the breslin | nyc

Once upon a time in NYC we went to The Breslin, a Michelin star restaurant. Located at the same eclectic corner as our hotel The NoMad (read all about it here). Hold your horses, don't immediately say ooh and ah when you hear Michelin Star. I know, you associate Michelin with "fancy schmancy polished sophistication" quotes all over the place. Well, The Breslin deserves it's star for other reasons

I have a weak spot for dark hamburger joints. The ones where the atmosphere is raw, moody and vintage at the same time. A place where your imagination runs wild, where time stands still and where your eyes are treated to all kinds of spectacular things. A venue with a true core business, like cows. Mood and atmosphere at The Breslin: check!

Now let's talk about the food. As an absolute wannabe New Yorker my beau and I shared a starter. A simple plain looking salad came our way (recommended by the most dedicated waitress ever, gratuity 30%). Did I ever use the expression "like an angel peeing on your tongue"? This salad was the angel! The flavors were bursting in my mouth like fireworks. Every bite I took, I experienced other seasonings. And then, the pièce de résistance, my Breslin hamburger. Pure and raw, period! All of a sudden I was giving our waitress some signs: I gave her a thumbs up. (oh no thumbs up and my glasses, don't you even dare to make that connotation).

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flora crown diy here/ tee Marc By Marc Jacobs

wedding skirt T+TGK

I am definitely convinced that not wearing a 'long white oversized tutu cotton candy' kind of wedding dress at my big day left a mark on my soul (if you want to see what I did wear, click here). Not having purity and whiteness on my wedding day burdened me with an unsolved trauma that was slumbering in my subconsciousness. Instead of spending thousands of euros on doctor Freud I came up with the remedy myself: wear  a wedding skirt in your daily life

How would you wear a wedding skirt? Oh with South Park I would say. Combining high fashion with an up and coming designer is like pure ecstasy to me. Another match made in heaven. Oh and don't be fooled by the expression of Leopold "Butters" Stotch. Yes, he is naked, for a very very good cause (if you want to see more naked people, click here). But I am sure that he is happy to be part of  my post-wedding outfit.

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tee Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ trousers Acne Icon Brussels/ shoes Miu Miu New Versailles/ necklace Christophe Coppens/ jewelry Marc Jacobs and Diamanti Per Tutti/ skirt Titi+The German Kid/ scenery The NoMad NYC


photo by Absolutely Mrs. K

Here we go: a blogpost about beauty. I am quite a beauty novice and I don't know anything about products. So I just have to rely on information from experts and the attractiveness of a store/brand. Yes, I admit it, a shiny product/marketing can wow me over. 

I can thank the lord for pretty good smooth skin. But we are talking about skin that has reached the age of 30 (and beyond), so I had to adapt my make-up routine to my skin. What I absolutely hate is thick foundation that creeps into your wrinkles (people I am over 30) and feels like a mask on your face. Actually, I hate to wear foundation tout court. In other words: transparency is key for me. 

And then you go to NYC. First stop: Marc By Marc Jacobs in the West Village. But I discovered a true gem right next to MBMJ: NARS flagship store, the only one in the whole wide world. Could you resist a beauty haven like that? I don't think so. There it was in all its glory: the Nars translucent SPF 30 foundation proudly standing on a pedestal. In one word: not too thick or too heavy, just right. Oh and I always wanted to look pretty in pink... 

north sea

Summer has almost come to an end (or in the case of Belgium, it had just started), so it is time to pay a visit to the belgian sea parade aka the North sea. Far far away at the west end of our nation lies a 66km long shore. As a true citizen you are obliged to go there at least once a year.

I am not a huge fan of the developments that are a side effect of this product of nature. Who the hell came up with the idea of creating the most hideous tall apartment buildings. They are standing there as a brick wall (literally) between our gorgeous grey-blue sea and the countryside. And don't you ever try to convince me to eat gelato on the beach. Why would you think that ice cream and sand make such a fabulous combination. But my blogger heart won. I knew that at the end of August the sunset light was going to be way too beautiful. So a family trip emerged. Full of energy my beau, Victor Antoine the English bulldog and I started this journey. My precious Victor Antoine smelled the ocean for the first time in his life. However, I am not sure that the combination of salty water and mud made him that happy. 

Our little trip came to an abrupt end because of our 30kg heavy weight furry ball: mister Victor Antoine the English bulldog did not like the apartment. One problem, his tantrum kept the neighbors awake. The only thing we could do was go home. In the middle of the night (read 2:45 in the morning) we decided to drive back to the countryside. The end of our North sea adventure

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skirt Iceberg vintage/ top Thakoon Icon Brussels/ sandals Sergio Rossi Brussels/ bag Sonia Rykiel Brussels 

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meltdown | nyc

Day three in NYC. This was one of those days where I was literally melting away. It was the day my brand new Zanotti sneakers became one with the concrete. The blistering heat was almost unbearable.  But you are a fashion blogger and you want to make a fashion statement. Do you have any idea how hard that is when the thermometer rises above 100°F? Persisting as I was I started the day as a proud peacock wearing my über light Vanessa Bruno jacket. The jacket made it to the coffee bar. 

