red riding hood

How to dress comfortably when you are completely out of your comfort zone (nope, I cannot make this sentence any more complicated). Let me explain myself: I don't like to wear knee boots and leggings. Knee boots make me feel small, they are just not made for petite people (we are talking about 5ft here). And leggings give me the creeps, like I am walking around with my tush in the open. Yes, I feel naked.

But as I told you before, fashion has an answer to every problem. And this answer came right from Cos. Could they have produced an even more perfect knit? I don't think so. It has everything I was looking for: long, oversized and dark bright winter aka Christmas colors. This is the time to thank the gods above for my height. The jumper has the most ideal length to wear with leggings. Mrs. K says adios to feeling naked. Oh and BTW this outfit is an ode to the christmas spirit, it is the time of the year to melt together red and green.

sweater Cos/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ boots Sergio Rossi Brussels/ scarf Christophe Coppens 

new opticals

This week will be all about my new opticals (wow I just said that picking new glasses is going to be the most important event of the week)! Okay, do not judge me by that sentence! Anyway, I do not only need a new frame, I need new spectacle-glasses too! Apparently it is a part of getting old. Yes I do need my glasses to read my newspaper in the morning. They are my connection to the outside world. But actually I don't mind, because it will change my look and fashion identity. In other words: my glasses are a huge part of my identity, will this be the end of Absolutely Mrs. K?

PS the frame of sunnies can be suitable for opticals too! You just need to replace the spectacle-glasses. 

city trip | Cologne

Need another city trip tip? Cologne perhaps? The only thing I know about Cologne is that a massive Dom is standing in the centre of the town. Besides that, the city is nothing more than grey buildings and a complicated city centre. In other words Cologne has no identity. 

So there must be a very good reason to go there. Luckily Cologne has another trick up its sleeve: Museum Ludwig. Dear people of the world, artists like David Hockney and Art Spiegelman are definitely a very good reason to visit this city. Oh and natürlich get some calories when you are there! Can you resist a Berliner

unfortunately I was not allowed to take some photos of the exhibitions! 

oh! dries

Do you know the feeling of discovering pure fashion brilliance? It may happen once in a lifetime or it may not happen at all. This is a story about a coat, a coat beyond superiority. A coat that balances on the fine line between fashion and art! Yes Dries Van Noten you are a master, a master of fine arts.

This is how the story begins, but I have no idea how the story will end. Once upon a time I entered a fabulous dreamy and romantic store. After a few moments a beautiful yet intriguing print caught my attention. With great precision I took the cloak out of the rack. Oh my physical reactions revealed my coup de foudre. An asian man, who covered the front of the coat, kept staring at me like only the Mona Lisa can. No longer could I resist, I had to try it on. The coat literally slid over my shoulders. Again, I gasped for breath... .

This exuberant piece of fashion is made with an extraordinary precision. Every little detail is as important as the other, not one can live without the other and they are carefully put together by the master himself,  Mr. Van Noten.  To me he is one of the greatest artists in the universe because only a mastermind can create pure fashion brilliance, period! 

coat Dries Van Noten Profiel/ tee Thakoon Icon/ leggings Marc By Marc Jacobs Bleecker St NYC/ boots Marc Jacobs Netaporter/ hat Esprit/ gloves Christophe Coppens 

lonesome cowboy

Did you listen to the sounds of winter yet? Sometimes they are deafening. No seriously, just take a moment to step outside, go to a wild deserted place, close your eyes and listen... . Isn't monday the best day to get philosophical and profound about the world?  And now, back to reality! More to come after the break. 

tiger woods

I am wearing a tiger and I am standing in the woods, get it? Well actually I am standing in my own backyard in front of our neighbor's chestnut tree. Sorry but this pun was way too obvious and I couldn't resist (please do not shoot me for my lame sense of humor). Anyway, my gnomes are another part of my garden. It started with one and I ended up with an uncontrollable collecting mania. But I love my little friends and at night they are my gardeners. (If you think I am crazy by now, I don't blame you). 

