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This is what I call street style, this is what I call fashion. When I first saw this photo I had a 'my jaw is dropping straight at my feet' moment. Picture perfect, cannot describe it in any other way. The look is winter proof, the short-ini-mini-tiny dress is in absolute balance with the massive over the knee boots and the green emerald color matches her skin incredibly. And of course, the hat, the enormous insane perfect hat. 

But there is something else going on with this photo. This photo proves that I was a russian socialite in a former life. The day this street style photo was published, was the day that I was wearing a similar hat. Oh well, maybe this is a weird message from the universe or maybe Ms. Duma and I were just in the exact same state of mind. Anyway, more 'mrs. k as a russian socialite' after the break... .
PS this is a so called 'do not try this at home look'. Many of us will try, but just a few of us will succeed in pulling off this kind of outfit. Yes, fashion plays a few tricks on us.

source style.com

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