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Did you realize that we are halfway through the first month of 2013? Well, someone once said 'time flies'. Anyway, new years' eve was all about something old and something new. Yes, I did wear my wedding dress on the most festive night of the year. My Dior wedding dress is almost 7 years old. In fashion that can only mean two things: so dated or so vintage! 

To me it is pure vintage! The cut of the dress is phenomenal and will never go out of style. But it doesn't hurt to change the overall look of the dress. How? Very simple, style it with a contemporary casual top! You will see that it changes the overall vibe of the dress. But above all, I hate bare legs during winter (primarily because they look white/blue aka not the most appealing skin tone). My Wolford neon babies were the answer, ready to shine like hell. 

dress and bag Dior Brussels/ sweater Alexander Wang Liberty/ tights Wolford 

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