happy birthday underground | London

How do you travel in London? Simple, go deeper underground! It is a fun and convenient way to transport yourself and it will get you anywhere you want, your wish is its command! I am talking about the tube of course, surprisingly easy to use. All you need is a map (tip! use your smartphone, you look a lot less like a tourist), an Oyster card (what's in a name) and the notion of the four points of the compass. 

I have to admit it is not all merry and jolly, especially not when people do not understand that those doors will close. And apparently during the holidays thousands and thousands of people discovered this mystique way of travelling. So believe me, you are not alone in a tube and to be honest, I wish I could have been by myself in there during a flu epidemic. Anyway, dear Underground thank you for taking good care of me and I always minded the gap! To another 150 years, cheers

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