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Let's talk about food, something that I absolutely know nothing about! Very convenient when you are involved in a foodies conversation. There I am, a complete novice that is smiling and nodding at appropriate times hoping that my fellow partners in dialogue have no idea that I am clueless! Yes that is what wannabe hipsters do: they claim they know everything about a hipster lifestyle. 

And then you go to London, a city that you do not know at all! I have to survive too so I need to eat once in a while. To kill two birds with one stone I put my faith in some experts. Thank god that the world wide web is full of experts. Elise Porter, a lady with a deep love for tasty food and co-creator of the Spanish Hipster came to the rescue. Her advice: Bubbledogs, well actually & Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs! Okay I didn't get it right away. So the venue is build around a very simple concept, champagne and hot dogs? And can somebody please explain what "&" is?  Anyway in miss Porter I trust so we made a reservation at &! And on one of the last days of 2012 we entered the small venue of Bubbledogs. Tucked away behind a heavy curtain at the back of Bubbledogs you access the world of chef James Knappett and his lovely wife Sandia Chang our host (both worked at Per Se in nyc). Mr. and Mrs. Knappett-Chang were supported by an extreme professional team of young cooks and a sommelier.

I am not going to give you an elaborate review about the food because frankly, I do not know enough about hip food! But I can tell you about the overall experience: It was the most unique and fabulous food experience I had in my life. Okay, it was show cooking, but it was all about the food. Chef Knappett and Mrs. Chang do understand the essence of food. Do you know the expression 'like an angel peeing on your tongue'? Well there was not one angel, there were hundreds of angels peeing on my tongue. Like an explosion of flavors bursting in my mouth, fireworks, over and over again. Let me put it this way: the man who can make me eat brussel sprouts deserves a statue. I think this is what they call a food orgasm. The experience at Bubbledogs was a sneak peek into the world of foodies and boy did I like it. Will we go back? Off course because I didn't have the chance to try their famous hotdogs. And unlike London fashion week models, I do eat the sandwich too. Nope, I am not afraid of carbs. 

PS if you want one of their famous hotdogs, get there early! Once the clock strikes 6PM, the place is packed. 

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