madame de pompadour

What's up with colors these days? They have got the strangest effect on me lately. Shades that I dislike all of a sudden become my favorites. Or do I only like them in the right setting and combination? Take blue for instance. I have always been a huge fan of Delfts Blauw. The combination of the bright cobalt and the crispy white background has a lethal attraction on me. The miniature drawings almost come to life and you can get lost in the picture scenes. So the "over the top baroque kind of designs" fulfill my eclectic personality in every single way. 

In terms of fashion I associate a blue and white combination with a marine parade and pompous yachts. If you listen carefully you can almost hear the waves crashing against the shore. But little did I know that a certain lady was going to design a cruise collection of my dreams. So this blue DvF volume dress immediately caught my eye. I am completely intrigued by the psychedelic print and the color combination. The asymmetric design is ingenious and it fits my 5ft body perfectly. Don't be surprised if you catch me twirling on the marine parade in this piece of fabric.

dress Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ shoes Miu Miu NYC/ socks F21 Brussels/ Delfts Blauw vintage


Oh those little instant moments, they just scream for instant photos. Nowadays it is all about instant: instant coffee, instant message, instant spa (cf. It- girl), ... . Do we spot a trend ladies and gentlemen, is this the next step in the evolution of mankind? Whatever it is, the instant trend has an effect on me too. It is creeping into my body and taking over my mind like Body Snatchers

Is this wrong? Nope, as long as I don't become a zombie or an alien, everything is fine. And let's face it, those little instant moments are the best in life. The ones we want to treasure and remember. And in 50 years I can say: oh I remember those wrinkle free days!

Cos sweater/ Pantone/Titi+TheGermanKid sweater/birthday cake/ Abercrombie & Fitch rain coat/ Cos Cos Cos/ My interior 

the good, the bad and the weather

My mother always tells me: there is a solution for every problem, a good one or a bad one. Well we have a problem right now and there is nothing we can do about it. As a blogger the rhythm of the seasons is my guide. Every season comes with new trends that we desperately need to follow. Spring is supposed to be about exuberant shades, sheer fabrics and peep toes. But the weather has been a party pooper so far. 

So no running around in the woods in my most colorful happy spring outfit. Instead I go for casual! My flower shirt is screaming for sunshine, but for now it still needs a smoking jacket with no sleeves. We just need to adapt and be creative. Go deep into your closet (yes I know you already put those winter fabrics far far away) and start to mix and match. See, there is a solution for every problem

jeans Prada Soho/ shirt Paul Smith/ jacket Rachel Zoe Kirna ZabĂȘte/ bag Marc Jacobs Soho/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti 

10 tips how to not look like a tourist in NYC

...And these words come from a tourist, moi. But when I set foot on Manhattan, I desperately want to blend in. This is a complete contradiction to my personality. For god's sake, I am a blogger and I want to stand out. Let's say that the exception proves the rule. I am always so proud when people ask me directions or tips: I did it, they think I live on the island. Proud as a peacock I start walking with my black liquid gold Starbucks in my hand.

Over the years I became a good observer. I studied the people of Manhattan versus tourists like a true Margaret Mead. Conclusion: their daily habits are completely different. If you want to feel or act a little bit more like a New Yorker? Follow these 10 tips. Please note, they do not apply for any other metropolis.

➀ Don't walk around with a map in your hands. God gave us Iphones, use them.

➁ Don't look up. I get it that you are completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the skyscrapers, but don't make it that obvious.

➂ Walk fast. Period!

➃ Respect the natural food order. Don't drink your coffee at breakfast, instead get your Starbucks when you step outside. Time is money people and New Yorkers simply don't have the time to drink their coffee sitting down. Smart invention to the rescue: portable caffeine.

➄ Don't go bananas when you see a celeb! Like I did the day I saw Marc Jacobs. From the moment I put my eyes on him, I almost started screaming like a wanderlust groupie. I could barely speak but some words came out of my mouth (over and over again): "Everything I am wearing is designed by you"! The expression on his face spoke volumes and he looked at me like I was the most awkward little lady in NYC. 

➅ Be fashionably late. Real New Yorkers don't come out before noon. This means no shopping before the clock strikes 12. If you are wandering through the deserted cobbled streets in the morning, don't be surprised that stores are shut. But don't worry, the city has come up with another clever invention: Brunch. 

➆ Always make a compliment. And the bigger the better. Those spontaneous reactions when you enter a room are the best and they make you smile. A resident of the Island isn't afraid to tell you how gorgeous your shoes are.  

➇ Don't rely on Lonely Planet. Dig deeper and get some inside information. My Louis Vuitton City Guide is my backup. 

➈ Dress to impress. You are allowed to wear three kinds of outfits. A track suit for your run in the park. Working gear, don't forget to look both professional and stylish (and take into account that you have to use public transportation). And be yourself, be fashionable and don't restrict yourself in any kind of way. Express yourself, in the city there are no restrictions.

➉ Tips and tricks. Learn the universal language of the city. There are two major important habits you should be aware of: cabs and tips. It is pretty ridiculous if you are hailing a cab when it is off duty. You don't make a fashion statement by doing that. And don't forget to tip properly. Following gratuity rules is an essential part of your trip.  


I am one of those girls who think they know everything about fashion. Clearly I don't! Because once in a while you discover new uber talented designers like Titi + the German Kid. I first saw something about them on The Merrymakers. Intrigued and triggered but not completely into it yet. Then came up with an article about them. I was even more intrigued and ready to check out their website. 

