Mugler vintage/ pants Marc By Marc Jacobs/ tights Wolford/ shoes The Outnet/ bag Dior Brussels/ accessories Christophe Coppens Brussels

the most original post ever II

All I want to do is wish you a very very Merry Christmas! And I will do it in my own little way with a whole lot of sparkles. But let's not forget the 'once upon a time in the East' moment. 2000 years ago there was a guy who stood up for world peace. His social network was massive and he knew how to spread a message. He was loved, he was hated, but he brought us the most wonderful time of the year. 

As we speak I feel like a stuffed turkey but some empathy never hurts. Happy holidays from Mrs. K! 

intermezzo | Ben Trovato Fash!on/off

It was a dark cold Sunday night at the dirty beginning of winter and I was on my way to Fash!on/off, the first belgian fashion film festival! It was as if Nick Cave created the night as a perfect setting for the festival. Yes, I was cordially invited to the Ben Trovato experience. Oh dear, Ben Who? Fashion film festival what? And above all, I am not a cinema lover: too dark, too crowded and too much crisping  sounds.

But I am not the most narrow minded person, so let the fashion films come to me. There I was, comfortably in my seat watching Hersey. But oh my, this film took me by surprise, I was shocked, struck dumb and uncomfortable numb. Completely stuck into this modern Joan of Arc moment, the film transported me out of this world. Yes ladies and gentleman, this was as pure as cinematography could get and not made for pussies. 

And then it hit me: I could not define these little films and they made me really uncomfortable. Slowly I realized that fashion films are a complete new way of producing a fashion statement. It is as if printed fashion ads come to live, and by doing this, they create a totally different universe.

But i am intrigued and triggered. Fashion films change the vibe and they definitely change fashion. They are the grey area between fashion and art. Or are they transforming fashion into art? As an observer you are challenged and you are forced to dig deep into a gloomy and unknown side of fashion.

Mongolia jacket Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ sweater River Island Antwerp/ boots Dries Van Noten Hatshoe/ gloves vintage 

leather jacket and sneakers Gucci Brussels/ scarf Christophe Coppens Brussels 

destroy every Grinch with food gifts | Smets

I have to keep on going because there are still a few Grinches alive and kicking. So how about a semi-cooking food and all that jazz gift post. But let me make something clear: I hate cooking and I don't get those overhyped food shows and books! That part of housekeeping was forgotten in my DNA. 

Unfortunately I couldn't remain in denial for much longer: sugary sweet pretty food stuff is everywhere. I am talking about the ones that make you feel fuzzy inside. The ones that are perfect for the holidays, to eat and to give. But above all the ones that are perfect to terminate all the Grinches.  

Now here is another little confession: god did not bless me with a sugar addiction gene. But he did bless me with a magpie gene. I am not into sweets for the fast burning carbohydrates, I am into sweets for the sweet looks! Can you resist? 

Big tip! For the last minute "party hardy I love the holidays" shopping. Go to Smets and I assure you: you will find everything to celebrate the most spectacular time of the year! 

1 homemade sweet sticks by my best friend/ 3~6 Vitra Smets/ 7 sweets by Smets/ 8 Mariage Frères Smets/ 10 Louis Vuitton sweet colors

party hardy

Get yourself ready for NYE! Here comes another shocking post about the holidays. Sometimes it takes me quite some time to create a complete outfit. Yes, I know it is not rocket science but there are some rules you have to follow because here is a little confession: I am a 5ft tall girl with bad cheekbones (maybe Santa can help me with the latter)! To make a long story short, I cannot get away with everything.

Let's start with the basic piece of the outfit: a simple pair of jeans! Well actually they are not that simple. When I am wearing them it feels as if I stole them from my granddaddy. They are completely oversized and the dark blue color transports me back to the 50's. Because of the peculiar shape a 'beam me up Scotty' to create some height is a necessity. Now all I need to celebrate the most wonderful night of the year is a spectacular top that blows your mind. And I am talking about a whole lot of sparkle/brocade/shimmery shimminess. Oh yeah a changing the vibe moment is definitely comning up.

jeans Louis Vuitton Brussels/ gloves Christophe Coppens Brussels/ shoes Christian Louboutin The Outnet

mission | destroy every grinch III

Part three of my mission and I am still standing! Now let's talk about a cheering warming black ninja outfit. Yes I am ready to ride that sled right to the frozen north of this planet. All you need is some imagination, a little absurdity, a whole lot of Marc By Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg. 

Now there is one man who completely understand the Christmas joy: Marc Jacobs. With a great deal of irony he wants you to share your most awkward fun loving holiday pictures on the #MarcFam site. So what are you waiting for? Spread the word, the joy, the Fa la la la la la and above all: destroy every little living Grinch. Join the Marc Jacobs family. And isn't this what Christmas is all about: world peace and becoming one happy fashion family? 

sweater and leggings Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ Mongolia Jacket DvF Brussels/ bow Christophe Coppens

mission | destroy every Grinch II

Are you ready for some more Fa la la la la from Mrs. K (and I am sure that this tune will stick in your head for the rest of the day)? Christmas to me is all about colors, textures, structures and going completely bananas. I am an eclectic girl, so this season is the ultimate excuse to hide this distinguishing mark

But actually, I don't want to hide the foundations of my fashion identity! The holidays should be an elongation of your fashion identity. So I decorated my complete house by this motto and I can proudly say: Who I am in how I decorate my tree is the message! 

