diy | flora crown

You see them everywhere and thank god for that: flora crowns. They have the magical ability to brighten your day, your outfit and your mood. Instant happy face and happy thoughts. Now I am a hat person, so no way I was going to let this trend pass me by. And I wonder: why didn't somebody think of this before?

Before you start making your own, do some research. Find out what kind of flowers you want to put in your hair. Choose your color palette and choose wisely (read: yes a flora crown is a big eye catcher). You don't need much, you don't need to be a handyman. All you need is a little bit of imagination. Or some smashing inspiration, like Lady T Kirilove

tools: fake flowers, diadem, copper wire. 
cost-price €30-50

easy inspiration

source Elle

How easy can a look be? Well ladies and gentleman, this lady proves that a simple look can bring you in some kind of ecstasy. Who would think that a white tee and mint skirt could create such an awesome effect. But don't be fooled, "less is more" is one of the hardest rules to live by in fashion. As I said before, not blending in is like the holy grail to me. So not blending in by just wearing a simple tee and a simple skirt is like perfect mathematics: 1+1=3.

Oh and did you notice the mint socks, they are definitely the cherry on the cake. If you would excuse me, I am on a quest to find the most exuberating white tee. So far I have come up with the semi-part of my outfit: the bottoms!

shoes Miu Miu New Versailles/ bottoms Acne Icon 

Mrs. K and the weather

Let's talk about the weather. For some people weather conversations can be the most banal chit chat ever. But a blogger lives and breathes by the weather. I am not only talking about our everyday dilemma's: to wear or not to wear those gorgeous new open peep toes. No no I am also talking about our shopping behavior. New collections come and go, a rigid schedule has got to be maintained. We know what to expect when and how. So we have to keep up with it. For instance, I always buy my uber peep toes in the beginning of May. Patient as I am, I'm prepared to not wear them until June. But after June 1, they have to come out of the closet. Unfortunately June 2012 is like the most wet month I have ever witnessed. No peep toes, sheer fabric and ini-mini tiny pieces of fabric so far. 

But I am convinced of the fact that Mother Nature has a plan, She will never ever abandon us fashionistas! One day I will put on those summer clothes and I will let them shine in all their glory. So stay tuned and when the sun finally comes out, you will see a very very happy summery Mrs. K

NYC | here we come (again)

A girl can break a promise! I promised myself (and my beau) that we would not cross the pond to NYC in 2012. I was convinced that I was going to visit the most magical island in the world in the summer of 2013. So I was prepared to not visit the city for one whole year. But then something strange happened. The call of the concrete jungle became too overwhelming and I could not restrain myself any longer. Before I knew it, we booked a very short break to my beloved Manhattan. 

Don't blame it on me, blame it on Brussels Airlines, our climate and the world economy. Let me explain myself. SN is offering non stop flights to JFK from Juny 1 (check it out here). Of course I have to try their brand new cabin. And they made us an offer we could not refuse (read: best ticket prices I have ever seen). Above all that, I am addicted to the blistering heat of NYC. It will be hot and sultry, but oh so fulfilling. So this time my fur lady will not accompany me! And last but not least, I am saving the world economy. My mother always told me: money makes the world go round

Stay tuned for more NYC news and check out the eclectic NoMad hotel

camouflage dancing queen

This is how a happy Mrs. K looks like. Those denim Urbanears make my life complete (well actually my beau does, but a girl is allowed to exaggerate). Not only because they make you uber stylish, but they have the power to lock you out of the outside world. Whether you are making a phone call or whether you are listening to heavenly singing, those leather cushions are indulging your ears with pure pleasure. 

Now here comes the funny part: when you put your urbanears on your head and you press play, something magical will happen. You will start dancing immediately. No need to go to exhausting workouts or painful diets. Just put your headphone on and voila, swing the night away. Wear a summer  pastel colored pair of pants (don't ever forget the trend of the moment) and match the rest of your outfit with your Urbanears. A camouflage dancing queen is conquering the dance floor.

bag Miu Miu NYC/ gifted Urbanears/ pants Acne Icon/ gifted sneakers March23/ top Stella McCartney Kirna Zabête/ necklace Christophe Coppens/ sunnies Tim Van Steenbergen 


If there would be one fashion statement I solemnly swear to, it would be: express yourself. Or in other words, don't blend in. But for my Denim Urbanears I make an exception. I am sure that Darwin would understand what I am talking about: My Urbanears have the ability to adapt to my Miu Miu denim bag. Two become one! Can you spot them? 

Oh and let me tell you something about my March23 sneakers. They are made by god, I am sure of that. I wear them all the time and apparently they keep looking as new. Above all that they even survived a flood. I was wearing them when the pouring rain wasn't having any mercy. But my March23's were strong and they kept on shining. Not very often does the most perfect pair of shoes  cross my path. But once in a while shoes take you by surprise. 

bag Miu Miu NYC/ gifted Urbanears/ pants Acne Icon/ gifted sneakers March23

titi and the german kid | wedding skirt

Let's talk about a reverse situation. Remember when I showed you my wedding outfit? No? Don't worry, I'll give you the link here. The moral of the story was quite simple: I wasn't a glooming white bride. Glooming yes, white no! In my state of mind, no way that I ever was going to wear an oversized pompous tulle long long long white skirt/dress.

Until I saw the Titi + The German Kid version. I was in awe from the moment my eyes met this cloudy banana smoothie piece of incredibleness. After a wise deliberation it had to be mine. The skirt is still hanging in the TTGK atelier for a few alterations, but soon we will become one. TTGK you definitely know what a tulle skirt should look like!  

