The Fat Radish | NYC

In the centre of "Chinatown meets LES" there is a restaurant called The Fat Radish! The Lower East Side (LES) is a little bit of a mystery to me and it feels like a rough diamond yet to be fully discovered! So did I really want to go there? But in one of my nyc guides I trust, Petite Passport.

So this is what happened. On our first night of our trip we took a dive into the unknown and we discovered this hidden gem. The Fat Radish has a bright clean glass facade that stands out in the slightly deserted neighborhood. First impression: hip, trendy, cool, white, wood, cozy, ideal. And my beaus's first impression: thank god the chairs have a back! After a few moments I could even hear hallelujah bells! If the food was as good as the decor than this was a match made in heaven. What makes The Fat Radish so interesting is the fact that they are not trying to be too hip or too trendy. You know the places I am talking about: you walk inside and all the hipsters and models are screening you: do you have the right cheek bones, are you wearing the right bag, is she from the Upper East Side? Nope even the Opening Ceremony kind of staff of the Fat Radish is uber perfect. 

And then I realized I was in bloggers heaven. Taking photos amongst the hip and trendy has become fairly forbidden in nyc. But at this place I killed 2 birds with 1 stone: I was permitted to take pictures and the light came straight down from bloggers heaven. Oh and what about THE FOOD. One problem: I am a food novice. My english is pretty good but most of the time I am clueless about the menus. Besides that I have no idea what is going on in the magnificent world of foodies. So what does a novice order: chicken (no idea how to say it with fancy food words)? play it safe mama. The food and the drinks were pure perfection. Never did I have a better chicken in my life: sweet, soft and ultra flavored with the best aromas in the world. Let me critique the food with a famous belgian expression: the food is like an angel that is peeing on your tongue. Yes it was that damn good. 

PS please do not judge our nation by this expression. 

china town nyc x magik fritkot

What do you wear when you go to China Town NYC? French fries of course, our belgian pride (oh dear, did I just say that we are proud of our greasy take away?). I am a girl of habits so every friday aka greasy friday I have a supersized dosis of french fries. And the best part, I don't make them myself, I get them from a "fritkot". Now it is very hard to translate the word fritkot, so let me discribe what happens there. Most of the time "fritkoten" are sheds on the side the road. They are pretty small and designed for take away. You have a transparent fridge counter with all kinds of frozen goodies you can choose from. We are talking about fast food so your menu will be fried in about 15 minutes. Sounds very fancy, doesn't it? I am not sure if any doctor would approve my praise for fritkoten, but I don't care. Besides fashion a girl needs grease too

Fries are a belgian pride but so is the dress I am wearing. It is designed by uber talented graphic designers PIECE OF CHIC who know how to handle magical prints. Put an exuberant whimsical design on a very simple but exquisitely shaped dress and 1+1 becomes 3! I am crazy in love, in awe and over the moon by their limited edition dresses. So if you can get your hands on one of them, consider yourself very fortunate. I am the lucky owner of a MAGIK FRITKOT and a HIGHWAY TO HELL. Check them out here

PS oh and one question, what do you think about my new earrings (via Diamanti Per Tutti)? Crazy about the bohemian vibe.

dress Piece of Chic Icon Brussels/ bag Louis Vuitton Brussels/ shoes Miu Miu New Versailles/ jewelry Diamanti Per Tutti 

The NoMad hotel nyc

What about The NoMad, a brand new hotel North of Madison Square Park? Well, let me tell you, there is a lot to tell about The NoMad. The options to put your head to rest in the city are endless, but I am very picky. I am looking for a hotel that is an elongation of my eclectic fashion identity, the service has to be top notch and my heart has to go bananas when I take my first steps into the hotel. 

