mother russia

Okay, so I said that Miroslava Duma and I were in the exact same state of fashion mind (see post below). Or there is an other explanation for this outfit: my subconsciousness is trying to tell me that I'm related to a russian socialite. Let me explain myself. Frequently, especially in cold winter months, I am inspired by Mother Russia: bold and thick fabrics, rich textures, the worlds most luxurious logos and head pieces. Yes the babushka inside of me desperately wants to come out and tell me: Lady, you are intrigued by the eastern parts of Europe. 

Maybe my childhood is an explanation for all of this (yes, there is also a little Freud hiding inside of me). I was born decades ago, so I grew up with a certain perception of Eastern Europe before 1989. Traveling through Europe in the 80's with my parents opened my eyes and taught me a lesson about history. I remember that my dad said: "Look Kim, we are crossing the iron curtain that divides Europe in two parts (I was actually looking for an iron curtain). People here have no freedom of speech and they have to wait in line for hours for bread and gasoline". This all led to a certain interest in the way people lived in communist times. As I said before, it is just a perception based on nostalgic memories. Okay, since when did my fashion blog become a political platform? Anyway, there is a little Eastern European lady living inside of me that wants to come out every now and then. Now I only need some vodka and sweetened condensed milk.

collar gigue/ scarf Louis Vuitton Brussels/ shirt Vans Giraffe Leuven/ pants Marc By Marc Jacobs nyc/ shoes Prada Coccodrillo 

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