PS Oh and if you are wondering if I will renew my vows, wait and see. A trip to NYC is coming up and who knows what will happen on the island. For now, check out TTGK site & her pop up store asap here!  

glamour toujours | nail art

Here we are in the middle of the week in the middle of June. So it is the ideal moment to get yourself some glamour toujours make-over (read: nail art). Just two weeks away from a well deserved holiday. And the best part: my holiday-celebration moment will last for two whole months. Don't I have the best employer in the world?  

Now before I get too excited: let's stick to some nail art. My best friend aka the nail art guru went completely overboard with some gorgeous cute little fresh summer flora. Every single detail of those flowers is handmade (told you she was a genius). If I will ever go to San Fransico I won't be putting flowers in my hair, instead I would walk around with my hands in the air. 

nail polish ProNails/ jacket Cos/ gifted Urbanears 

tutu lace

"Girly girl", another description that is completely not me. But then again, your wardrobe may surprise you from time to time. How to wear an 'uptown stylish girly fringy' dress in a casual way? That is the challenge. And the answer to this fashion crisis is: an oversized sweater (read: an oversized sweater is the answer to every fashion crisis).  Beside the fact that it looks extremely stylish, it will keep you warm on those cool summer days. 

My mother always taught me to match. So I could not resist those wool winter socks. Let's call it crème de la crème aka ton sur ton aka cream on cream. And I have a little confession to make. My tip toes weren't exactly summer proof. But I absolutely wanted to wear my summer heels (read: so perfect with this outfit). Et voila, socks bailed me out. 

sweater Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ shoes Miu Miu New Versailles/ socks Hema/ bag Delvaux Leuven/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti/ rings Wouters & Hendrix and Swarovski/ Dress Diane von Furstenberg Brussels 

vanilla socks

Why do I have an uncontrollable urge to wear peep toes and socks? This enigma is messing with my mind for quite some time now. I have no idea why I am so attracted to this trend. Maybe it reminds me of my precious childhood years. 25 years ago we were forced to wear this strange combination because it would prevent us from getting blisters and other feet issues. And in some way I associate the combination with sweet and innocent boarding school girls. "The good old girl is wearing good old socks", or something like that. Anyway, more to come after the break... 

shoes Miu Miu New Versailles/ socks Hema/ bag Delvaux Leuven/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti/ rings Wouters & Hendrix and Swarovski 

the DIY lace project | hybrid hat

Once upon a time I wrote a post about a very ambitious project: The DIY Lace-project (don't remember? Read all about it here). After massive labour, my project is finally finished. And the best part, it was a collaboration between my mom and I. I did the design (wow big word), she did all the hard work. It took her about 4 weeks to complete the project. PS If you wonder why lace is so expensive, this is the answer. 

Now I can see you thinking: where in the world can you learn lace making. Fortunately we teach lace making in our academy of art. And we are even more fortunate that our teacher is uber talented, but she is a rare breed threatened by extinction. In other words, not so many people understand the art of lace making. So enjoy the sneak peek of my hybrid lace creation: The hat is designed by Christophe Coppens and the rest by Mrs. K. 

top Louis Vuitton Brussels/ earrings Diamanti Per Tutti 

Virgin Mary shoes

How would you feel if your feet would look like little vanilla clouds? It is possible because of the "whiter than white from head to toe" shoes. Every single detail is made out of white. I Call them Virgin Mary shoes because they are as immaculate as a little angel. I must admit that I am not as white as an angel, but the shoes have a strange effect on me. They give you an instant fresh effect and I just want to bite them (read: I associate them way too much with vanilla). 

For every single occasion a virgin Mary shoe has been created. Wether you are going to the beach, a hot summer party or a stroll in the city: the white options are endless. Oh and finally we don't have to wear those classic pointy toe cream colored wedding shoes. The fashion gods gave us alternatives. Take a look at these 7 beauties and pick your favorite. And yes Marc you are my number one, I would not say no to those sporty virgin Mary's

tropicana | kirilove

Oh right, it is the beginning of summer. We all have our definition of the hottest season of the year. But one thing we have in common: we all crave sultry sunny lazy days. That is just the universal description of summer. 

With my Kirilove dress I am perfectly ready for those days. And when it gets too hot, I can hide in the woods. Catch me if you can, because the print is like the best camouflage ever (read: army ladies would look so much more fancy wearing a kirilove print). Unfortunately us Belgians dress in layers: unpredictable is the core business of our climate, so we have to be prepared. 

But let's stick to the focus of this post: The Kirilove dress. This dress screams tropicana. So you have to style it with as many "tropicana fruit of the loom flower power" accessories as you can. Et voila, you are ready for a hot sultry lazy day in the city. 

dress Kirilove Vero Moda/ jacket Acne Icon/ shoes Sergio Rossi Brussels/ bag Delvaux/ necklaces Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St & Forever21/ scarf gifted River Island

colorful weekend

How many colors can you wear in one outfit? More importantly: how will it look? And what about combining different trends all at once? My answer: there are no restrictions. It may look like a strange synergy that only makes sense in your head. But at least you stay true to your fashion identity. Candy colors, bright leafs, red & blue, plastic fantastic and a touch of scandinavian fashion art! All together, all in one. 

Ps. Try to picture these photos all together, yes this is a preview of one single outfit

dress Kirilove Vero Moda/ necklaces Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St & F21/ bag gifted Delvaux/ shoes Sergio Rossi Brussels