Apparently the word DETOX creates a lot of discussion as I witnessed on social media. Don't worry, this is not your normal mumbo-jumbo DETOX talk. No No we are going back to basics, or back to standards! Being sick, the holidays and London were the causes of a bad food routine/ regime. As a result my body longs for its daily doses of vitamins and strict food schedule (read: trying to make it sound way more dramatic). In other words: after this severe period, very deadly for my stomach, I need to get back on track. I am not a health guru or an expert at all, but my body is very happy with my diet I am following for 7 years now. 

My complete food routine is based on one rule and it's my holy grail: alternate carbs with grain-free food! OMG no I didn't, yes peeps I just said that you absolutely cannot live without carbs (bread, potatoes, pasta, ...). But after the carbs come the grain-free products like fruit or yogurt. Be careful for the pitfalls and this will lead us to a second rule: trop est trop! Yes you can actually eat too much fruit and dairy products. For instance don't rely too much on those easy prepaired smoothies. Yes they only consist of fresh fruit, but there is  too much fruit in one bottle.  

When it comes to fruit and vegetables some have more benefits than others, so they say! That is probably true, but I do not live by that wisdom and I don't care. I am just eating my daily dose and I eat what I like. Well actually that is a complete lie: I hate fruit, I would rather have a biscuit (or 2 or 3 or...). But hey, an apple a day... . So come on people what are you waiting for: eat that banana! Oh yes and you will need some fluids too, so drink that water.  

Warning: what I am telling you is no rocket science or world shocking, it is just basic common sense! For more information consult your local nutritionist or doctor. 

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