when was the last time you did something for the first time

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Eat that on a thursday morning. This quote has taken over my brain for the last couple of weeks. It is haunting me and it's keeping me awake at night (read: little exaggeration). All I know is that it has something to do with Eastpak. Triggered yet? I definitely am!

I don't remember the last time I did something for the first time, which is probably not a good sign. But I have always wanted to wear a long white pastel puffy Marie Antoinette bombastic gown... . I'll keep you posted if it will ever happen. Only one thing left for me to say: I am leaving on a jet plane (I wish) to attend the Eastpak event

think pink

"Think pink", did those words just come out of my mouth? I am everything but a pink girl. Pink is too sweet, too girly, too soft, too candy, too oohh and aahh, ... . Just not me. But here we go again, never say never. When I looked at my closet from a distance (aka need an overview) I realized that pink is dominating my summer wardrobe.

So let's change the obvious perception of this shade. How? Easy, wear the color in your own way and match it with your fashion personality. Have fun, think outside the box and own that color. Or listen to Nick Cave and set the bad girl inside you free.  
Take the "Highway to hell" dresses by "Piece of Chic" (aka Madonne with the sunnies) for example. I will just give you a sneak peek of this insane collection. Let's say that the dark side of fashion has taken over and the dress emphasizes my "Tim Burton" fashion personality. 

dress highway to hell by piece of chic Icon/ shoes Sergio Rossi Brussels/ bag Delvaux Leuven/ necklaces Forever 21 Brussels/ Oona press days 

what's in a name

Deep inside I am a comfy girl. Especially when Mother Nature turns up the heat! Easy breezy (yes I stole that quote) pieces are the best way to protect your body against the blistering heat. and creating a ventilation system is even a better way to cool down. 

There are a few designers in this world who get this. Alexander Wang came up with the most stylish sweatpants ever. Oh wait a minute? I can wear sweatpants and look stylish? Well, I must admit that the name tack inside the pants are responsible for that. Okay I am that shallow, big names have a strange effect on me. They have the ability to wow me over. 

But let's take a closer look. Combine the sweatpants with a feminine sheer blouse, a cute little pop-up bag, high heels (they are obligatory) and a head band. I assure you that you will look like a sophisticated modern hippie. Oh and don't forget the right jewelry, they are primordial. Small perfect rocks attached on a fun colorful string, that is THE way to boost your look. 

sweatpants T by Alexander Wang NYC/ blouse Versace/ bag Dior Brussels/ shoes Sergio Rossi Brussels/ scarf gifted River Island

with a little help from my friend

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fashion crisis. Every person who wears clothes has to deal with it! Well, I have a problem with my Louis Vuitton pink colored tunic. I absolutely adore this gorgeous vivid piece of fabric. But honestly, I don't have a single clue how to style it. As a result: it is hanging in my closet since the summer of 2010. This is by far the most superficial, shallow, pompous, unbelievable and idiotic thing I have ever written. But it is the truth and it hurts! 

Thank god for style gurus like my eclectic vibrant Nathalie from The Merrymakers. "Combine it with mint trousers", she said. Could it be as simple as that? Could the right colored trousers turn my tunic into something phenomenal? And above all, wouldn't I look like a WAG with wrong eye brows and too much hair? Nope, she was absolutely right. 

So what have we learned today: big names don't make you stylish (they just make your body go bananas) and always use your brains when you buy a piece of art. Somebody once said "you own the night"! Well you can only do that if you own your look

Ps. this combination will make me look like pastel cotton candy. So I assumed that these meteorites Guerlain balls would enhance the effect!

tunic Louis Vuitton Brussels/ pants Acne Icon/ meteorites perles Guerlain 

white collar

Before any of you are getting some crazy ideas, I did not turn into a white collar criminal! No this is actually a very literal title: I am wearing an oversized white collar. To be more specific, I am wearing Cos Shirt No. 3. Ideal if you want to go out for dinner to have some lobster (now you do not need those ugly bibs). But let's talk business (read: trying to sound like a white collar criminal). This genius classic sophisticated masculine shirt reminds me of my all time favorite movie "Once Upon a Time in America". We are talking about prohibition, gangster's paradise, establishments filled with liquor & women and a whole bunch of white collars. 

