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I have a story to tell you, the story of the Burberry skirt! The check skirt is over 15 years old, and yes, there is a reason why they call their signature print 'iconic' aka it will stay in style until the end of the world. (sorry couldn't resist the fact that we are still alive and kicking). 

For years and years the skirt was hanging in my closet. Every season I took it out, but never wanted to wear it. Although the fabric feels like heaven and it still looks spic and span, I just did not want to style it as a skirt. I knew deep down not to sell this skirt because every now and then I am blessed with an eureka fashion moment (mostly comes into existence by chance). How could I not have seen before that my black leggings and this skirt are made for each other. Et oui bien sûr, a winter wonder holiday sweater is the absolute finishing touch! From now on I will proudly wear my Burberry check skirt until eternity. 

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