Here we go again, an extremely original title. But I have to admit that I am fascinated and a little bit hypnotized by blossoms. And there is an absolutely logical explanation: Mother Nature isn't stupid. She knows that spring is all about natural attraction. If bees cannot resist those voluptuous blossoms, than how can I? 

hat Sonia Rykiel/ sweater Cos/ necklace Les Précieuses

cheap and chic

This is by far the most diverse outfit I have ever worn: old, blue, borrowed, new, cheap, vintage, sale, high end. You name it, I am wearing it. Mixing it all together is THE way to personalize your look. Especially the vintage pieces are priceless. Sometimes a piece of fashion is waiting in your closet for the perfect moment to come out. It can be hiding itself for several seasons and BAM: the time is now, the time is near. So the secret is: don't ever get rid of an interesting piece. Believe me, you will be sorry. 

Apparently this season is all about mint shades and before you know it, you are hooked. The mint trend crawled into my mind and there was nothing I could do about it. Oh well, who I am in how I wear mint ~ green ~ pistachio ~ olive ~ jade ~ honeydew, is the message. In other words, match mint to your own fashion identity. 

jacket and blouse Cos/ pants Dries Van Noten/ shoes Dior Brussels/ bag and beanie Delvaux Leuven/ necklace Christophe Coppens Brussels/ sunnies Theo Occhi

just another happy monday

Just another manic monday, story of my life. At least we have fashion to comfort us. We all know it is all in the details, so don't neglect them. I promise you, there is a correlation between details and happy mondays: the more compliments you receive, the happier you will be. And voila, just another happy monday. 

blouse and jacket Cos/ necklace Christophe Coppens Brussels/ bag Delvaux Leuven 


We girls just need new stuff! It is absolutely obligatoire and it keeps us sane. So you can have as many shopping resolutions as you want, in the end the you will lose (or win depends on how you look at it). But Monty Python taught me 'always to look on the bright side of life': you will save the economy

You do not need to be a big spender to satisfy your urges. Even a small bottle of glit and glam nail polish can make you smile. There are people in this world who understand my addiction. They introduce me to new brands and they make it possible to go all the way. Big thank you to Listen Up for these shopping experiences. It was exactly what I needed

Ps The card had a fabulous attachment from March 23

nail polish Pronails/ jacket and sweater Cos/ foundation polish brush Make-Up Studio 

fuji spring files

In fashion land we all know how important seasons are. And this week we are celebrating the beginning of spring (although I think that NYFW is the official beginning of a new season). Anyway, perfect time to bring out my big boy a.k.a. Fuji Instax 210.

I jubilated the beginning of the blossom season with a whole lot of happy colors, vitamins and some fake flowers. Oh and the traveling gear is a teaser for a big scoop, a scoop full of little diamonds. For another piece of the puzzle take a look at my twitter pictures here!

sundance | polish

The sun has been hiding for too long. So it is time to play with color again. Start with your nails, they will give you an instant spring boost. After all you look at them all day long. And they are the ideal way to pimp your key board, happy colors floating around the keys. Absolutely perfect to make your working area a little bit more pleasant. 

I have no idea why I have chosen yellow but this shade just makes me fuzzy inside. My best friend, the nail art guru, had the most bedazzling yellow acrylic powder in her magic tool box. Of course I had to finish it off with some glitter. Yes, I am officially celebrating a new season. 

Marie and me

River Island and I! I am not sure if that ever will be an everlasting love story. It feels like I am getting too old for ini-mini tiny pieces that are supposed to cover my body. But I am a tremendous fan of their SS12 color scheme. The bright neon pastel pop ups (okay, maybe that is a contradiction) are definitely going to make your summer even more ooh and ah.

All of a sudden crazy little cherries were popping up. My brain immediately made the right connection: Pacha at Ibiza.  Oh my, an instant smile appeared on my face and River Island made me relive my teenage dance years. Where are the days I danced the night away on the most exotic trance tunes on a sultry summer night. Life was easy back then. So I know exactly how this man is feeling, best feeling ever. Summer is still months away, but at least we can start to dream about it thanks to River Island and Oona

Ps My crazy happy face shows I am always happy when I am at Oona
photo's by Nathalie of The Merrymakers and Mrs. K 

big city lights

Oh how I miss my beloved Island Manhattan! It has been two months since I visited NYC and every time I look at the pictures I feel tremendously nostalgic

Once or twice a year I have an appointment with this enchanted place, but recently I realized that New York is covered with spectacular lighting. How could I not have noticed this before? From neon mechanical lights to the glistering sun, all those lights are contributing to a magical surrounding. 

So Big city, this is my love tribute to you. I have a huge crush on you and I will never ever abandon you. 

green tiger

Do blogs change your fashion identity? The reason I started blogging was because I had a distinctive fashion identity and a huge love for everything Marc Jacobs designs. Over the years I visited literally hundreds of blogs (Oh Betty Ford, I am an addict). What I realized was the fact that the most popular blogs have a very peculiar and typical style. They are emphasizing the same trends but all in their own way. You know what I am talking about: Acne Isabel Marant oversized sweater versus skinny jeans. Oh and don't forget those DIY denim shorts in every single form you can imagine. All in all, not my style.

After a few months I noticed that my style was changing. Alexander Wang became my new favorite and I re-discovered Acne after 5 years. oh oh I started to fight the fashion demons inside and I adopted the Kling-style! I could barely restrain myself from buying the Acne pistol boots. Don't get me wrong, I love those boots very much, and on the right feet they look insane, but it is just not me.

Now this is me: I love Acne, Isabel Marant and of course Alexander Wang but I will wear it in my own way. And one thing is for certain, I will never ever disown Marc Jacobs.

dress Marc By Marc Jacobs Francis Ferent/ Mongolia Jacket and belt DvF Brussels/ shoes Miu Miu Soho/ bag Delvaux/ bag Charm Louis Vuitton Brussels 

Mrs. K part deux

Something old, something new! After one year of blogging it is definitely time for something new.  My mind is exploding with new and fresh ideas. And the new blog will be a side effect of this evolution. So I need a fresh start, let's call it Mrs. K part deux. On monday the new blog will be revealed. The new improved Mrs. K is absolutely looking ahead, literally.

To make all these changes come together the blog will be offline for the whole weekend! I will see you on monday March 12th 2012. 

Fuji files

I have the uncontrollable urge to document every single moment of my life! Why? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe there is a little documentary gene planted in my DNA, like my "magpie gene".  

But first let’s go back, back into time ( Oh my I have a Marty McFly moment). I come from an era where virtual existences were impossible (yes in the dinosaur age we only used computers for our shopping lists). In fact we could simply communicate with our friends in real life or by phone (PS those phones were not portable). Life was easy back then because you just had one social life to cope with. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to write a discourse whether our social life was better or not, I am not that philosophical. But one thing I am certain of: because of the "www (r)evolution" we want to share our everyday encounters in a digital way. 

So I created the fuji files to satisfy my uncontrollable urge, just some everyday moments captured for eternity. | guest editor

Remember my post about the divine Tiany Kirilove? Well because of that post Lady Kiriloff and her team gave me the opportunity to be the new guest editor for their website/blog For the past two weeks I could share my inspiration, must-haves and interests on their virtual fashion hot spot.

Here is a little secret about me: I don’t read that much fashion magazines. Let’s say that they are not my daily inspiration. But is! Everyday the webspace is my first contact with the outside world. Half a sleep with a Nespresso in my hands I am diving into their/the world of fafa-fashionland. First fashion, then the news of the world! A girl has got to know her priorities

You can read my encounters here
Big thanks to Tiany, Michaël and Angelique