Right, we have talk about the sales. After all, this is the most important sales month of the year. In Belgium there are no sales allowed before January 1, but our country is known for its tips & tricks aka loopholes. Eventually the effect is the same: before January 1 you get 30% off and after January 1 it can go from 50% to 70% off. My recent trip to London learned me the same thing. During the last days of December I could not find more than 50% off! And then I got lucky. So let me tell you the story of this Lanvin bouclĂ© jacket

Once upon a Sunday afternoon I was strolling the high street (read: hate the high street during the most wonderful time of the year). Because of the crowd I fled into Selfridges. I just had to check out where all the yellow bags in the streets came from. Never been there before and the first impression was 'okay, good, not too bad'. First stop shoe department! Hell broke loose at this floor so I went to the high-end labels department, thank god it was not too crowded! At this floor people (read women) were not running around like headless monsters and trying to get as much as they could. Apparently hoarding did not apply for these brands. 

But boy were they wrong, at this deserted floor you could find the most interesting treasures and I had the treasure map. A small quiet Lanvin corner grabbed my attention and especially the bouclé garments. I grabbed one of the rack (with great care) and looked at the prices. Okay, was there something wrong with this jacket? Was there a huge hole in it that I could not see? The price markdown ladies and gentlemen was 75% and above all: it fitted me like a glove! It would have been a crime against fashion not to buy this gorgeous everlasting Lanvin jacket. And people, before you judge me: I invest in fashion, not in real estate

jacket Lanvin Selfridges/ pants Marc By Marc Jacobs NYC/ shoes Dries Van Noten Hatshoe/ bag Theyskens' Theory Icon/ scarf Delvaux 

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