And this is exactly what happened when I entered The NoMad hotel. The dark mood overloaded me with a feeling of peace and tranquility. It is such a contradiction to the crazy multi-cultural setting outside. And that is making it even more interesting. In other words, the hotel is located at the most perfect eclectic corner in NYC

My first impression took my breath away. Heavy materials, fabrics and colors are combined to transfer you to another universe or even to another era. An era that was driven by elegance and mystery. You want to look left and right to take a glance at the other guests. But the setting makes that quite impossible. After taking a ride with a vintage elevator, an interesting corridor takes you to your room. And you slightly wonder: am I at the Orient Express

We preferred a Salon corner room on a high floor and they granted our request. When I entered the room both my bag and my jaw fell right on the hardwood floorYou walk in the room by a small hallway which is a forerunner of something magnificentTalking about being in awe. How can you combine deep and rich fabrics with such brightness? It is a design mystery to me. They created a sophisticated pied-à-terre that feels like a true haven. I did not know where to look, literally, because the views come in plural. Being in a corner room we could take advantage of three spectacular views of the north of Madison Square Park area. I could almost spot the hip and trendy Ace hotel.

And now some special words about the bed. All luxury nyc hotels talk about Egyptian cotton (read: the beds cost millions). But in this large marshmallow you close your eyes with a smile on your face. One minor setback: we are dealing with the tinniest bathroom alive. Perfectly designed but oh so small. So small that I never closed the door while using it.

The vibe and the overall atmosphere are magnificent and extraordinary. Everywhere I looked my eyes started to sparkle even a little bit more. But there is room for improvement. The amenity kit in the bathroom is limited and complementary water would have been a fabulous treat during the heat wave. Oh and the newspapers are complimentary too, but you have to ask for them yourself. Will I go back to the NoMad hotel? DEFINITELY. Let's say that the NoMad hotel is a less well-oiled machine than the Greenwich hotel, but the potential and the possibilities of the hotel are endless.

note: unfortunately I was not permitted to take photos of the public areas. 

hello from NYC

Quick update from my trip across the pond. The past 4 days I have been living, eating, sleeping, drinking and shopping in a hot air balloon aka NYC. I am talking about 100°F (cf. 40°C but 100 sounds way more dramatic). And this is how I have coped with the heat on Times Square. Just put on a light dress, fabulous sandals and a wicked hat (read: always be protected). Strike a pose, smile and embrace the blistering heat of the city. 

As we speak I am back in our cold, wet and sombre little country Belgium. Home sweet home but stay tuned for more bloody hot NYC encounters. Oh and one more thing, special thanks to my personal  NYC guides 70% pure and Petite Passport. Make sure to check them out. 

dress Piece of Chic Icon/ sandals Balenciaga Saks/ bag Louis Vuitton Brussels/ cap Marc Jacobs Bleecker St

Paris | retro spect

Once in a while life hits you by surprise. Out of the blue you discover strange youth photos that make you wonder: did I look like that 25 years ago? And then another unexpected adventure comes your way. You have the opportunity to discover Paris in one day

You can ask yourself if there is a causal relationship between finding the photo and going to Paris or not? In other words, you can crack your brain and wonder if this means anything? Oh the mysteries of the universe. Whatever it is, I captured the moment and I present you another Mrs. K in retro spect. See you on the other side of the pond, on my way to NYC as we speak! 

PS I cannot tell you what I was wearing 25 years ago, but I can tell you what I was wearing right now! 

Paris dramatique

It was one hell of a Paris ride, literally! I had twelve hours to discover the beauty of Paris. It was a day full of extremes. One moment we were entering the doll house of Christian Louboutin. And five minutes later you were overwhelmed by the black dramatic sky. More Paris adventures after the break

roses | nail art

Outkast Roses 

Summerproof or better said NYC-proof! A girl has got to be prepared for the big city and I do that by visiting my BFF aka the nail art guru. Acrylic nails are definitely invented for lazy people like me. You do not have to worry about your nails for 3 weeks. How practical is that. And then comes the design. How about roses she said? The lady knows me for more than 30 years but I never told her that I dislike roses. I'm just not into the shape, the multi-layers, the sweet effect and above all the 'let's stick roses on everything we can' trend! 

