oh! dries

Do you know the feeling of discovering pure fashion brilliance? It may happen once in a lifetime or it may not happen at all. This is a story about a coat, a coat beyond superiority. A coat that balances on the fine line between fashion and art! Yes Dries Van Noten you are a master, a master of fine arts.

This is how the story begins, but I have no idea how the story will end. Once upon a time I entered a fabulous dreamy and romantic store. After a few moments a beautiful yet intriguing print caught my attention. With great precision I took the cloak out of the rack. Oh my physical reactions revealed my coup de foudre. An asian man, who covered the front of the coat, kept staring at me like only the Mona Lisa can. No longer could I resist, I had to try it on. The coat literally slid over my shoulders. Again, I gasped for breath... .

This exuberant piece of fashion is made with an extraordinary precision. Every little detail is as important as the other, not one can live without the other and they are carefully put together by the master himself,  Mr. Van Noten.  To me he is one of the greatest artists in the universe because only a mastermind can create pure fashion brilliance, period! 

coat Dries Van Noten Profiel/ tee Thakoon Icon/ leggings Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St NYC/ boots Marc Jacobs Netaporter/ hat Esprit/ gloves Christophe Coppens 

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