my castle

It is time to show you my castle or at least the backside of it. No, don't worry I am kidding. This castle is not mine and it belongs to my country. I just used it as decor. The grandeur of this small stronghold has an irresistible attraction on me. Maybe I watch too many movies, but I always want to know the story behind a castle! I want to figure out what happened behind the thick brick walls. As if castle people live lives that are filled with intrigue and secrets. 

The one thing I have learned from my history lessons is the fact that heating up a castle wasn't easy. The reasons are simple: too big and too expensive. So if I would be the lady of the house, I would wear  heavy and rich fabrics to keep the chilliness out. Small lady, big clothes, that is my motto! Oh and don't forget the family stones, mine cost about €15. 

sweater Alexander Wang Icon/ skirt Nicolas Woit/ socks DvF Brussels/ shoes Alexander Wang Antonioli/ bag Theyskens' Theory Icon/ hat piece Urban Outfitters Brussels/ gloves vintage/ ring Fascinelle 

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