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After shopping comes food right? Or is it the other way around, does it actually matter? Just playing mind games people. Thet only thing you have to keep in mind is to make sure that your body is fueled up for a long and exhausting city hike. Who ever said that city trips are not in the 'sport vacation' category is a big fat liar. So the best way to raise your body energy level: pasta (how do you think Lance Armstrong reached the top of the Mont Ventoux?). 

Now there is an interesting venue located in the centre of the Eastside in London. A big venue with an industrial character and a part of a hipster chain (do you need more clues). On paper Pizza East (soho house group) was exactly my cup of tea. See that is the reason why I wear hipster shoes aka sneakers to go to hipster restaurants, all the pieces fit like a puzzle. First impression: nice! I loved the hardwood details and the meatpacking references. As if you were walking into a giant butcher's refrigerator. Greeted by very friendly staff with beards this was getting better and better. And now comes the pizza, well that was a little bit of a disappointment. It was good, it was okay, it was alright. but the pizza came nowhere close to the Rubirosa pizza we had in NYC. The flavors just didn't wow me over. Would I go there again for lunch? Sure. Because hipster food is not only about the food, it is about the surroundings and the overall experience. Like the restrooms, welcome to the funhouse.

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