hunting season

Besides the phenomenal colors that are conquering the northern hemisphere, there is another specific part about fall season: hunting! Dandy distinguished gentlemen come out of their mansions to blow their horns and to aim their guns. I am not going to write an elaborate discourse about the pros and cons of hunting. Hello, this is a fashion blog and I am obligated to stay superficial. But the only rifles I own are the ones with water. 

Now if I would go hunting, my outfit would be a combination of Heidi von den bergen x Sisi. Perfect to scare all the wild foxes and sweet deer. To be honest, I love the thick velvet fabrics and the oversized silhouettes. A hunting outfit can never be boring because there is too much going on. So the only thing I brought home from my wild adventure is a head of a deer (yes it is faux, don't worry I do have a heart). 

cheers to hunting season! 

my mom and her wedding | vintage photos

I always knew that my fashion DNA came via my mom! We have the same desire to wear fabulous fashion wonders, we have the same physical reactions when we see a masterpiece, we both start to smile when we are strolling through de rue de la mode and we both cannot control ourselves when we enter a haven of fashion. And I have heard some strange stories about her too. Working in a fashion capital had a curious effect on her: she rather bought shoes than food during her lunch break. Sounds pretty familiar to me. 

Recently I discovered some photos of her and my dad (and of myself too, but I will tell you about my fashion childhood later). My mom was clearly the better fashion half (still is) and my dad was completely into the 70's. If you wonder why I didn't marry in a white gown? Well, she didn't either. A gorgeous tailor-made aqua blue suit was her wedding outfit. Thank you mom for passing on some of your amazing fashion genes. 

PS have you spotted my dad's fancy car, an orange Opel GT. His best friend had the same one in red and together they experienced some crazy adventures. One of them involved a dunghill (don't ask and don't try it at home). 

space cowboy

Mars Attacks!

 Let's be prepared for an intergalactic fashion world. If aliens would ever come and invade our planet, we must look at our best. I told you before that the fashion gurus of our world have an awnser to everything, so I present to you 'the space cowboy' trend. Wearing a space cowboy outfit equals killing two birds with one stone: A) Aliens can spot you from outer space, B) you fit right in.

sweater Acne Mytheresa /clutch Anndra Neen x Opening Ceremony /coat Lanvin Browns /dress Rhié Browns /Boom Box ring Patricia Field /ring Delfina Delettrez Opening Ceremony /bracelet Jean Paul Gaultier Opening Ceremony /boots Carven Mytheresa /clutch Charlotte Olympia Netaporter / shoes Simone Rocha Opening Ceremony

bear season

Previously on the adventures of Mrs. K: I told you that I was scared in the woods. But my Marc By Marc Jacobs trucker hat is giving me a clear message: It is bear season y'all (I am not lying that is the actual message on my cap). So maybe it is time to let the fear go and move temporarily to a basic cabin in the woods. This cabin will be the perfect stake out to spot bears and other wild creatures. To be honest, the only wild and fearless creatures I have spotted at our local forest are snails, earthworms and vicious mosquitos

A wise man once told the world that you always have to 'be prepared'! Smart as I am I did not want to start my hiking trip without the correct precautions. And that is why I am wearing an 'aluminium foil  reflecting' sweater. In this sweater you can even spot me from the moon, so any rescue team would be able to find me in no time!

PS Did you spot the amazing gold print in this post? I'll tell you more about it pretty soon, but it has something to do with the end of the world! If you want to be ready for the end, take a look here

sweater Acne Icon/ cap Marc By Marc Jacobs nyc/ gloves Céline Isabelle Bajart/ print Piece of Chic 

postcard from | a forest

Do you remember 'The Blair Witch Project'? If you have no idea what I am talking about, then praise the lord. It is by far the most freaky horrifying movie ever. A deserted winter forest and amateur filming are the ingredients of this horror film and believe me: perfect to give you sleepless nights. But hey, it is almost Halloween, so I have to give you some inspiration. 

The movie left an indelible mark on my soul: I do not enter a forest on my own, not even during the day-time. But the turning of the tides aka seasons forced me into a local forest (read: local as in very very small). Luckily I have a pretty incredible sense of locality, so I was able to return to the civilized world in no time. More forest adventures after the break... 

sweater Acne Icon/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ rain boots Marc By Marc Jacobs 

winter diy

No idea what to do this weekend? Here is some inspiration. My interior bug is biting me every time the seasons are changing. All of a sudden I feel an uncontrollable urge to change the colors inside my house. I am not talking about major changes, just some changement de décor. God gave me a pretty lazy personality and the ability to let things die. Relax people, every living creature is still alive and kicking at the Mrs. K residence. But flowers and plants do not survive. So I take the easy road: plastic fantastic flora. 

All you need for this little diy are some old pots, acrylic paint or any kind of paint residue you are hiding in your garden shed, plastic fantastic flowers and cheap brushes. Let your inner decorator go wild and voila: your interior looks brand new. 

Now here comes the warning! This diy costed me €100! In other words high quality fabulous fake flowers are not that cheap.

flowers and paint Intratuin 

In de mode | Mrs. K on tv

"I am Absolutely Mrs. K and I am a lifestyle shopper"! It sounds like a perfect confession from an anonymous shopaholic (If you look closely, I am not that anonymous). But this message is the beginning of a different story. Once upon a time I was strolling in Antwerp and all of a sudden Belgium's leading fashion lady aka Tiany Kiriloff stopped me over. After a few seconds I realized that she was wearing a hot pink microphone and she was accompanied by a cameraman. Okay, pretty strange! 

