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Can you smell spring in the air? Outside it is still way too winter-ish, but inside my home I am already in a spring-modus. A new season equals a new face. Okay, again a little exaggerated. Let's say that a spring clean is not the only thing happening at the Mrs. K residence. My body and especially my skin can use a little spring update too. 

I don't know a lot about beauty, but there is one rule I follow unconditionally: start with a clean and fresh face. So my morning routine will not be complete without using one of my konjac sponges. I hate washing my face with my hands and I always need a tool. The konjac sponge is an answer to my prayers. I apply a little facial cleanser on the sponge and I start rubbing (you can use the sponge without any product too). Afterwards my skin feels very clean and soft, but it screams for hydration. It doesn't feel dry at all, but my moisturizer is being sucked in right away. Isn't it fabulous that you can start your day with a smile on your face. And it is even better when it is a clean face. 

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