Best fashion decision ever! An instant overwhelming moment of joy was creeping into my body. The label is all about: Be who you want to be and dare to be yourself. Titi + The German Kid challenges you to be bold and to be brave. It is pure rock and rolla with a twist. Above all TTGK knows how to create the ultimate fashion paradox by incorporating hand made lace into the collection. Lace making is one of the most underestimated and undervalued craftsmanships in fashion world. So a lady who knows how to handle lace in her own way? That is definitely my cup of tea

sweater TITI + THE GERMAN KID/ skirt Marccain Bess/ tights Wolford/ boots Alexander Wang Antonioli/ bag Chanel Brussels/ 

weekend blog awards

Once upon a time... Nope I am way too excited to write an elaborate text about what just happened to me: Absolutely Mrs. K is nominated in the category best fashion blog for the weekend blog awards Knack Weekend, one of the best life style magazines in the country, was bold enough to take the initiative and to make the selection. And let me tell you, I am in good company, Belgium's finest are standing right next to me. 

Now, my Absolutely fabulous readers, click here and take a dive into the best blogs of the country. Check them out and vote for your favorite blog (Yes, the third one is just perfect). If you would excuse me, I cannot control myself any longer.  These happy feet are made for a small happy dance.

you can click on the badge to vote

popping popsicles

The fabulous interesting life of the internet: one click and my text was gone. Thank you blogspot for not being able to handle the Ipad. Instead of cracking my head I give you a summary of what is lost in cyberspace. It had something to do with flowers and exuberant fashion colors. 

I am absolutely convinced that there is a causal relationship between flora and fashion. There is not one fashion god who could resist the power of Mother Nature. The incredible shades of flowers are popping up everywhere and they have an influence on my shopping behavior. In other words: nature is responsible for my aching bank account. But my choice of shoes is a little bit more latent. They have to create the perfect equilibrium: overwhelming colors versus natural fabrics. All in all, I am completely ready for those hot sultry city days. 

shoes Miu Miu New Versailles/ tees River Island Antwerp/ shorts Cos/ pants Essentiel Leuven 

what about the perfect jeans | boyfriend

What about the perfect jeans? A true fashion quest if you ask me. If you have a pair of denim trousers that fit you like a glove: don't you ever ever throw them away. It would be a crime against all fashion odds. For me it is hard to find a decently fitting pair of jeans. I am very petite, so most of them are too long. But what I really hate is the fact that most denim trousers are stretch. Perfect fit when you buy them, loose fit after a few hours.

But once every now and then the fashion gods come up with a solution: the boyfriend jeans (apparently I am not the only one who is crazy about them). Those loose fitted pieces of denim are here to the rescue. They will never lose their shape and you feel so tough when you are wearing them. But what I love the most is to style them with uber sophisticated accessories and that is what I call a fashion paradox.: absolute femininity versus no shape at all. I think we have a winner.

Jeans River Island Antwerp/ blouse Iceberg/ boa and shoes Dior Brussels/ bag Brillant Chaperon Rouge Delvaux/ necklace  Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St


There is a song out there Under the Mango tree! A song like that is the reason why we want to move to a deserted island! Can you imagine those perfect sultry exotic summer nights? Oh but wait, rewind and stop dreaming. I live in Belgium, the country with the most rain besides the UK. 

But there is nothing you can do about the weather (imagine how powerful the person would be that could control the weather). So I just start looking for my own exotic little location. And what do you find: a voluptuous Magnolia tree. Nature just gives you the most ideal decors and it is absolutely free. 

bag Delvaux Brillant Chaperon Rouge/shoes Dior Brussels/necklace Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St  

DIY | plastic fantastic flowers

It's the time of the year where interior DIY's are popping up like daisies. Spring is in the air and it has a certain effect on our mood. Time for a change. This little DIY is the ideal way to make small changes that will give your house an instant mood switch. I have a huge collection of plastic fantastic colorful flowers. Fake flowers match my eclectic lazy personality perfectly. Oh they can look so tacky and that is why I love them. 

All you need are pots and pans (DIY here), floral foam, newspapers, plastic fantastic flowers and a little bit of imagination. PS your local garden centre has everything you need, believe me. And voila, your interior is ready for spring! 

feature | dogs & dresses

It is always so fabulous when a person completely understands your fashion identity. Elien of Dogs & Dresses, a fellow belgian blogger and top lady, described my style perfectly. This is how I am, this I how I dress. Thank you so much for featuring me exactly how I am! 

Check out this post and her insanely gorgeous blog here

we have something to celebrate

07.04.2007 the day of our wedding. Time flies by and today we are jubilating our wooden anniversary. From here on we will go straight to diamond in 55 years. Oh my beau, how I have met my soulmate, my partner in life. 

I was not dressed like a typical bride. A wide white dress would completely consume me and it would not fit my fashion identity. But this Dior dress caught my eye right away, love at first sight. The golden flowers were glistering and evoking the magpie in me. Besides that, the cut was absolutely right for my petite body. And how about some fake flower bracelets? See, completely in sync with plastic fantastic. A plastic wedding bouquet versus a Dior dress, I think this is how John Galliano pictured it!  PS those flowers were the only fake elements that day. 

March 23 | secret heels

The invention of the decade: secret heels. Who ever came up with this idea, is a genius and he or she knows women pretty well. I am talking about the wedge sneakers aka the best of both worlds. Come on ladies, you know what I mean: the excruciating choices of everyday life (yes I love to exaggerate).  Choosing between feeling and looking stylish versus comfort. On high heels we just feel more confident. So naturally you will look more confident too, it is like a radiant effect. 

But high heels can just kill you. Slowly you can feel the pain drifting from your feet into your calfs and knees. Proud and strong as we are, we will keep on standing (literally). From now on my worries are over thanks to March 23, a brand new belgian shoe brand. From the moment I started walking on these babies, I was hooked. Do you want to know how walking on clouds feels? Try them and you will get my point.

Thank you March 23 and Listenup for this experience. And welcome to the world of fashion.