hunting season

Besides the phenomenal colors that are conquering the northern hemisphere, there is another specific part about fall season: hunting! Dandy distinguished gentlemen come out of their mansions to blow their horns and to aim their guns. I am not going to write an elaborate discourse about the pros and cons of hunting. Hello, this is a fashion blog and I am obligated to stay superficial. But the only rifles I own are the ones with water. 

Now if I would go hunting, my outfit would be a combination of Heidi von den bergen x Sisi. Perfect to scare all the wild foxes and sweet deer. To be honest, I love the thick velvet fabrics and the oversized silhouettes. A hunting outfit can never be boring because there is too much going on. So the only thing I brought home from my wild adventure is a head of a deer (yes it is faux, don't worry I do have a heart). 

cheers to hunting season! 

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