wild wild west

Howdy cowboy! Well I have actually no idea how cowgirls dress and I have never ever seen a horse up close. Although there are two donkeys in my backyard, I am not your typical country girl. But I am not too shabby to try something new every now and then. And 'something new' will happen to you when you least expect it. Let's say on a saturday afternoon at the high street. All of a sudden I was attracted by colorful sweet and funny cowboy boots. Immediately I could hear the tunes of the good, the bad and the ugly echoing in my ears. I looked the blue electric boots right in the eyes and I pictured myself riding a black stallion towards the setting sun. Yes, Mrs. K keep on dreaming! 

Okay, snap out of it and back to fashion. Let's create an outfit around the boots, after all they are the centre of attention. Black narrow leggings are perfect to give credit to your amazing boots. And then you need layers, lots of them (read: hello, it is September). Finally you can dig up your gorgeous fluffy most outrageous scarf. But be careful, because a big scarf can make your neck disappear. Oh well, who can say no to a warm invisible neck.

boots Sendra Hippo Royal/ bag Dior Brussels/ scarf Christophe Coppens/ pants Gucci Brussels/ tee Theyskens' Theory Icon/ jacket Acne Icon/ bracelet Forever21 NYC  

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