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One advantage (or disadvantage) of being a blogger is the fact that you are a proclaimed hipster. A hipster drinks cappuccinos (to go), goes to nyc, stays in hipster hotels (according to your age), is completely attached to her iPhone (literally), has a signature walk, eats very slowly and only with a fork and above all: she follows fashion trends cluelessly. But, yes there is a but, she doesn't only follow the trends, she creates them or bends them to match her own fashion identity (and she has a distinctive one). High school all over again! Except the fact that the playground is no longer the centre of attention, the city streets are (yep city, if you live in a small rural town, you are screwed sister). Now who decides whether you get to be a hipster or not? Can you crown yourself or do you have to rely on the judgement of your peers? My answer: both. It all comes down to this, be whoever you want to be. Oh and don't forget to "express yourself". 

Another part of hipsterness is turning uncoolness into coolness and vice versa. For instance trainers. Do you remember the weird images of New Yorkers walking around in their suits and sneakers? Nobody in the world understood what was going on, a crime against taking yourself serious. I always knew that New Yorkers are way ahead of us. So now, 20 years later all of a sudden every hipster is wearing sneakers. The bolder, the better! Comfort meets hipsterness (a reason to tell the world we are not able to wear those 5inches heels for more than an hour). Being a proclaimed hipster I had to be into this trend. So dear people of the world meet my new Kobe Bryant Nike friends, the best of both worlds. Clouds underneath my feet. 

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