my mom and her wedding | vintage photos

I always knew that my fashion DNA came via my mom! We have the same desire to wear fabulous fashion wonders, we have the same physical reactions when we see a masterpiece, we both start to smile when we are strolling through de rue de la mode and we both cannot control ourselves when we enter a haven of fashion. And I have heard some strange stories about her too. Working in a fashion capital had a curious effect on her: she rather bought shoes than food during her lunch break. Sounds pretty familiar to me. 

Recently I discovered some photos of her and my dad (and of myself too, but I will tell you about my fashion childhood later). My mom was clearly the better fashion half (still is) and my dad was completely into the 70's. If you wonder why I didn't marry in a white gown? Well, she didn't either. A gorgeous tailor-made aqua blue suit was her wedding outfit. Thank you mom for passing on some of your amazing fashion genes. 

PS have you spotted my dad's fancy car, an orange Opel GT. His best friend had the same one in red and together they experienced some crazy adventures. One of them involved a dunghill (don't ask and don't try it at home). 

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