ladies who brunch

Sunday, perfect moment to start talking about food. I am absolutely convinced that I was a socialite in a former life. Of course I did not have to work and my daily routine was pretty predictable. One of my main habits was brunch, bien sûr! As a hipster/ socialite you knew the importance of this strange custom. This is the only explanation for my endless brunch adoration. Oh those were the days.

Having brunch is killing two birds with one stone: you do not have to miss breakfast and it is already acceptable to drink alcohol. And you only need a few ingredients to have a spectacular brunch: an interesting venue, good food (the more the better) and girlfriends. It is as simple as that and yes we do gossip when we have brunch. Oh and don't forget those interesting famous hipster coffees: they do not only taste good, they look good too. 

thank you Leen (Lena Lena est la) and Nathalie (the merrymakers) for being my brunch guides! 

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