isabel marant

How aversion can turn into love! I am talking about the Isabel Marant boots. Didn't understand the commotion and the hype. Come on, be honest, they look like plain cowboy boots with a tiny heel. But boy was I wrong. They are like the best walking boots ever. Never did I feel so cool when wearing boots, I even feel like a hipster

What do you wear with howdy boots? Yes denim. Go casual. Apparently I do associate cow-boots with lumberjacks. This is the perfect time of the year to start wearing your flannel masculine tartan shirt (BTW this is a man's shirt). Soften it with some sweet pink. 

boots Isabel Marant Icon/ jeans Gstar Leuven/ shirt Vans Giraffe Records Leuven/ coat Paule Ka Brussels/ gloves Dior Brussels 

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