But let's talk about the tiger! When I first saw it a year ago the tiger and I had an immediate connection. I mean, how insane can a sweater be: right color, whimsical print and ideal shape. So the possibilities are endless. But the best was yet to come, little did I know that the quality and the softness of the sweater are even more perfect. Wait there is more: this baby, made by one of my favorite (belgian) designers T+TGK, only costs €45! Talking about good value.

sweater Titi+the german kid/ skirt DvF Brussels/ leggings Louis Vuitton Brussels/ boots Marc Jacobs netaporter/ sunnies Theo Occhi/ beanie Dagmar Stage by Sil 

ladies who brunch

Sunday, perfect moment to start talking about food. I am absolutely convinced that I was a socialite in a former life. Of course I did not have to work and my daily routine was pretty predictable. One of my main habits was brunch, bien sûr! As a hipster/ socialite you knew the importance of this strange custom. This is the only explanation for my endless brunch adoration. Oh those were the days.

Having brunch is killing two birds with one stone: you do not have to miss breakfast and it is already acceptable to drink alcohol. And you only need a few ingredients to have a spectacular brunch: an interesting venue, good food (the more the better) and girlfriends. It is as simple as that and yes we do gossip when we have brunch. Oh and don't forget those interesting famous hipster coffees: they do not only taste good, they look good too. 

thank you Leen (Lena Lena est la) and Nathalie (the merrymakers) for being my brunch guides! 

pearls and chains

What an awkward combination! Gold metallic heels have something tacky about them. And chains evoke the rebellion in me. But to be honest, I could not resist these Wolford chain babies, they were just too different and innovative. Yes they are a styling nightmare, but nobody ever proclaimed that fashion was easy. Every now and then I am absolutely in for a fashion challenge. Especially when 'tackiness' is involved. In a way it forces you to think outside the box. 

tights Wolford/ heels Christian Louboutin Outnet

Happy Birthday Victor Antoine

Exactly one year ago my precious Victor Antoine came into this world. Mr. Pavlov is my guide to educate him, but unfortunately his theory works in a negative way! Yes I suck in raising a dog. Nevertheless, my adoration for this grumpy stubborn English Bulldog is endless. Happy Birthday VA and many many more. 

my castle

It is time to show you my castle or at least the backside of it. No, don't worry I am kidding. This castle is not mine and it belongs to my country. I just used it as decor. The grandeur of this small stronghold has an irresistible attraction on me. Maybe I watch too many movies, but I always want to know the story behind a castle! I want to figure out what happened behind the thick brick walls. As if castle people live lives that are filled with intrigue and secrets. 

The one thing I have learned from my history lessons is the fact that heating up a castle wasn't easy. The reasons are simple: too big and too expensive. So if I would be the lady of the house, I would wear  heavy and rich fabrics to keep the chilliness out. Small lady, big clothes, that is my motto! Oh and don't forget the family stones, mine cost about €15. 

sweater Alexander Wang Icon/ skirt Nicolas Woit/ socks DvF Brussels/ shoes Alexander Wang Antonioli/ bag Theyskens' Theory Icon/ hat piece Urban Outfitters Brussels/ gloves vintage/ ring Fascinelle 

Bjørg | Stage by Sil

The power of the jewel. Do you know the moment when fashion hits you by surprise? You think you have seen it all, but clearly you haven't. An instant in time when you discover a breathtaking brand, a brand that evokes emotions from deep inside your body. That is the moment when you realize you haven't seen it all. 

It happend to me at Stage by Sil, a new and intriguing concept store in Antwerp. The mood is dark but not depressing. The collections are interesting and fresh, casual with a twist! All of a sudden some interesting creatures/creations drew my attention. Made by Bjørg, as if these jewelry were produced by or for the underworld. Let the photos speak for themselves.