Ladies and gentlemen, there was a very logical explanation for this occurrence. Lady T has her own amazing lifestyle show 'In de mode' on national television and she was on the streets to spot the trends of the moment. So if you want to know more about our meeting click here! But wait there is more: her show must go on and you can check out Lady T's fashion encounters every Wednesday on Vitaya

Thank you lady T for spotting me! 
more info Belmodo and Vitaya

sweater Opening Ceremony nyc/ trousers Essentiel Leuven/ boots Alexander Wang Antonioli 

purple reign

Did you know that vintage shopping is like treasure hunting for fashion people? In a way we are pirates (read: very stylish pirates) pursuing fortune. We have our treasure map and we know where to search, but it does not always lead to a treasure. So you can imagine that discovering a true gem is  pure ecstasy. And that is what happened to me one week ago. This was the beginning of a beautiful story.

Let me unveil my secret chamber in Brussels. There is a small slightly dark store hidden away in one of the best areas in Brussels: Isablle Bajart. This little haven conceals pure vintage for a very soft price. And the best part, every decade is represented at this beautiful place. Last week I was completely into the 70's, so I scored two Céline tartan jackets (one for my mum and I) and two pairs of gloves. You are looking at one happy fashion pirate. 

shoes Marc by Marc Jacobs/ socks Essentiel/ dress Alexander Wang NYC/ sweater Titi+The German Kid/ jacket Céline Isabelle Bajart/ pin Sonia Rykiel Brussels/ gloves vintage Isabelle Bajart/ bag Dior Brussels

inspiration | Ulyana Sergeenko

Okay, I admit it, I do visit street style blogs. But very rarely I run into a picture that makes my heart stop, a photo that makes me gasp for breath. And this is exactly what happened when I saw Ulyana Sergeenko's appearance. I keep on staring at the photos and think to myself: how in the world did she come up with pure perfection

People of the world, a lot of ladies claim to be 'fashionistas', well I tell you this: being a true fashionista (btw hate that word) is as hard as rocket science (read: a little exaggeration). So only a few deserve this title, like Mrs. Sergeenko, she is a fashion icon pure sang. If you can combine only three pieces to create a look that is beyond phenomenal, then you are gifted! Gifted with the most brilliant fashion genes god could have blessed you with.

So if you see me jumping around like "Heidi von den bergen goes hunting", you know that she was my inspiration. More to come after the break... 

lean into the fall

I stole this title completely, if you want to know who the rightful owner is, click here. But you get my point don't you! Days are getting shorter and nights are getting colder. So it's time to bring out those cozy blankets again, to cuddle up next to each other and to light some amazing scented candles.

But above all, don't forget to play a little Dora the explorer. Have you seen what Mother Nature is doing lately? She is transforming the Northern hemisphere into a magical fall landscape. Those exuberant warm autumn colors are filling my heart with joy. If you have a minute, take a look at the trees and their extraordinary pallet of shades. Watch them glister in the morning sun and listen to the sound of the wind. Phenomenal isn't it? Okay I am going to stop now before I get too emotional.


This is going to sound like a cliché, but it is very very strange to see your own picture in a magazine. Knack Weekend featured me because of my coup de foudre for Christophe Coppens. Yes Mr. Coppens, this is an ode to you. And Het Nieuwsblad, a national paper, pictured me exactly as I am: a happy fashion victim sitting on and in-between her little gnome friends. 

Thank you for having me! 

drama queen

Ladies, I have big news, this season we are allowed to walk around as drama queens. Have you seen the pompous drama on the catwalk? All the shiny massive flamboyant tully frully-ness turns on my magpie genes in no time and I am going ballistic about this trend. Yes I am screaming 'the more the better': more gold, more baroque-ness, more texture, more details, more embroidery, just more more more. Let's say Bang Bang, the drama queen is not dead yet, thank god for that! 

necklace Asos/ Iphone case and ring Versace Netaporter/ cap Patricia Field/ hair slide Dolce and Gabbana Netaporter/ dress Marc Jacobs Mytheresa/ bag Lanvin Browns fashion/ coat Vika Gazinskaya Browns fashion/ heels Charlotte Olympia Mytheresa/ clutch Alexander McQueen Netaporter/ boots Rupert Sanderson Browns fashion

wild wild west

Howdy cowboy! Well I have actually no idea how cowgirls dress and I have never ever seen a horse up close. Although there are two donkeys in my backyard, I am not your typical country girl. But I am not too shabby to try something new every now and then. And 'something new' will happen to you when you least expect it. Let's say on a saturday afternoon at the high street. All of a sudden I was attracted by colorful sweet and funny cowboy boots. Immediately I could hear the tunes of the good, the bad and the ugly echoing in my ears. I looked the blue electric boots right in the eyes and I pictured myself riding a black stallion towards the setting sun. Yes, Mrs. K keep on dreaming! 

Okay, snap out of it and back to fashion. Let's create an outfit around the boots, after all they are the centre of attention. Black narrow leggings are perfect to give credit to your amazing boots. And then you need layers, lots of them (read: hello, it is September). Finally you can dig up your gorgeous fluffy most outrageous scarf. But be careful, because a big scarf can make your neck disappear. Oh well, who can say no to a warm invisible neck.

boots Sendra Hippo Royal/ bag Dior Brussels/ scarf Christophe Coppens/ pants Gucci Brussels/ tee Theyskens' Theory Icon/ jacket Acne Icon/ bracelet Forever21 NYC