halleluja for my hairstylist

Et voila, the new and improved Mrs. K! Do you know the sensation of feeling like a brand new woman when you step outside your hairdresser's salon. No idea where the emotional response comes from, but it is as if he (in my case it is a he) has given you a new identity

For one thing, I praise the lord: I got rid of the 'in-between lengths'. In-between lengths are the worst ever, like your coiffure is neither fish nor fowl. And in a way it makes you feel very insecure. So hallelujah to my hairstylist and above all, he is way cheaper than a plastic surgeon. Yes I am as ecstatic as little mr. parrot! Aloha to the world (or in his case paradise).

PS What you think of my new beverage coasters? Instant happiness for only €2

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