NYC | The Mercer Kitchen

What do you do on new year's day in NYC? That is definitely a good question. You are a bit woozy from the day before and you are hoping that the island is still functioning. One thing I have learnt over the years is that fashionable Manhattan is very slow at waking up. It is as if it only comes alive after 11am. So forget the fact that the city never sleeps, the stylish population of NYC does not come out before noon.

If you are in the city, you want to adapt and blend in as much as you can. So again: what do you do on new year's day in NYC? Solution, having brunch at a trendy restaurant like The Mercer Kitchen (at least according to my Louis Vuitton city guide). But going underground at this place is one of the best choices you can make. It is the most hip and chic dungeon you can think of. You can definitely lock me up in this place. The food is everything you would expect in NYC! A good delicious greasy trendy burger with the cutest fries you have ever seen. Located in the middle of Soho you are only steps away from your favorite stores. The Mercer Kitchen is absolutely wonderful to start a new year or any other day. 

behind closet doors | The Merrymakers

Once upon a time in January sweet Nathalie from The Merrymakers asked me a question: Can I take a look behind your closet doors? In other words she wanted to take a peek in my closet and the house that was build around the closet. So I opened my door(s) for her and the results are absolutely everything I expected and more. 

This is me, this is how I live. Thank You Nathalie for featuring me exactly how I am. Curious? hurry up and take a look here

Photo's Nathalie The Merrymakers

The Greenwich Hotel New York City

Selecting a hotel in NYC can be a true quest. The options are endless. So where do you start? How do you pick your temporary pied-à-terre? Well, look at the immense possibilities as an advantage and choose a hotel that reflects your personalityThat is exactly how we chose The Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. 

How can I describe this masterpiece in one sentence? Simply impossible because this eclectic haven is so close to perfection. So only an elaborate appraisal will do The Greenwich Hotel justice. Let me guide you through our exquisite trip and it starts at the latent but grand entrance. From the moment you enter the Greenwich it is like walking through a gate to another world. A vintage world where time stood still. The antique mood makes you feel calm, relaxed and safe. You just want to get lost in this ancient villa. But actually this is not completely possible because the elevators will only give you access to your floor and the spa.

After a brief walk through the corridors you step into your room via a heavy hardwood door. It is like opening a vault and let me warn you: you will find a treasure. My eclectic genes went ballistic after seeing this dreamily decorated chamber. Don’t you love it when a collection of perfect single details becomes one? It is as if the Greenwich is forcing you to enjoy those little delights in life. The basket filled with sweet goodies and the champage emphasize that policy.

But there was one more secret waiting for me: the Drawing Room. My words will never capture the ambience of the private room, but I will give it a try. Imagine old vintage oversized sofas, small assorted side tables, exotic carpets, rich velvet drapes and a majestic fireplace. You absolutely know that the world outside is still spinning. But when you are in the Drawing Room, you don't care. You just want to enjoy the impeccable food of Locanda Verde, a glass of champagne or just a cappuccino. It is up to you. 

All in all The Greenwich hotel is an absolute match for my eclectic personality in every single way. Is there any other hotel in nyc like the Greenwich, I don't think so! This unique place is a true gem, one that you will have to cherish. 

Delvaux | Brillant Chaperon Rouge

Do you remeber my article about Delvaux: My love and hate relationship with Belgium's most luxurious accessory brand? The eclectic me was alienated from their classic and slightly old fashioned bag collection. And I was waiting for the moment that I could love and embrace Delvaux again. So they had to come up with something whimsical, innovative and astonishing! Something that took my breath away from the moment I laid my eyes on it! You know, where you go ooh and ah and your brain and heart is telling you: go for it, you cannot resist

This is exactly what happened to me one week ago. On a cold winter monday evening a surprise was waiting for me: a big black Delvaux box. Slowly I lifted the cover and my heart was beating like a rhino! Oh my, all of a sudden I could here Hallelujah's echoing in my ears, a light beam was illuminating the most interesting bag ever: The Brillant Chaperon Rouge. This Master piece was made in heaven and it was plastic fantastic

But it is not your ordinary plastic bag! No no ladies and gentlemen this is a sophisticated plastic version of Delvaux's most iconic bag. It is whimsical, innovative and astonishing. The bag made me fall in love again with the brand. I am sorry Delvaux that I ever doubted you and I will never desert you ever again. 

