What is it about sunlight and fashion? Always seems like a perfect love affair. The sun's rays have the power to bring everything to life. First of all, I mean this very literally. And second of all, have you noticed what it does to your outfit? The gloom of the light has an enchanted effect on shades, they are pushed into another dimension. 

Now here comes the catch. Our dear beloved sun can pull a few tricks on us. This big star gives away the most breathtaking light on the most inconvenient moments of the day. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon, that is when the magic happens. Okay, dear sun, in the morning I am not on my best posing behavior. Thank god for my fabulous photographer, Patricia, who forced me to pose in this blistering cold. The result: I am singing in the freezing cold... 

coat Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ sweater Acne Icon/ trousers Miu Miu Francis Ferent/ boots Chanel store nyc 

photos Patricia Ella & Louise 

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