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Okay people can I have your attention please? In case you didn't notice: Holidays are here! Perfect time to talk about beauty, something I absolutely know nothing about. How about some fragrance? Oh I always love a mind-blowing scent, especially during the holidays. Isn't it a lot more pleasant to sit next to somebody during your christmas dinner that smells nice?

But how do you pick your favorite scent? first of all, a smashing bottle has a big attraction on me. Step 1: eliminate ugly flacons. For me the ultra girly bottles of Marc Jacobs did the trick. You immediately associate them with endless flower meadows. And you see yourself jumping around in-between daffodils in slow-motion. 
Now here comes the most tricky part: how to select your favorite scent? Step 2, I spray them on a little cardboard stick and I pick three favorites. Then I leave them alone for about 10 minutes. After the little break I indicate my new beloved perfume. That is how Lola and I became friends...

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