merry christmas

Mrs. K wishes you a merry christmas! May all your dreams come true.
see you after the break aka next year! 

Burberry | skirt

I have a story to tell you, the story of the Burberry skirt! The check skirt is over 15 years old, and yes, there is a reason why they call their signature print 'iconic' aka it will stay in style until the end of the world. (sorry couldn't resist the fact that we are still alive and kicking). 

For years and years the skirt was hanging in my closet. Every season I took it out, but never wanted to wear it. Although the fabric feels like heaven and it still looks spic and span, I just did not want to style it as a skirt. I knew deep down not to sell this skirt because every now and then I am blessed with an eureka fashion moment (mostly comes into existence by chance). How could I not have seen before that my black leggings and this skirt are made for each other. Et oui bien sûr, a winter wonder holiday sweater is the absolute finishing touch! From now on I will proudly wear my Burberry check skirt until eternity. 

sweater Omsk lily and the lady/ skirt Burberry/ pants Gucci Brussels/ sneakers Zanotti Barneys/ earmuffs Diane von Furstenberg Brussels 

oh, lola! | marc jacobs

Okay people can I have your attention please? In case you didn't notice: Holidays are here! Perfect time to talk about beauty, something I absolutely know nothing about. How about some fragrance? Oh I always love a mind-blowing scent, especially during the holidays. Isn't it a lot more pleasant to sit next to somebody during your christmas dinner that smells nice?

But how do you pick your favorite scent? first of all, a smashing bottle has a big attraction on me. Step 1: eliminate ugly flacons. For me the ultra girly bottles of Marc Jacobs did the trick. You immediately associate them with endless flower meadows. And you see yourself jumping around in-between daffodils in slow-motion. 
Now here comes the most tricky part: how to select your favorite scent? Step 2, I spray them on a little cardboard stick and I pick three favorites. Then I leave them alone for about 10 minutes. After the little break I indicate my new beloved perfume. That is how Lola and I became friends...

jingle bells

Since a few days jingle bells are echoing in my head! And that is why they call it 'the most wonderful time of the year'. Anyway, the echoing has a strange effect on me: I cannot resist a wool winter sweater with a holiday print anymore. Actually, I have no idea what a holiday print is, so I made up my own definition. It is a print that reminds you of Lapland, Santa Clause, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, lots of snow and hot coco. Get the picture? 


What is it about sunlight and fashion? Always seems like a perfect love affair. The sun's rays have the power to bring everything to life. First of all, I mean this very literally. And second of all, have you noticed what it does to your outfit? The gloom of the light has an enchanted effect on shades, they are pushed into another dimension. 

Now here comes the catch. Our dear beloved sun can pull a few tricks on us. This big star gives away the most breathtaking light on the most inconvenient moments of the day. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon, that is when the magic happens. Okay, dear sun, in the morning I am not on my best posing behavior. Thank god for my fabulous photographer, Patricia, who forced me to pose in this blistering cold. The result: I am singing in the freezing cold... 

coat Diane von Furstenberg Brussels/ sweater Acne Icon/ trousers Miu Miu Francis Ferent/ boots Chanel store nyc 

photos Patricia Ella & Louise 

the story of her shoes

If you want to know the story behind these Chanel boots, check out Ella & Louise! Patrica and Marijs, the uber fantastic ladies behind the blog, featured Mrs. K and her shoes. Thank you ladies for listening to my story and for featuring me! 

boots Chanel, Chanel boutique nyc soho  

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photo by Patricia Ella & Louise

diamonds give-away | diamanti per tutti

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winter wonderland

Belgium and its first snow always lead to a love and hate affair. Apparently we have no idea how to cope with this natural phenomenon. All I know is that our country is in a chaotic state of mind. Maybe it is because we don't see those snow flakes very often, if we are lucky (or unlucky) about two times a year. Nevertheless mother nature turned my backyard into a winter wonderland, come on, who can resist this chemical natural reaction. 

isabel marant

How aversion can turn into love! I am talking about the Isabel Marant boots. Didn't understand the commotion and the hype. Come on, be honest, they look like plain cowboy boots with a tiny heel. But boy was I wrong. They are like the best walking boots ever. Never did I feel so cool when wearing boots, I even feel like a hipster

What do you wear with howdy boots? Yes denim. Go casual. Apparently I do associate cow-boots with lumberjacks. This is the perfect time of the year to start wearing your flannel masculine tartan shirt (BTW this is a man's shirt). Soften it with some sweet pink. 

boots Isabel Marant Icon/ jeans Gstar Leuven/ shirt Vans Giraffe Records Leuven/ coat Paule Ka Brussels/ gloves Dior Brussels 


It is December, officially winter. Almost all the leafs are gone and "the times they are a-changing". Gold bourbon colors make room for brown grey shades. Did you notice the structure of the trees? Like a web of branches they are reaching for the sky. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to winter wonder land. 

le nouveau mrs. K | andy wolf

Et voila, le nouveau and slightly 'back in time' Mrs. K! Do not ever ask me how to select the right pair of glasses. There are no rules, you just have to fall in love with opticals and above all you have to follow your gut feeling. I am a huge fan of big, chunky, whimsical, colorful and printed extravagant glasses (read: this makes it a lot harder to choose).  But in the end you have to find a match with both your face and your personality. 

From now until an undefined moment in time you will see me wearing my Andy Wolf glasses. The features of this pair are pretty innovative. I could not resist the vibrant shades and the gold finishing touches. Oh for some mysterious reason I keep on listening to vintage 50's and 60's music. 

jacket and coat Louis Vuitton Brussels