I am still in transit zone: in-between sweet summer and delightful autumn. So I wonder, is it still allowed to wear summer fabrics? Sometimes it feels like they are offering so much resistance when you try to combine them with winter materials. As if they are stubborn and they try to give you a message: we belong to summer. 

Dear summer pieces, I am stubborn too and I will manipulate you into the right formation. But I am not completely inhuman and I will show you a lot of respect. So how do you feel about some very very bright howdy boots? The beautiful fall sunlight makes them glister like a million dollars. More to come after the break... 

boots Sendra Hippo Royal/ bag Dior Brussels/ scarf Christophe Coppens 

hey man

Let's make a statement! Lately I make a lot of statements, not about world peace but about aesthetics aka my comfort zone. Here we go! This time of year we are confronted with the power of Mother Nature. September is the perfect time of year to experience four seasons in one day. And this messes up our fashion genes. This means that we a) have to be prepared for the unexpected forces of nature and b) have to be stylish. Yes, this is a challenge. 

My remedy is quite simple. First of all, always keep smiling. If you spot some dripping in the morning, when you open your curtains, keep on smiling. Hey, the world needs some water too. Second of all, turn something negative into something positive. I hate rain, but I do love a very very stylish retro umbrella. Et voila, before you know it you are singing in the rain (read: I was singing in a corn field, so I could not damage anyone's ears). 

sweater Titi+The German Kid/ necklace Christophe Coppens/ pants Miu Miu Francis Ferent/ shoes Dries Van Noten Hatshoe/ umbrella Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ bag gifted Essentiel/ bracelets Juicy Couture and Marc By Marc Jacobs 

Bloggers Closet Sale

Dear fashion people of the world (well actually Belgium), I have an announcement to make and it is a big one: I am selling my dearest treasures aka my clothes. And yes my heart is already bleeding, but there comes a time in your life when you have to say goodbye to some pieces. I am going to say farewell to Acne, D&G, DvF, Iceberg, Diesel and many many more. 

The good part: I am not on my own! My absolutely stunning fellow bloggers are selling their treasures too (check them out here). We are going to have a blast and we are going to have so much fun (read: thanks to Tao and Patty cake). So join us at this fabulous event this friday

 Antwerp Fashion Night, Friday 28 Septembre, 5PM-10PM at Happaerstraat 21 Antwerp. 

PS keep your eye on twitter and instagram (@absolutelymrsk) for some previews.  

mission | head-gear

I am on a fashion mission: a head-gear mission! There is one fashion enigma that is cracking by brain for quite some time now: why aren't people wearing hats anymore on a daily basis? 100 years ago everybody was wearing something on their heads. No matter what your social status was, a hat was a primordial element of your look. Women understood that it was common sense to always look your best. And they did realize that head-gear was the cherry on the fashion cake.  

All those statements about the importance of accessories. About the fact that they make or break your outfit? Well we need some more statements about the importance of hats. Yes designers of the world, I am talking to you. You all want to bring beauty to the universe. You decide what people on the streets will look like. You have the power to create the next big thing. I ask you this: please emphasize the uniqueness of the crème de la crème of accessories. But apparently only Russian socialites seem to get my point. 

hat Louis Vuitton Brussels/ pull vintage Isabelle Bajart/ belt Yard/ trousers and socks Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St/ shoes Miu Miu Soho/ bag Alexander Wang Icon/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti

trip to memory lane

Cheers to a summer that is officially over! Today we say welcome to the fall, but let's not forget the summer of 2012. It was fabulous, extraordinary, marvelous and absolutely amazing. It was all about friends and NYC, can you think of a better combination? I don't think so. Once more, nostalgia has taken over. 

Exit summer! 

PS A new season equals new adventures! My beau and I will be sipping champagne in London when  the clock strikes midnight on December 31st 2012. Yes, I am stepping out of my comfort zone: NYC. Will I survive? More to come after the break.

weather girl

September always comes with a lot of fashion dilemmas. In other words, you can behave in your most superficial fashion way. Every single day of September I ask myself: what am I going to wear (told you the life of a blogger is excruciatingly hard). But on the other side, we have a lot of fashion irony up our sleeves too. 

Follow this reasoning with me, here we go! September is the most in-between month of the year. The weather gods have no idea what to do. They want to make up for the horrible belgian summer full of coldness and rain (okay, most farmers will disagree with me). So they apologize with an exuberant and fabulous Indian Summer. And let's be honest, the September light is breathtaking. 
But the weather gods have to save the economy too. After all, the new FW collections are exploding in your face faster than the speed of light. I am talking about fashion weeks around the globe, smashing dark winter magazine covers and new interesting store windows. All to make us lose our self-control... 

In the end it is too hot to wear tweet and too cold to wear tiny mini-dresses! So voila, a super light wool sweater and spandex watermelon biker shorts are the answer. Sheer and light summer accessories are still allowed. So call this my in-between look! 