Never say never! Because of my eclectic-camp kind of personality I was into a 'changing the vibe' moment. To make a long story short: I only like roses when they are fake. And above all, they match my flora crown perfectly (read about it here and here). Oh and one more thing, I am a blogger so I have to go with the flow (read: trends). Put neon pink on your toes, so you can always find your feet in the dark! Very handy. 

nails acrylic/ nail polish baby blue 279 Pronails/ Swarovski stones/ nail polish neon pink China Glaze 

retro | spect

Have you ever wondered where Marc Jacobs got his inspiration from to design the infamous Mouse Flats? Well, look above and follow the yellow arrow: tada! This photo proves that I was an absolute trend prophet. I am some kind of fashion prophet who could predict trends 20 years in advance (read this with a lot of irony please). See I even predicted the oversized boyfriend trend. 

Since then I didn't grow more than a few inches, but apparently my fashion style did not evolve much either. In other words: I stayed true to my fashion identity. No no let's be honest, the world of fashion operates via some kind of "come-back" system. One day you have a trend, the next day it is out and BAM: 20 years later it is a trend again.  So let me prophesy something else, in 20 years I will take the exact same photo wearing the exact same outfit. And that is a promise

shirt Forever 21 Antwerp/ jeans River Island Antwerp/ belt Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ pearl flats Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony NYC 

I take pictures of my shoes

Can somebody explain to me why I take a picture of my feet and my shoes every single morning? It is almost like a coffee routine: before I step outside I look down and I take a snapshot with my beloved Iphone. There is only one logical clarification, I love shoes (wow that came as a surprise didn't it?).

And we all know that shoes are not only there for decoration (read: very very very important decoration), they have the ability to protect my tiny little feet. But let me be clear about one thing: aesthetics above ergonomics. I mean, you have to be happy when you are staring at your feet. And ugly shoes do not make you happy!

featuring Victor Antoine the English Bulldog 

the plastic fantastic life of Mrs. K

Aqua 'Barbie girl'

My happy plastic fantastic life! I am intrigued by the shiny glistering effect, the exuberant colors and the texture of the material. Above all that I cannot keep my hands off plastic. How come I am so fascinated by this oil derivate. Oh wait a minute, oil is the basic ingredient aka Greenpeace would not be happy with this post. That is why the substance feels natural to me! So ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the plastic fantastic fashion wonder world.

Plastic has the ability to pimp your look. Sometimes it even feels as if you can escape the real world into a Barbie kind of parallel universe where plastic is the main ingredient. Oh come on you sceptic reader, don't take life too serious. Every now and then it is okay to be fake. And take a look at my fantastic wish list. You all know that I am going to nyc and so far two stops are obligatory: exploring the plastic fantastic world of Marc Jacobs and Opening Ceremony

bag Delvaux Barneys/ radio Lexon/ bracelet Miu Miu/ skirt Marc Jacobs MyTheresa/ shoes Forfex x Opening Ceremony/ phone Native Union/ shoe MBMJ The Corner/ water sandals Stephanie Hahn Ra13/ earrings & pin Patricia Field

my inner Woodstock girl

Let me get one thing straight: this is not my comfort zone! Sitting in a wild meadow (read: my back yard) and embracing the wild life is simply not one of my habits. I am more of a concrete girl, no peace and quiet for me. But now and then I want to let my inner Woodstock girl out. It reminds me of my teenage years. Back then music was a big part of my personality, it defined me. 

Oh i still remember those days when I was laying in a field, sealed of from the outside world by my walkman (read: I am talking about cassettes people) and singing as loud as I could. Besides that I was cracking my brain of how I could create world peace. So 20 years later a small hippie is still hiding inside me and the music is still a big part of my life. The flora crown is like a modern translation of the girl I was.

flora crown diy/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti, Dior & MBMJ/ watch vintage/ tees River Island Antwerp/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ sandals Diane von Furstenberg Brussels