I am sure that during the prohibition nobody would even think of wearing a pair of trousers like these. But they are my ever lasting Marc By Marc Jacobs jeans. Completely in love with the graphics and the cut. the high waist elongates your legs and you can emphasize the effect by wearing uber high heels (read: match the color of the soles with the color of your pants). In a way they transport me right back into the 80's. I am absolutely sure that MC Hammer would get my point. So I am screaming: Mrs. K time! 

shirt gifted Cos/ pants and socks Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ bag Sonia Rykiel Brussels/ shoes Versace Brussels/ earrings Mawi Sugar For Your Closet/ sunnies Tim van Steenbergen 

pure essentiels

Inspiration is key when it comes to generating an outfit. We all suffer from lack of inspiration now and then. No inspiration leads to the most feared sentence ever (read: I am completely freaking out right now): "I have nothing to wear!".  

Now here comes the solution. Again, no rocket science, just some basic rules. Always make sure that a few bare essentials are part of your closet. Like a crispy white masculine tuxedo shirt. I do not have to explain you that white looks good with everything. Mix it up with your all time favorite pair of trousers. And don't forget the icing on the cake: oversized jewelry and a state of the art bag. Et voila, you look like a million dollar fashionista. 

PS Oh and nature always comes up with a resemblance of your look (or is it the other way around). No I am not talking about the fly, but he/she just wanted to pose in front of the camera. 

shirt gifted Cos/ pants and socks Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ bag Sonia Rykiel Brussels/ shoes Versace Brussels 

Diamanti Per Tutti


Let me introduce you to diamonds, no they do not need an introduction. But a brand that knows how to handle the shimmering rocks does: Diamanti Per Tutti. DPT is able to make a lady smile by creating intriguing jewelry made of diamonds. These precious jewels conquered my heart from the moment I first saw and touched them. Instant love and happiness. 

The power of Diamanti per Tutti is its versatility and its endless possibilities. You can adapt your choice of jewelry to your mood and even more importantly to your outfit. If you wear them all together, you make a bold statement. But on their own they have the ability to shine in a latent, yet sophisticated way. Perfect to satisfy my eclectic fashion identity
The cliche is proven once again, Diamonds are a girl's best friend. Oh and in case you aren't convinced yet, think about this boutade: Only diamonds are forever. Thank you Diamanti Per Tutti for choosing me as your online ambassador. 

check out Diamanti Per Tutti here
I am not the only one who loves them, take a look at fashionata

yellow bird alert

Bloggers and the weather: there is a causal relationship between the two variables. Nobody can deny the fact that the sun is the most independent variable ever when it comes to fashion. Everyday 'Her Shimmering Highness' is responsable for my look du jour (told you that the life of a blogger is harsh, decisions decisions decisions). And above all that, our little star messes up my fashion principles: no tights after May 1 and only peep toes after May 1!

Oh well, I declare to know something about fashion, so let's be creative. Not wearing tights when it is about 10°C outside is like fashion suicide. I mean, nobody would benefit of seeing a girl walking around with bare legs that have turned blue because of the freezing temperatures. But black tights are not an option either. And here comes the creative part: bright colors. Shocking, isn't it? But you have to admit that they are the only way to stay optimistic when the world out there is looking grey and dark. Oh and I wear two pairs of tights to enhance the vivid and brilliant effect. As a result you may look like a "yellow bird alert", but hey, there are worse things in life.

tee Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ jacket Paule Ka Brussels/ skirt Ungaro Isabelle Bajart/ tights Falke/ shoes Chrsitian Louboutin The Outnet/ bag Delvaux Leuven 

mysterious monday

There is actually nothing mysterious about it, but lately I'm completely into comic book trends: trying to find an alliteration. Anyway, let's stay mysterious about this outfit, so here is a small preview. It has everything to do with different textures and monochrome shades. Combine them all together and they will make you look like a "yellow bird alert". Can it be too much? I don't think so. If you want to stand out like an exotic bird, you have every right to do so. It is in our constitution: the freedom to express yourself. 

