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What do you do on new year's day in NYC? That is definitely a good question. You are a bit woozy from the day before and you are hoping that the island is still functioning. One thing I have learnt over the years is that fashionable Manhattan is very slow at waking up. It is as if it only comes alive after 11am. So forget the fact that the city never sleeps, the stylish population of NYC does not come out before noon.

If you are in the city, you want to adapt and blend in as much as you can. So again: what do you do on new year's day in NYC? Solution, having brunch at a trendy restaurant like The Mercer Kitchen (at least according to my Louis Vuitton city guide). But going underground at this place is one of the best choices you can make. It is the most hip and chic dungeon you can think of. You can definitely lock me up in this place. The food is everything you would expect in NYC! A good delicious greasy trendy burger with the cutest fries you have ever seen. Located in the middle of Soho you are only steps away from your favorite stores. The Mercer Kitchen is absolutely wonderful to start a new year or any other day. 

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