Enjoy this preview because more 'over the top Rudolph the red nosed Reindeerness' is coming your way. A.k.a. I am ready to ride that sled. 

shoes Chanel Saks Fifth Avenue/ Mongolia Jacket Diane Von Furstenberg Brussels 

mission | destroy every Grinch

I am on a mission this Holiday season: To destroy all the little Grinches living inside you. We all are suffering from some repulsive cheering feelings and we do wonder: Is it too much? We are bombarded by magpie luring windows, extra thick hot chocolate, reindeer sweaters, twinkling lights, ... . More is more is the ultimate Christmas motto

The one thing I have learned over the years is to put it into perspective. Once a year you can trow all your little principles overboard. Go with the flow and give in. Yes, I know, it is all about buying and wanting. But hey, I have to admit: it makes me smile and it makes me happyAs much as you repress those little holiday cheering feelings, I am sure your inner glit glam lover is going to come out sooner or later. Don't fight those feelings because you don't stand a chance. And for all of you who suddenly love Mariah Carey, there is nothing wrong with you. 

So from now on until the end of the season you will be overloaded by some festive posts. I am going to change the vibe and I will destroy every living Grinch out there. Let me entertain you: Fa la la la la from Mrs. K to you

Christophe Coppens | Stocksale

When I hear the word 'stocksale' an instant dilemma is tearing me apart: deals of a lifetime versus cat fights. I am not an emotional volatile human being, but certain fashion related events mess up my inner equilibrium! Yes Pavlov, your theory is proven once again: the term stock sales enhances my saliva production. But nothing and I mean nothing could keep me away from the Christophe Coppens stock sale. So my motto for the day: focus and keep your eyes on the prize (man, I make it sound like some kind of sports). 

But boy was I happy with my catch (and it was a very very civilized plunder). With instant happiness running trough my veins I walked outside with my trophies in hand. I was the queen of Brussels showing off my new treasures: one material girl necklace, one wild necklace, one wild animal caged brooch, one pair of glit glam gloves and one scarf! total cost: €145. Wait and be amazed, both necklaces were each ca. €550 before sales! Told you, deal of a lifetime. 

vanilla stick | part II

Sometimes a beautiful fall day makes you a little bit sentimental, emotional, fuzzy, ... . Surprisingly this is not me, I am a very extravert and outgoing person. But the magnificent light of a fall day can change the vibe complete, in a very good way. You are standing there in your vanilla shades looking at the sky and wondering: is it already December?

So enough of this corny stuff! Fall is almost over and yes, you know what is coming. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of glit glam happy sparkling cheering. Celebrate the end of the year like you never did before because you have to admit it: there is no Grinch living in you.

beanie Delvaux Leuven/ sweaters Marc By Marc Jacobs NYC/ trousers Dries Van Noten Rosier41/ boots Alexander Wang Antonioli/ bag Dior Brussels

intermezzo | Abercrombie mania

Once upon a time I was walking (well actually shopping) in Brussels! Strolling through the most luxurious street in the city something strange caught my eye: 40 half naked men! Barely dressed men in front of a store? It didn’t take me long to put all the pieces of the puzzle together: Yes ladies and gentlemen, Abercrombie & Fitch has landed in Belgium. Oh I couldn’t take my eyes of those gorgeous tartan shirts and perfect fitted jeans.

I am completely in love with this hilarious and fun marketing trick. I mean nothing can lure me away from my own Gorilla. But these adonises are like an early Christmas present from the company. So thank you A&F for being so consistent in your marketing strategy.
Now let’s get to the practical side of the story. The 40 Abercrombie six packs are waiting for you in front of the brand new store in Brussels every afternoon until wednesday. Yes Yes, I know, of course you are not going for the tight abs and perfect cheek bones. So let's cut the crap and talk about what is really important: the flagship store will open on thursday December 8 2011

vanilla stick | Alexander Wang

Maybe it is because winter is creeping in quickly or maybe because winter isn't coming fast enough? But I had the uncontrollable urge to wear vanilla cream winter shades. With a little touch of color of course. But Vanilla in my closet equalizes soft, delicate and  fragile fashion pieces.

Wearing summer silk satin fabrics in the winter is always a fashion challenge. It is as if those textiles refuse to look good with heavy warm materials. And what about the Alexander Wang summer boots? They are definitely not made to see the dark side of my closet for more than a hundred days a year. Yes those open heels are not made for cold dark days. Solution? wear socks.

sweaters Marc by Marc Jacobs Bleecker Street/ trousers Dries Van Noten/ boots Alexander Wang Icon/ bag Dior Brussels/ gloves vintage