And gentlemen, I have a message for you. The Brillant Chaperon Rouge is made for your lady. If she opens the black box with the bag inside on Valentine's day. I assure you, she will be yours truly forever. 

Thank you Delvaux 

how to | dress for nyc

New York is a city full of surprises! At the end of December you expect freezing cold temperatures, snow storms and a lot of hot coco. But mother nature decided otherwise. A deep blue sky, overload of sunshine and temperatures high above freezing! Perfect weather to stroll around the city, but a nightmare for your outfit.

How do you dress for a chilly active day full of shopping? You are in the trendiest city of the planet, so looking like plain Jane is not an option either. And above all, we were going to Carsten Höller's fairground and I definitely wanted to take a ride on the slide.

But Alexander Wang came to the rescue. The wool narrow fitted dress/skirt was perfect for a day like this: warm but not too warm, comfortable fabric, stylish shape and an easy to combine color. In other words, a perfect canvas to start with. Mix it up with an uber sophisticated bouclé jacket and some die hard boots and you are ready to hit the road.

jacket Louis Vuitton Brussels/ dress Alexander Wang Soho/ boots Marc Jacobs Net-a-porter/ glasses Paul Frank/ watch Omega vintage 

how to | deal with contemporary art

Contemporary art musea are not my cup of tea because they can be too overwhelming. You are stepping into a mysterious and unknown zone and that makes me uncomfortable. And above all, I do not always understand the art work or the artist and that confuses me. Result: I am staring at an art piece and I have no idea what to think about it. So my heart has to take over and this leads to a ‘two options situation’: hate it or love it. There is absolutely nothing in between because the only way you can assess art is going with your gut feeling.

But visiting NYC without going to a museum is not an option either. So I took the easy road, Carsten Höller: Experience at the New Museum. An approachable exhibiton where you do not have to crack your brains and above all it looks like fun.

And boy was I right, Carsten Höller: Experience is THE way to get comfortable with contemporary art. The giant playground is easy to watch and to criticize. And oh so exciting to visit with the complete family. Playing around and learning something about art, a perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. Instead of the brainless enjoyment provided in the amusement parks you will educate your children on the meaning of art. 

All in all The Carsten Höller exhibition is an ideal example of Pavlov’s wisdom: your occasional fun and cheerful experience will make you love contemporary art.

NYE | Blaue Gans

January equals 'new year's celebration month'. It is a slow transition month between letting go and embracing the unknown (Oh now I make it sound so dramatic). So this means that you have a complete month to talk, review, recap the holidays. And that is exactly what I am going to do. Today is the day that I will talk about new year's eve 2011.

My beau and I wanted to celebrate the last day of the year on our most beloved island, Manhattan. Don’t expect a party hardy post! No just an eclectic dinner in a non-too-formal restaurant, Blaue Gans. This German Shed is perfectly located in the heart of Tribeca. The chairs are small, the tables are tiny (space is money) but the food was exquisite. 

Just a no nonsense schnitzel, big portion of well flavored kartoffeln and of course, we ended the night with a blast: The apfelstrudel. You know what I am talking about, crispy on the outside heavenly on the inside. This is the kind of food that prepares you for those cold winter city nights. In other words: we were eating superb Austro-German food and drinking Louis Roederer to celebrate what is gone and to what will come. These things can only happen in NYC

So this night was the perfect night to wear a casual outfit with state of the art accessories. Because we were no way near the Times Square ball, I had no other option than to sparkle myself. My oversized 'Material girl Christophe Coppens necklace' made my Miu Miu sparkling tip toes shine even more. Finish it off with glittering glamour gloves and you are ready to conquer the night!  

jacket ~ jeans Louis Vuitton Brussels/ shoes Miu Miu Soho/ gloves ~ scarf ~ necklace Christophe Coppens Brussels/ socks ~ top Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St