PS if blogging doesn't work, I can always become a weather girl.

bag Chanel Brussels/ sweater Acne Icon/ necklace Erickson Beamon Netaporter/ shoes Zanotti Barneys/ shorts Been/ ring An Stevens/ bracelets Diamanti Per Tutti/ watch Swatch 


Ladies and gentlemen, sentiment has taken over. You can feel it in the air: the sun is changing. From now on she has switched on her Fall modus. No matter how hard she shines, the power of her beams are different. I adore her fall power but at the same time it makes me a little bit nostalgic. Nostalgic about a summer that is slowly slipping away. 

It is time again for new fabrics and textures. The ones that make you feel cozy and warm. The ones that protect you from a bitter wind. The ones that make you smile and say: it's the most wonderful time of the year. Ladies and gentlemen, I officially embrace fall

bag Chanel Brussels/ sweater Acne Icon/ necklace Erickson Beamon Netaporter/ shoes Zanotti Barneys

Icon | Brussels

Psstt, this little birdie has a secret to share with you. Let me tell you about my all-time favorite store in the whole wide world: ICON! Yes, your eyes did not deceive you, in the whole wide world. And I am not talking about a store in my favorite metropolitan NYC, nope, this store is located in the centre of the world aka Brussels

I call this little venue my fashion heaven for so many reasons. When you take your first steps into the store your fashion genes will go ballistic. You feel an immediate irresistible attraction to all the greatness Icon has to offer. I am talking about Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Acne, Vanessa Bruno, Phillip Lim, Theyskens' Theory, ... (do I need to go on?). 

But that is not the main reason for my adoration. I am a very loyal customer and top notch service is primordial to me when it comes to shopping. And Icon offers you the best service in the universe. They always welcome you with a big fat smile on their faces and it is a genuine one. Then they give you all the time you need to explore the collection. No pressure and no unnecessary following aka 'please do not touch any fashion piece because your little hands may tear it apart'. But the best part, they only speak the truth: if you do not look good in something (I know it's hard to believe that you do not look good in Alexander Wang), they will tell you. 

So dear people of the world! If you ever come to Brussels, go to Icon. Believe me, you won't regret it! 

look sweater Titi+The German Kid here/ skirt Marc Cain/ socks Juicy Couture/ boots Isabel Marant Icon 

absolutely mrs. K | 2D

There is nothing in the world that boosts your ego more than your own caricature! It shows you how people perceive you and your fashion identity. Would I wear this outfit? Definitely. Is it over the top? Definitely. I am sure that my precious furry ball Victor Antoine and I will be fashion examples for archeologists in the year 3685. So besides spreading this picture on the internet, I will bury it in a fabulous time capsule 6 feet under... 

Special thanks to Marc Cruysberghs for this interesting caricature! 

red aqua

What do you need when you go hiking? Flat shoes, aqua and a whole lot of fashion irony. Of course this is not your daily hiking outfit. But my mother says: always look your absolute best. I take her advice very very literally. Okay so the hills of our countryside were calling my name. Unfortunately they did not come alive with the sound of music (probably because they are too small). 

Torn between blending in and standing out I generated my outfit. Bright little flowers to attract some bees, check. Long sleeves to mislead mosquitoes, check. Fabulous loafers so you can go for miles, check (read: we took a 10 minute walk). And last but not least, colored Vitamin water to match your bag, check. Voila and you are ready to conquer the countryside. The moral of this story: besides shoes, a blogger needs some colored aqua too. 

head band Louis Vuitton Brussels/ dress Vanessa Bruno Icon/ loafers Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony nyc/ bag gifted Delvaux/ bracelets Forever21 and Delvaux 

Essentiel essential | accessories

Party time at Essentiel because they have something to celebrate: the launch of a 'spic and span brand new' accessory store. How illogical would it be if one of Belgium's finest clothing brands would not create their own accessories. After all, they are essential (read: get it)!  

And before the party comes afternoon tea at the Essentiel HQ.  I am talking about afternoon tea with the exuberant, thrilling, bursting, energetic and dynamic duo of Essentiel, Inge Onsea and Tom. Oh full of passion they kept talking about their wild plans for their new baby: the Essentiel essential accessories.

And after afternoon tea time with delicious cake comes the cherry on the cake: a private sneak peek of the Essentiel SS13 collection. There goes my jaw again, straight on the hardwood floor. The colors, the fabrics, the prints, the shapes were switching on my magpie genes. So dear Essentiel, if you are missing a few pieces from your SS13 collection, don't blame this poor blogger (I know nothing), blame your fabulous designers. 

And after afternoon tea comes the party. You socialize, you mingle and you put a big fat smile on your face when you smell a camera. Hey I am a blogger, I do have a blogger's smile. But not only a camera has the ability to put a smile on my face. Nope, I was completely indulged by the brand new essentials of Essentiel. The bags weren't exactly my cup of tea but I pictured myself wearing those whimsical beanies and those interesting printed scarfs. Oh and the big bold plastic fantastic chain bracelets, well ever heard of 'the bigger, the better'? Essentiel definitely gets this principle.  

So ladies and gentlemen check out their fabulous new store, rumor has it that some pieces are almost out of stock. And for those who do not life in Belgium, don't worry, Essentiel has a solution for everything. But a little bird will tell you a lot more about that after the break... 

check out Essentiel and my fabulous party partners in crime Marijs (ella and louise), Elisabeth Ouni (a polaroid story), Nathalie (the merrymakers) and Katrin Swartenbroux