le nouveau mrs. K | andy wolf

Et voila, le nouveau and slightly 'back in time' Mrs. K! Do not ever ask me how to select the right pair of glasses. There are no rules, you just have to fall in love with opticals and above all you have to follow your gut feeling. I am a huge fan of big, chunky, whimsical, colorful and printed extravagant glasses (read: this makes it a lot harder to choose).  But in the end you have to find a match with both your face and your personality. 

From now until an undefined moment in time you will see me wearing my Andy Wolf glasses. The features of this pair are pretty innovative. I could not resist the vibrant shades and the gold finishing touches. Oh for some mysterious reason I keep on listening to vintage 50's and 60's music. 

jacket and coat Louis Vuitton Brussels 

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