And there was another surprise waiting for us. I always act like I belong on the island. So having lunch in Alphabet City would be something that a local hipster would do. At the hottest moment of the day we arrived at Edi & The Wolf, a perfect eclectic eatery in the centre of LES. Strange, the place looked pretty deserted, but I thought: all the hipsters are still in bed. And I was right, the hipsters don't come out before 5PM that is. So Edi & The Wolf was closed. My beau almost lynched me, luckily it was too hot to execute such an exertion. And then problem number two came along: where did all the subway stations go? The closest one was miles and miles away according to my life saving Iphone. Completely exhausted we came across Schiller's Liquor Bar. It was like reaching an oasis. That day god gave me a message: Mrs. K you are a tourist and don't you forget that

Note: Stephanie from 70percentpure gave me a fabulous tip about coffee. If you are in the neighborhood check out Stumptown Coffee 

jacket Vanessa Bruno Icon Brussels/ tee DvF kids/ shorts ~ dress ~ belt Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ wedge sneakers Giuseppe Zanotti Barneys/ hat Sonia Rykiel Brussels/ bag Louis Vuitton Brussels/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti 

The day I was born

A long long long time ago (nope I am not going to tell you how long ago) I was born on a hot summer night. Many years later this fashion blog emerged. Since my birthday was pretty fashionable, I had to share this glorious event with you guys.  

First of all I had some smashing cake. Luckily it tasted as good as it looked. Second of all I had too much champagne (read: the reason I could not write this post yesterday). Third of all, the b-day wishes via all kinds of social media were overwhelming and they made me completely fuzzy inside. I subtracted every wish from my age, so I think I am about -245 years old right now! The best rejuvenating treatment I could ever wish for!

There is one particular birthday card that made my eyes all watery. Kristien, the lady behind the fashion label TITI+THE GERMAN KID, surprised me with a card from Marc Jacobs. She designed it completely herself and yes Marc is wishing me a happy B-day.

note: check out T+TGK right now! She is one of my favorite designers because of her personality, her spirit and her smashing designs! I am completely over the moon by her designs (and her new FW12 collection), so more to come after the break on Absolutely Mrs. K

Rubirosa | nyc

I you're going to NYC... (yes, come on, try to sing it) you have to get some pizza (no, the flowers are for San Francisco). And you don't get them in Little Italy or in any of those famous tourist pizza sheds . Come on ladies and gentlemen, I am a hipster, I go where New Yorkers eat their pizza (read: irony, irony)! My beau only cared about the fact that he wanted to eat a really really good pizza. Yes, point taken, you are right, that is what a restaurant stands for: quality food

Nicolette Mason, one of my favorite bloggers on the planet, dropped the name of Rubirosa. Oh boy, was she right. Never in my life I had such a juicy and perfect flavored pizza. The place was completely packed and I had the feeling that I was having dinner in my grandmother's old country house. Everywhere we dine we seem to get little tables in little corners. But those tables come in handy when you want to screen the in-crowd! Oh and as the cherry on the cake we had the meatballs topping, what would italian food be like without meatballs.  

note: I committed a crime against blogging photography: I took some pictures with my flashlight! The reason? I forgot my external flash. So screw blogging rules and take pictures however you want to. 

dress piece of chic Icon Brussels/ shoes Chloë Sevigny x Opening Ceremony/ bracelets Diamati Per Tutti 

Flatiron | nyc

When you go to NYC, all the geography you have to know by heart are the four compass points and the prime meridian of Manhattan aka Fifth Avenue. This basic knowledge makes it possible to discover the city any way you want to. And that is what we did on the second day of our trip. It was the day we were going South, South of Madison Square Park. Let's say that we were ready to explore the hip and cool areas of the city. This territory is not completely new and undiscovered to me. But we were going far more East than I am used to. 

With my ultra sophisticated treasure map (read: Iphone) in one hand and my sunscreen in the other, I started this adventure. I was ready for this slightly more rough and unpolished part of town. And besides that, this area is the home of a fabulous must visit store: Kiehl's flagship store on 3rd Ave. In my vintage Marc By Marc Jacobs summer dress I was so ready to hit the city. And as I said before: never take a step outside unprotected. A fabulous summer hat and some big big sunnies (read: yes I am European and completely jet lagged) are the right protection and they make your outfit even more hip and trendy. 

dress Marc By Marc Jacobs Francis Ferent/ hat Sonia Rykiel Brussels/ sunnies Theo Occhi/ bag Louis Vuitton Brussels