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Contemporary art musea are not my cup of tea because they can be too overwhelming. You are stepping into a mysterious and unknown zone and that makes me uncomfortable. And above all, I do not always understand the art work or the artist and that confuses me. Result: I am staring at an art piece and I have no idea what to think about it. So my heart has to take over and this leads to a ‘two options situation’: hate it or love it. There is absolutely nothing in between because the only way you can assess art is going with your gut feeling.

But visiting NYC without going to a museum is not an option either. So I took the easy road, Carsten Höller: Experience at the New Museum. An approachable exhibiton where you do not have to crack your brains and above all it looks like fun.

And boy was I right, Carsten Höller: Experience is THE way to get comfortable with contemporary art. The giant playground is easy to watch and to criticize. And oh so exciting to visit with the complete family. Playing around and learning something about art, a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Instead of the brainless enjoyment provided in the amusement parks you will educate your children on the meaning of art. 

All in all The Carsten Höller exhibition is an ideal example of Pavlov’s wisdom: your occasional fun and cheerful experience will make you love contemporary art.

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