tiger woods

I am wearing a tiger and I am standing in the woods, get it? Well actually I am standing in my own backyard in front of our neighbor's chestnut tree. Sorry but this pun was way too obvious and I couldn't resist (please do not shoot me for my lame sense of humor). Anyway, my gnomes are another part of my garden. It started with one and I ended up with an uncontrollable collecting mania. But I love my little friends and at night they are my gardeners. (If you think I am crazy by now, I don't blame you). 

But let's talk about the tiger! When I first saw it a year ago the tiger and I had an immediate connection. I mean, how insane can a sweater be: right color, whimsical print and ideal shape. So the possibilities are endless. But the best was yet to come, little did I know that the quality and the softness of the sweater are even more perfect. Wait there is more: this baby, made by one of my favorite (belgian) designers T+TGK, only costs €45! Talking about good value.

sweater Titi+the german kid/ skirt DvF Brussels/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ boots Marc Jacobs netaporter/ sunnies Theo Occhi/ beanie Dagmar Stage by Sil 

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