tights Falke/ shoes Christian Louboutin The Outnet/ jacket Paule Ka Brussels/ skirt Ungaro Isabelle Bajart

feature friday

Check out the rest of my outfit here: Ghent Street Style 

Kim, Mrs. K & Tiany Kiriloff/ photo by Aline for Belmodo.tv

Now doesn't that sound pompous. Sigmund Freud would probably categorize this as narcissism. But as a fashion blogger you have certain goals in life. For instance, you always fantasize about the day a street style blogger approaches you and utters: I love the way you look, can I take your picture? That is the exact reason why I put on clothes in the morning. And why I am spending hours in my closet to come up with the most perfect combination ever. Oh the hard knock life of a fashion blogger. 

So far for the ironic part, now let's get serious. There is something else going on with these features. Those little photos also tell a story, a story of belgian bloggers who get along really well. We love to dress and we love to talk about fashion. In other words, we have so much in common. You can compare us with folks who spend all their free time at science fiction conventions. But instead of looking like superheroes, we look like exotic birds and peacocks. So the photos will tell you a story of how we perceive the world of fashion.

Enjoy these little features and check out the people behind the cameras right now! 

Dress Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ shoes Miu Miu Soho/ bag Delvaux Leuven/ hat Christophe Coppens Brussels 

I am number 4

Check out the finest belgian blogs

I am number 4 and I am damn proud of it! No I don't have super powers and I do not live under a constant threat of aliens. Number 4 refers to something completely different: my ranking in the league table of best belgian fashion blogs. 

So peace to the world and keep on spreading the fashion love (that would have been my victory speech)! Oh well, no victory speech for me, but nevertheless I want to thank a few people. My beau who is my (happy) photographer, my fellow belgian bloggers who I truly adore (yes love you all) and of course you guys, my readers!! Thank you for reading. Are you counting the "thank you's" because here is one more. Thank you Knack Weekend for giving me one hell of a night. 

Okay, so this would be the most uninspiring and boring victory speech ever. But there is always next year and I have one whole year of practice. Oh and for now we started a new bloggers club: the losers bunch thanks to Ouni.

belgian idiots savants | art

Let's talk about contemporary art! For the simple reason that I do not know anything about contemporary art ( I use that sentence a lot lately). Do you have any idea how hard it is to understand contemporary art? It always has to mean something and every art work must be blessed with a deep dark unraveling message. Most of the time I really don't get them/it. 

Maybe you can call those artists "idiots savants", they are exploring a complete unique universe that we don't even see. Like Plato's cave, they are revealing the true form of things! Or maybe they just want to show us something beautiful (yes it can be that simple).  

Whatever it is, if you have the chance to see the crème de la crème of the belgian art scene you do not hesitate. And that is exactly what "the new golden age" exposition is all about: a perfect overview of Belgium's finest. Oh there is always something very erudite about upper class expositions: you walk with your nose up in the air, you lower your voice and you pretend that you know everything about art. You even stop at every art piece to crack your brain and to be lost in thoughts (aka what the hell is this). But don't forget to give the impression to the outside world that you absolutely know what you are glancing at! 

One work of art in particular grabbed my attention! A peaceful scenic picture by Luc Tuymans. There is something not right about the painting. At first sight, it looks like an ordinary flemish village. But it is too clean, with too little details. The ordinary impression gives you a feeling of discomfort. It makes you crack your brain because you know that the scenery does not tell you the truth. So I love the contradiction: the fact that it looks uber simple, but you just know that it is so much more complicated. Mr. Tuymans, you can always donate this painting to Mrs. K. 

Enjoy the masters of the class. And let me know what you think, so we can have an eloquent discussion about it.