giveaway | new look

Lovely readers, Mrs. K will indulge you one more time! But this time only for my sweet belgian readers. Stay tuned and listen carefully. You can win a €75 gift voucher to shop until you drop at the exclusive reopening night of the New Look store in Antwerp. That is not all folks, 50% off on every single item you buy, a fabulous goodie bag is waiting for you and be ready for some top notch entertainment. Dresscode, black and white. Save the date thursday evening February 7 and maybe you will be on the guest list! Don't forget to say hi, because I will be there too checking out the amazing new spring collection.  

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note: this give-away will only be accessible in Belgium and it will close on tuesday February 5 at 24:00 CET.

breakfast club | London

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It's the moment to fuel your body. And is there a better way to generate your energy than with an English breakfast? Well, I must say that it is definitely food for champions. Still not completely into this kind of breakfast, but le beau is. 

I am completely happy with some granola. Why? Because it tastes like heaven and I love the 'all in one' principle: grains, yogurt and fresh food. Anyway, an elaborate breakfast is one of the reasons why I love weekends so much. This is the only time of the week you take time for the most important meal of the day. So while being in London, breakfast venues were high on my to-do list. Definitely will return to Electric Diner and 3 South Place bar and grill (read the hotel review here). Oh and the one thing I cannot live without: cappuccino. 

queen of sales | versace

January, you are almost coming to an end! You are the resolutions/ I wish you all the best/ sales-month! You are the month where 'something new and something old' definitely come together. So this is the perfect opportunity to hunt down those high end bargains. Yes, if you look carefully there is a Versace piece waiting for you at a very very soft price. 

After your treasure hunt, you can create your January outfit! It is not that difficult. Pick all your best sales, vintage, thrifted and last season pieces and put them all together. Don't forget to finish it off with some new accessories. Believe me, you will feel like the queen of sales. And it is the best fashion sentiment ever. For instance my mum surprised me with this Versace coat, 85% off! Yes, miracles do happen, as long as you know where to look for them. So peeps of the world, happy hunting. And don't forget, January is almost coming to an end, hurry hurry hurry. 

coat Versace Maasmechelen Village outlet/ pants Dries van Noten/ shoes Miu Miu nyc/ belt WHiiTE Lily and the Lady/ bag Marie Turnor Baroness O. 

marie turnor | lunch bag

Psstt, I have a secret to tell you! Have you heard about Marie Turnor's Picnic bags? The most ingenious fashion invention of the century (okay, little exaggeration, but you get my point). Yes, your eyes may deceive you, it actually looks like a brown paper bag. But this bag, light as a feather and strong as hell, is made of the most soft leather ever! In other words, I adore this amazing incredible clutch! Oh and wait a minute there is more, it doesn't only look amazing, this whimsical trompe-l'oeil is pretty practical too. Now the most important information: how to get your hands on a picnic bag? Check out Baroness O. here!  

Thank you so much Baroness O for this amazing discovery 
more info Baroness O

what do do | denim

People, I am in the middle of a fashion crisis: what to do with my new pair of denim trousers aka jeans? I bought them at a local flea market for just €3. So far so good. They definitely belonged to a gentleman of a certain age because of the potato-sack-kind of shape (and I mean that in the most positive way ever). Anyway, the problem is that they are way too long (hello 5ft girl speaking here). I have two options: cut them off or fold them! And I cannot decide what to do. Oh fashion is messing with my mind. Tips and tricks are welcome. 

new years eve | dior

Did you realize that we are halfway through the first month of 2013? Well, someone once said 'time flies'. Anyway, new years' eve was all about something old and something new. Yes, I did wear my wedding dress on the most festive night of the year. My Dior wedding dress is almost 7 years old. In fashion that can only mean two things: so dated or so vintage! 

To me it is pure vintage! The cut of the dress is phenomenal and will never go out of style. But it doesn't hurt to change the overall look of the dress. How? Very simple, style it with a contemporary casual top! You will see that it changes the overall vibe of the dress. But above all, I hate bare legs during winter (primarily because they look white/blue aka not the most appealing skin tone). My Wolford neon babies were the answer, ready to shine like hell. 

dress and bag Dior Brussels/ sweater Alexander Wang Liberty/ tights Wolford 

south place hotel | London

A few months ago London was calling! It was time to put our frequent traveling to NYC on hold and explore some other metropolises. London it was. So first thing to do: pick a hotel. Not easy because I am a pretty demanding traveller. To me a hotel has got to have a distinctive  personality and above all, the service is crucial to me. After elaborate research we chose South Place hotel, located in-between the East-end and the city. 

First impression: Impressive! When you walk into the hotel a friendly attentive doorman greats you with a genuine smile. He opens the massive glass doors for you and the first thing that hits you is the unique hotel scent. That is something that definitely makes me smile. Check-in went smooth and easy, it was 11am and our room was ready. Big score, South Place hotel! Okay now the room, was it as remarkable as the overall design of the hotel? Well, yes and no. The marble bathroom is drop dead gorgeous. I am talking about a rain shower, huge bathtub, a double sink, enough storage space, attractive amenities. Do I need to go on? The design of the bedroom is clean and modern, but cosy and soothing at the same time. Although I loved the whimsical facilities and details (B&O tv, local art, stationery, sofa...), I missed an explicate and unique personality! Something that made the room even more exceptional, like the rest of the venue. 

But wait, South Place hotel has so much more, it is a complete package. I fell in love with the bar and the restaurant on the ground floor. Perfect hide away to dine and unwind. And they have a secret hideaway too, Le Chiffre which is only accessible to hotel guests and locals. But this space completely misses its purpose, it's not a cozy retreat where guests want to be. Nope, it is pretty deserted and the vibe, well actually there is no vibe at all! Maybe it is its location on the first floor, too far away from the lively atmosphere of the bar. 

My overall experience was a wow experience! South Place hotel is a remarkable hotel that understands the importance of details: the uniforms of the hotel staff, a doorman that picks up the cigarettes from the pavement, the scent, the lighting, the art, the food, ...! Yes, we found our London home away from home.

PS To be continued, next chapter: the food! 
more info South Place hotel here 

south place hotel | sneak peek

How do you choose a hotel in London? Well, the same way you would choose one in nyc. All we needed was a fabulous eclectic hotel with a lot of personality and top notch service. Here comes the tricky part, it wasn't as easy as we thought. So after an intensive search South Place hotel would be our home in London during the holidays. Stay tuned for an elaborate review after the break! 

check out South Place hotel here

happy birthday underground | London

How do you travel in London? Simple, go deeper underground! It is a fun and convenient way to transport yourself and it will get you anywhere you want, your wish is its command! I am talking about the tube of course, surprisingly easy to use. All you need is a map (tip! use your smartphone, you look a lot less like a tourist), an Oyster card (what's in a name) and the notion of the four points of the compass. 

I have to admit it is not all merry and jolly, especially not when people do not understand that those doors will close. And apparently during the holidays thousands and thousands of people discovered this mystique way of travelling. So believe me, you are not alone in a tube and to be honest, I wish I could have been by myself in there during a flu epidemic. Anyway, dear Underground thank you for taking good care of me and I always minded the gap! To another 150 years, cheers